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  1. Re: Please tell me what ratings these young players will go up/down That's unpredictable at this moment in time as the players form could suddenly rise or drop, so it's unpredictable.
  2. Re: Oxlade chamberlaine Ever? Or in the next rating change?
  3. Re: Best young talent My opinion based entirely on what I have seen of these players, with a suprise at the bottom: 1. Mario Goetze - Not seen very much but from what I've heard he's amazing, and I'm gonna' try and watch more of him. 2. Jack Wilshere - Future star for the England national team, infact he already is. 3. Neymar - Not much to say. 4. Christian Eriksen - I saw about 5 seconds of him and was instantly amazed. 5. Hazard - Yes it seems stupid having him all the way down here, but I haven't seen much of him, and as you can see above I said that my opinions are based on what I've seen. ----6. Tom Cleverly - Yes, many people wouldn't choose him, but I've seen him play, him pass, everything, and I think, with a bit of help and training he can become a big star in the BPL for Mancs United, orrrrr he could just flop and not be anything and I'll look like an idiot... but yeah, that's my opinion.
  4. Re: Some interesting player ratings which surprise me... Lol you cant even compare these two players, they do completely different things and are good at different things, so you really shouldnt be comparing them. It's like comparing Suarez to Agger, they do completely different things and shouldn't be compared.
  5. Re: Buying Subotic Subotic just isnt worth any of the players you've got, the ones you have are playing better than him for the most part.
  6. Re: Good, young African players? Thanks for the replies so far guys. Been a great help! Still, is there any others?
  7. Re: Good, young African players? bump. Come on...
  8. Hey guys, I recently took over a Catania side, And I've decided to make it an african team. So, Just wondering, is there any great young starlets I should buy? Any help appreciated.
  9. Re: 80+ Risers I already know most of those, but thanks for the reply.
  10. Hey guys, ive been away from SM for a while, and just wondering who the popular risers are? 80+ please.
  11. Re: Help with my Young BM team, back from a long break Hellooooooooooooooooooooo?
  12. Re: Help with my Young BM team, back from a long break Anyone lol?
  13. Hey guys, i'm back from a LONG break from the forum (And the game in general (Not been TOO active)) and am wondering what the 'Popular' tactic is as of now. Here is my team, http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=721961&clubid=7940978&sid=12646.
  14. Re: reviews/updates today? I dont think so.
  15. Re: Is Riise a keeper? No Riise isnt a keeper.
  16. Re: Swap Mazorla + B.Cesar for A.diaby Mazola could be good in a few years...
  17. Re: SMFA blocks the Deal hmmm... tough toffie, is their any other available CB's over the rating of 92?
  18. Re: Jack WILSHERE or Iker Munian Wilshere. Muniain is a ugly sod =D Wilshere is baby face but he's un-doubtedly the best out of the two imo.
  19. Re: In 1 Years Time... Aleksandar Kolarov - 88 >> 90/91. Top four finish for Man City makes Kolarov in line for a rise.
  20. Re: Kroos + 6.5M = Arshavin Yup =D I see Sanchez as the next, dunno really =D
  21. Re: Kroos + 6.5M = Arshavin Average? Their isnt any better hardly, name a few young players that are future 93's that i havnt got? Except from the obvious balotelli pato ect?
  22. Re: Kroos + 6.5M = Arshavin Niki, what do you think of my team? Pleanty of potential? Alot of 90+ there right?! http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=721961&clubid=7940978&sid=12646
  23. Re: Valencia Rising Striker--Paco(Francisco Alcacer) Pm me plz aswell ':)
  24. Re: How good is Arbeloa C a n c e l t h e d e a l n o w!
  25. Re: Neymar bid??? Bid the lowest sum, then if they bid, you bid higher. Most of the time they dont realise when someone bids on a player on their shortlist, so you should be able to get him quite cheep.
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