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  1. Re: "A particular Club Wanted" Thread Someone send me an invite. It should be a strong GW with experienced players. I want to start at the bottom, then work my way up the leagues. Night all xx
  2. Re: Russian young guns I don't either. But I do think it's getting stronger though.
  3. Re: Gago Does* not doe's.. the way you spelt, means, Doe does or Doe has...
  4. Re: Maicon for Sergio Ramos Pique for one' date=' he has minimal work to do in front of such a good midfield.. Evans is a better defender than him, can't deny this one. nevertheless, Pique is sorted to Barcelona, Evans is suited to Man Utd.. But Evans gets tested more in his defending than does Pique..[because Barce have a much better midfield than Man Utd']
  5. Re: Maicon for Sergio Ramos you're dumb if you do. Maicon is much better. Sergio Ramos is over-rated, like are a lot of the Spanish players (Pique anyway).
  6. Re: Trochowski or Vargas?? Why would Trichowski drop for?. He's played a lot of games, and his performances haven't been 'cruddy', just that Elia has come through to the fore.. But I'm gona try get Vargas with Everton and Man City. A player like this comes in very useful, and is much better than 89 rtd Luis Felipe, who got 5 assists for me this season before I flogged him out. Vargas is a defo go for. But I'd like to know why tri is with an outside chance of dropping.. Check G.Milito Hargreaves and other such players..
  7. Re: Same manager controlling 7, yes 7 teams ? Mate, even if SMFA do something, it will be wholly inadequate, like giving the cheater a reduced rep-point number. They won't give hima TfR ban, or fine him money (sm money, not sterling cash lol). SMFA are useless at regulation and at fixing bugs..
  8. Re: Ade-buy-your-own| Doesn't score enough goals for my Man City.
  9. Re: Ade-buy-your-own| Doesn't score enough goals for my Man City.
  10. Re: Ade-buy-your-own| Doesn't score enough goals for my Man City. Who, Ablong ha ha?. Gabriel Ablonglahor, lol
  11. Re: Ade-buy-your-own| Doesn't score enough goals for my Man City.
  12. So, i'm promoted to Div 1. I've only got Fabiano, Dzeko, Gilardinio, Falcao and Cassano as my main strikers. I play a 3 5 2 formation, with 2 CM arrows pointing up/fwd. Top scorers last season were Giovinco Falcao and Gilardinio.. So, who should i pick upfront for this formation.?? Last season Fabiano & Dzeko got fewer than ten games between them.. Lucio, Ivanovic & Vermalen Westerman dm Navas, Sneijder, Fletcher, Di Maria ?? ?? Can't pick myself, you do it for me...
  13. I've got Westerman, Corluka Bruno Alves + other good defenders. I can cope without Boateng. So should I go for this deal?.
  14. What should I do with him?. . I sold Tevez because he didn't score enough goals and his performances weren't go good.. Should i keep Ade for now or trade him now?. Or should i wait a bit longer?. I'd have Quagrillia, Dzeko, Cassano and recently got Ablong-harhar. Should i stick with Adebuyyourown or let him loose?
  15. Re: Afellay- worth buying? I might get him myself actually. he's a very good player for me, but i swapped him & paid cash for Sneijder.. . If Affelay moves, i'm defo. getting him. Man Utd could do with him actually, he'd make a good impact here and now (and we'd not have to see if Davide Petrucci comes good or not).
  16. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings So, Marchiso then. 90-91?. Juve had a crappy season under Chico Ferrara, but are looking good for 4th under the new & more experienced manager. On a side note about Juve, why is Diego doing so **** this season?. It seems like he doesn't fit the team well at all. Then there's Del Piero, Giovinco and Candreva who too play in the same position.. Doesn't make sense to me at all.. Or, maybe, Giovinco will leave Juve with Candreva taking his place?. Gio for Candreva, straight swap?.
  17. What will be his next rating change, baring in mind he must have played a integral part in Lyon reaching the UCL Semi Finals.. Is a 90 okay to think about?. Ditto for Vermalen, is he likely to get a +1 or +2?| Should i sell him + other good kid players to fund a 32m bid for Chellini in about a month or two?. When are the French ratings going to change? Ditto for Portugese.|I can make more money by waiting for a bit then.. And here I am, after a season of £140m of transfer expenditure, talking of buying Chellini (So i'll have 3* cb's (i play with a 3 CB formation). Hmm.. When was England l
  18. Re: 250million to spend!! Help!! buy mediocre players for maximum price then quit the club. i might do that. I get no where near enough money to sustain my club. All transfers have dried up and my team is stuck in a state of nothingness.
  19. Re: Multiple player transfers you can offer 2 players as a minimum, so why not offer a third? lol
  20. Re: 25 mill help me spend it you should give me the money instead.. . I know how to spend it exactly right!.
  21. Re: greedy manager. i can't compete.. i reported him 101 times. he's had his rep reduced to 40 (he's now on 50). And there is such thing as a cheating manager. He's been caught cheating, got found out and got his rep reduced. that's a big help to me isn't it!. . I've developed my team incrementally. But Torres i really wanted, and now can't get because the cheating man utd git has put in a cash bid for him. it just takes away my desire to work harder and beat him. I dont want to change clubs, that'll be a mission neigh on impossible to get a defence as good as mine is again. My wingers are
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