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  1. Re: "A particular Club Wanted" Thread Im an OLD SCHOOL player with a rep of 80+!!! Looking to come back strong in a BRAND NEW SETUP... been playing soccer all my life, and watching it as well.. i know alot, and im a good manager!!! Im looking for a BRAND NEW GOOD setup, with a good ACTIVE community... i wish to take control of my fav. team: AC Milan If you have a spot in your set up please PM me asap!!! I look forward to whichever set up i join Thanks, SoccerFanatic
  2. Re: "A particular club wanted" thread does/is anyone have a new setup coming out that they would like to give me AC Milan... i love this club, and have ever since 1997... they are where my heart lies, and im coming back to this game, and i want to be stronger then ever with the best team in the world... ac milan... so please consider me... im very active (4hours a day so like ill check every hour or so for about 20mins...) and ive had experience... was once the owner of a winning milan team back in 2007... give me a chance... PM ME... i need a milan
  3. Re: King League Ac Milan Pleaseee
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