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  1. vamos criar uma Liga (mundial). Tem interesse em participar? https://chat.whatsapp.com/Kc1MTBmFIug8p6rUkOjpcn Aguardo.

  2. Rules for Season #5: - 1 Internal Transfer - rating 90+ (Cash or P/E); - Sell 2 players to External teams - rating 87+ (Cash). * AS Roma will have to make 2 internals this season, as punishment for last season. Some managers left but hope to fill the setup again. Good luck to all in the new season, mates. PS: Happy Holidays!
  3. Season #5 starting tonight and we need trustworthy managers to take over the unmanaged teams.
  4. After the demise of two managers, we are again 100% full. GarryC and Alphe joined the setup as Boca and MU managers. Welcome in and good luck in this setup, guys!
  5. As announced in-game last week, Club Brugge K.V. also completed this season's rules: 89 rated Chadli left Brugge for FC Porto (10M cash deal) and 90 rated Marquinhos joined Brugge from Feyenoord (P/E - Douglas Costa) We are still open for business.
  6. Portuguese defender Cedric Ricardo Alves Soares (24) agrees to join Club Brugge. The Belgians swapped young talent Alberto Cerri and 9.5M for the right-back. Cedric Soares will be used mostly as RB but he can also play as DMR or MR.
  7. Riece Monro joined as Real Madrid manager one day before season kick-off. Club Brugge started Season 4 with a defeat on home ground, 1-3 versus Juve.
  8. Wrong thread, John Cross.
  9. Juventus manager is staying until we find a replacement. Punishments are okay, no need for harsh measures now. Best of luck to all in the new season, by the way!
  10. All the teams completed last season's tasks except 7 clubs: Chelsea, Roma, Bayern, Boca, Marseille, Juve and River. So the punishments for not respecting Season 3 rules are: Marseille, Juventus and River Plate - must do 2 internal deals (rating 85+); Bayern and Boca Juniors - must buy 2 free agents (age 28+, rating 80+); Roma - must buy 1 free agent (age 28+, rating 80+); Chelsea - must do 2 internal deals (rating 85+) & must buy 1 free agent (age 28+, rating 80+). Please respect this season's rules too; you have work to do, so wish you good luck!
  11. Updated the first page today. Season #4 rules: Make 2 Internal Deals (89+) & Sell 1 player to External teams (85+). Good luck to everybody in the new season! PS: Punishments for season 3 will be made official tomorrow.
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