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  1. Re: players characteristics.. I don't find it a good idea, it will make the game more complicated, and it's note easy to study the characteristic of 11 players + the transfers
  2. Re: reducing injuries If we will add this option, so we must add in parallel the compensation of insurance company. As if we will pay for specialist, the insurance company must compensate the club
  3. Re: Players out of postion? In this way he make himself a bad manager, as in SM they rate the manager and don't rate the team.
  4. Re: setup forums It's not a good idea, as we can not get a Administratore,.... in each setup.
  5. ginola

    HI EVRY1

    Re: HI EVRY1 welcome to the SM
  6. Re: Proposed World Setup I think adding one team from Asia, africa and Oceana will not be a big deal.That will let the inetrnational look of the SM.
  7. Re: Club Search very good idea
  8. Re: Our Old Clubs any sudgestion
  9. Re: Winning Championship cup For me I get the money but without any message.It's nice to get a mesage and put an icon behind the team name that he win the cup of the saison.
  10. I propose to get a way in witch you can check the status of the club that you left his management. That will give us an idea how the club is going under the new manager (up, down, promoted...) in that way we will get more idea of making a team success (as for example where we have failed and other manager has succeed).
  11. Re: Transfer limits on players The game must stay free, as we add limits and conditions as we make it bad.
  12. Re: Winning Championship cup The same was happen with me, I win the cup.But all that I have get a meesage tahat I have win against X =1-0.so I wasn't happy at all and nothing in the set up say I have win. Is that normal
  13. Re: Home and Away Tables Good Idea. But when all the new version of soccer manager will appear?
  14. When we make a search for a player in order to propose a bid .we asks for a position and rating we get a list of players. Normally we must make more than one bid in order that one is accepted by the other managers. So I propose to add a Colum where we can mark some player from the list and get them alone and start makes the bid for each of them. As now we are oblige to return the search again to make the bid for another player.
  15. ginola


    My team is in 4th division, it play a match with real Madrid (division 1) in a cup match. As logic in such match the stadium must be full. But the result that only 1/3 of the stadium capacity are used by attendees (witch provide me with a low match income).Is that a normal situation? for a team of Div 4 when he play the cup all the benefit that he get is the income of matches with the big teams of Div 1.As it's not possible to win the cup. So when the result will be 1/3 of the stadium capacity where will be the benefit?
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