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  1. The Deal: Mascherano = Ganso + Ricky Alverez + 10M I will be getting Mascherano - This is a no brainer right, because... 1) I dont rate Ganso as high as most (see him stuck at 89/90 for several years forward) 2) Ricky Alverez always looks slow and off the pace to me 3) I have well over 100M in the bank ***Am I missing something this seems to good to be true...
  2. Re: Mata or Nani i couldnt disagree more. 1) Mata is on a team that is willing splash cash to rebuild - Sir Alex always is hesitant (sneijder) 2) AVB is making Mata the center of his new team and rightfully so 3) He is younger 4) Sure changes will be abound at chelsea in the next year but hte players being shipped out (lampard drogba etc) have had little impact this year as it is as AVB seems to want them out or their rolls reduced 5) i am willing to be that he is amond the first 2-3 players on the team sheet every week. He is the only creative spark on that team that avoids direct play IMO 6) Nani is selfish on a team that is just looking to tank the second half of the year as United have a strong first 11 but its starting to show their lack of depth and experience So,Mata by a landslide That said i think neither have any trouble getting the CL place this year. City United and Chelsea seem good enough to make it. I question Tottenhams ability to keep up this form (i would like to see them do it however) and we all know Arsenal have a penchant for a dip in form late in the season. Also, out of Arsenal, Chelsea and United...Chelsea seem the most likely to put it all togehter to me and make a more run of results after some January window tinkering...Cahill and RB (i read Azpilicueta) could go a long way to aiding their defense
  3. Re: EPL Players Shock Just to make a few points for those arguing Hart/Neuer. 1) Bayern are considered by many to be the 3rd best contender for the champions league this season behind Real and Barca 2) City are not in the Champions League anymore and Hart conceeded a hefty number of goals for a 92 rated keeper in the competition 3) Neuer and the Bayern defense set a record for most minutes without conceeding a goal this season across all competitions - this stat alone gives me good reason to give Neuer his rise. 4) Not to mention he has now CLEARLY beat Adler to be Germany's #1 and I should go further to state that Germany is the 2nd best team in the world imo behind Spain. Taking that all into account and watching actual matches (where its clear Neuer is THE next great keeper in world football) I put him on par with the Casillas-es and Valdes-es of the goal keeping world. More importantly Gigi Buffon can no longer be considered a top tier keeper due to age and injuries and Chech has never been the same since his head injury. So as far as SM is concerened I dont see any other keepers worth of 93+ than Casillas, Valdes and Neuer off the top of my head, with the exception of Lloris who i think is good enough to get it but he wont be able to at Lyon
  4. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions I know this may be a bit long winded but i think he (Mario Fernandes) could end up being a frequent part of the first team and lineup by start of the 2012/13 season, this is how i see it. First, Albiol will leave in Jan for a shot at making the Euro team and i think Carvalho cant be considered a viable option at Madrid regularly anymore with his injuries and age in general so i more or less consider them to be gone from the team, regardless if Carvalho stays another season id consider him a 4th choice next year. This gives Varane the chance to get more minutes and experience considering the already impressive performances this year. So i think overall that's a positive for Madrid being able to give him more minutes and experience. Second i think after losing those players and seeing how well Sergio Ramos has deputized at CB this season he is clearly a far better CB than RB (similar to Maldini and Puyol who were both wide players but ultimately better CBs) So i think the new first choice pairing will be Ramos and Pepe and Varane as the #3. So that leaves Arbeloa as the only RB on the team and they bring in another young defender in Mario Fernandes to learn from a solid veteran in Arbeloa and a "young veteran" in Ramos. And because of Ramos' move to the center he very well could expect a solid number of minutes next season in the league and cups if he can put in a decent showing for himself early on. Sorry if that was a bit much, as i was writing it got more detailed than i expected going into this post
  5. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) I agree its early however i think at a certain point (As you said 92/93) there needs to be some players, despite their teams, that can achieve a rating that is closer to the league cap rather than a team cap within the league cap. Do i think RVP for example is just as important to Arsenal as Fabregas was - 100% so despite arsenals troubles early in the season a 94 is ok for me. Gomez on the other hand relies so heavily on everyone else around him (ribery robben kroos muller etc) that i can see it being a harder case to make for him to get the 94. Anyway, neither here nor their. Maybe the fact that there is a debate surround a 93/94 going on means he isnt a fully justified 94 yet, in both cases
  6. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) I think this arguement should end and i think this is the reason why. the ranking of almost all top strikers are wrong. (this goes for everywhere it seems the up and coming next group of elite players are being capped at 94 - Ozil, Busquets, Aguero, Higuain etc etc for the time being instead of doing "swaps" with the 94+'s) Messi/Ronaldo - correct two best players in football The decliners: Villa @ 96 - Not anymore - playing at a 93/94 level for me - very disappointed in a long term favorite player of mine Eto'o @ 96 - Inevitable drop in Russia Ibrahimovic @ 96 - deserves his 96 to me, it but should go to 95 based on league quality Rooney @ 95 - probably about correct, based on team form 94 isnt out of the question for me Drogba @ 95 - too aggressive of a rating really tailed off in the last few years Torres @ 94 - a 90 would be generous Tevez @ 94 - talent cant be argued but can he keep it with his constant nomading ----- The risers: Higuain @ 94 - works for me now...goal to game ratio is among the best in football playing on a team wraught with offensive talent - second in goals as a 2nd choice striker Benzema @ 93 - starting striker at top 2 team in the world and refinding his form 94 warrented Gomez @ 93 - undenied goal scoring record in the last two years - 94 needed but teams performance last year imo hindered his 94 Van Persie @ - same as Gomez above Aguero @ 94 - rating seems correct but a successful year for City should see him propelled to the next level. talent not in question I think the real problem here is SM are keeping the names of the big commercial names as high as they can for as long as they can, which is no fault to them because does an average fan want their favorite player Fernando Torres (who was a deserved 96 rated striker) to really be at a 90 where he may well should be? Finally to the Benzema arguement @ Real Madrid, Benzema deserves the 94 over Higuain which everyone seems to be in agreement that Higuain deserves...I am a Madrid fan and Benzema has much more to his game than Higuain, he is far more creative of a player which to me makes his more of a threat than Higuain Sorry this was off topic for the German League thread.
