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  1. This guy is too freaken hilarious, win win technique on how to pick up girls LOL http://www.attractiontube.com/videos/How-to-pick-up-a-girl-win-win-situation-hilarious-509/
  2. To celebrate the world cup, check out these top 10 amazing bicycle kick goals.. amazing. http://www.top10amazing.com/videos/Top-10-Amazing-bicycle-kicks-Must-Watch-675/
  3. Re: JinxMillion's Graphics ok no problem i w'll wait for your post
  4. Re: Official GFX Cup 2009 Information Thread nice garphics i liked it...
  5. Re: Graphics Help and Questions Thread ok we w'll ask you happy now............
  6. Re: Graphics Help and Questions Thread ok we follow your instructions happy
  7. Re: Graphic Design Feedback its great nice work go on.......
  8. Re: Graphics Help and Questions Thread ok. if i get any i will ask u
  9. Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! i think i can
  10. Re: Graphics Designer's GFX World Cup | GFX Cup 2010.
  11. Re: The Official GFX Cup 2010 Discussion Thread.
  12. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here darren Bent
  13. Re: E-Mail From SM no need to say thanks its a part of our passion towards game
  14. Re: Same manager controlling 7, yes 7 teams ? i think they must be some mistake because of that they do this
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