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  1. Can anyone help me please? I am East Stirlingshire in a Scottish Championship. I would like to replace Nicolas Otamendi (88 cb/rb) with another cb or cb/rb rated 88+ (or an 85-87 riser) preferably. I have about 10m to spend. Here are my defenders currently: Fabio Coentrao - 90 lb/lm Lukas Schmitz - 86 lb/lm (Might sell him, opinions?) Diego Contento - 84 lb/lm Sebastian Jung - 85 rb I have put a bid in for Pereira Rafael - 87 rb/rm Leonardo Bonucci - 89 cb Nicolas Otamendi - 88 cb/rb Victor Ruiz - 87 cb Phil Jones - 85 cb/dm Mario De Luna - 83 cb/lb Ciaran Clark - 80 cb/dm Maxime Gonalons - 87 dm/cb Joel Matip - 85 dm/cb Manuel Schmiedebach - 85 cm/rb Also, I am not entirely sure about Lukas Schmitz, Mario De Luna, Joel Matip and Manuel Schmiedebach. Should I sell them? Will they rise in the next changes? Thanks in advance Ryan.
  2. Re: Young Keepers under 85? 2 things. 1. Are there any 10k GK risers? 2. Will Murara Neto rise and if so what too? Thanks.
  3. Re: Nani or Di Maria? Lol. I think they mean that Man Utd are poor this year (although they are only 2pts off last year i think).
  4. Re: Kaka I reckon Kaka will go down by 1, -2 would be a bit harsh since the injury.. But i wouldn't be suprised if SM kept him at 97 due to the injury.
  5. Re: Players who will rise Thomas Muller, 88 - 90 Badstuber, 88 - 89/90 Nicolas Otamendi, 88 - 90 (not sure about how he is coping at porto though) Yann M'vila, 87 - 89 Theres a few Also, Pastore will rise from 89 to 90 but not sure about Hernanes though
  6. Re: Nani or Di Maria? Nani's just taken the lead, very close call atm..
  7. Re: Youth Advice - Keep or Sell? Keep deniss rakels!!! he is in for a nice rise soon!
  8. Re: Nani or Di Maria? Thank you everyone! It is obviously a tough call but according to the replys so far.. Nani seems to have the better reasons but Di Maria is edging it on the poll.. I think i will leave the decision for a day or 2 Another alternative could be: to ask for some money + Nani? What do you guys think of that? Cheers!!!
  9. I have been offered Luis Nani (90) for Di Maria (90) in a straight swap.. What should I do? Who is better? Cheers
  10. Re: Simon KJAER Otamendi! 88-90!
  11. Re: MILNER, James Milner, 90 - 90. Position change to MID Johnson, 87 - 89. What i think
  12. Re: My first rating prediction - Manchester United 2010/11 Bebe, 75 - 76/77 Hernandez, 86 - 87 Smalling 83 - 84 Van Der Sar, 94 - 94 My opinions
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