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) I have been saying this since the world cup. its clear that soccermanager was adjusting Germany to be above the overall quality of Italy over the last year, and with these aggressive changes to the top teams in Germany I think its clear there is a desire to put Bayern (especially) on par with the top in England and put Dortmund on the level of the 4-6 teams in England. Overall quality wise i think this is more than fair. I think its clear the top teams in Spain a a solid distance ahead of other teams right now then i think you have a cluster of teams that are on par at a "lower upper level" being teams like Bayern, United, Chelsea, Milan possibly even City. So having said that i think you could see the overall team ratings of Barca and Real Madrid continue to distance themselves from the rest, because in fact watching Barca and Madrid play, it looks like they are the only ones that can consistently trouble each other. So given the overall landscape i think this is fair. As far as Gomez is concerned doesnt SM take a longer term view for ratings. Gomez didnt really start coming into goalscoring form until about the second half of last season if i recall correctly so that said he has played just less than a full season where he has been banging in goals...so im not as shocked as other that his 94 may be delayed a review or two Also to the person above me, Ben C, I am both shocked and appalled that you would say Gomez is a better player than Benzema. Since Higuain's injury and Benzema becoming the clear starter I would argue that there has been very few strikers better than him, he can do far more on the field than Gomez and the fact that he scored more than 25 goals last season on a team with Ronaldo while basically only getting real minutes for half the season says a lot.
  8. Opinions...I have Neymar in nearly all my teams with his decision to stay in Brazil until 2014 do you think its time i accept some of these 30-45M bids for him. He is only a starter one of my teams. If he will stagnate to +1 for the reasonable future...what do you think?
  9. Re: MAJOR LEAGUES REVIEW--How my team will change? Di Maria for me is 100% a +1. Leading the team in assists. he missed a few matches with injury but his stats this and last year deserve a 93 Matches: 24 Goals: 5 Assists: 13 Minutes: 1614 / 2160 possible
  10. Re: David Silva deal. For me this is tough in soccermanager terms. Silva i see being able to reach a 94 this season. he has been in top form since the second half of last season and his performances thus far this year have been superior to the end of last year. Also, Cavani will reach a max of 92 this year only assuming Napoli can perform admirably in the CL (similar to Mutu and Gilardino when Fiorentina made their run and they were 94 and 93 respectively) and i dont think they will. Similar with Sahin, he will face stiff competition at Madrid with Khedira and Coentrao along side Xabi Alonso. (this again assumes Madrid dont adopt a 4-3-3 where he could see more time. if they employ the 4-2-3-1 of last season he will be more limited in playing time thus hampering a rating hike. this is tough. for me it depends on your expected playing timeline.
  11. Re: Samuel Eto'o When the Eto'o to Russia rumors started I immediately bid him +8M for each of the following strikers: Ibra, Higuain, Villa, Aguero and Torres. I believe there is a ratings cap of 91 in the Russian league if im not mistaken. I would expect Eto'o to go 94/93 in the first ratings change in Russia and then 92/91 in the second. within a year i would expect him to be a 92/91 (i only give him a chance at staying 92 because Bruno Alves kept his 92 through one ratings change i believe.
  12. Re: Xabi Alonso trade They would both be squad signings. But both squad singings with the potential to become more and RB is a VERY weak position for me I have Ramos but his back up is nothing to brag about. I may look to use Xabi as bait for a better prospect but this deal is currently in the works and wanted to see what you thought. So thanks Banterman: repped
  13. Ill make a few points that i feel are important before i give trade details so you can all make a more informed decision. But I a looking to trade Xabi Alonso possibly 1) I play either a 3-4-1-2(a) or a 4-2-3-1( generally 2) I have several several central midfielders who are of a higher rating. Xavi, Fabregas and Busquets who are equal to him. Not to mention I have M'Vila Bender as youth players who are also of the same position and Pique who is also capable of playing DM if ever needed. 3) Generally i use the (a) formation Xavi and Fabregas as the 2 in the center and in formation ( i use Xavi (of Fabregas) and Busquets (or Alonso) so in my opinion i loose nothing by accepting a trade for Xabi Alonso. (i dont care about tournament matches at all generally play all back ups 4) Currently looking to make a deal Cavani + Van Der Weil +10M is it worth it? My concerns on the deal are that both Cavani and VDW are at clubs that they are unlikely to go higher than their 91/90 levels. I know longer term and with a move away from current clubs they could be expected to rise. But htat seems atleast another summer away. So opinions please. Sorry for the long winded explanation. Thank in advance
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