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  1. Hi, is it a good idea to swap Remy for having Llorente? Thanks PS: I could have Falcao too... So, I keep Remy, I get Lllorente or I get Falcao... No idea
  2. Hi, I play with 2 CM who are Anderson and Granero. Now I could swap Granero for one of these, what would you do? Defour, Hernanes, Valero, Bruno, Inler, Biglia, K.Asamoah, Rakitic. Thanks!
  3. Re: Grosskreutz or Walcott? Thanks, I finally took Walcott. Just for him being 90 already. In my gameworld I will start my first season in first division and with my first team at 89 every point of rating matters. You can tell me who should I let go away if you want: Szczecny C.Jonathan - Cahill - Nagatomo Nocerino Ilicic - Granero - Anderson - Walcott Rémy - Soldado Bench: Maicon (Porto one) - Tabanou - Makonda - Flanagan - Mancienne C.Adam - Eriksen - Cleverley - Lamela - Xhaka Carroll - A.Hernandez No money, of course.
  4. Hi, simple question: I have Grosskreutz and could swap him for Walcott, should I and why? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've got Sandro (89) as only DefMid in my 3-5-2, and I have the oportunity to sell him for 12,7M. With that, I can buy Nocerino (89) for 5,6M, or Poli (88) for 10,7M. Wich one is the better choice in your opinion, and why? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I own Luiz Gustavo and I'm wondering if I must keep him. I could swap him for one of these: Sandro, Fellaini, Verthongen, Cabaye, Veloso, Lucas Leiva, Musacchio, Capoue, Trasch, S. Bender, Reinartz, Matuidi, Huddlestone or Denilson. Tell me what you'd do, thanks!
  7. Hi, I've got KP Boateng in my team, should I swap him for Pastore? I'm talking about long term, none of them will really play for my team before being at least 93. Thanks! (Pastore, not Palermo...)
  8. Re: Guide To External Players Part 2 - World Championships Hi, your thread is very usefull, thanks for that! But as a french, I suggest you to add El-Arabi from Caen who could become a 90+ and overall Marvin Martin from Sochaux, future 92+ for sure. I'm waiting for your german and your english pages, good work.
  9. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Hi, I've got few options for my defense: Isla and Armero from Udinese (already have Zapata). So, wich one is better please? Thanks!
  10. Re: Selling CB, buying CM Ok, thanks. Could someone talk about Fernando? Is he a leader in this Porto team? Has he a goods potential? In my shortlist, I must tell that my 2 favourites were Fernando and Anderson, do you think Hernanes better?
  11. Hi guys. I have an asking for you: 1. I used to play with 4 players in defense and I play now with 3. Wich means I have now too much players: A-team: Maicon - Vidic - Piqué Subs: Hummels - D.Luiz - Marcelo - Ranocchia - Coentrao - V.D. Wiel 2. I used to play with 1 MDef and 1 CM, now with 1 DM and 2 CM (in fact one CM and 1 AM. These: A-team: X.Alonso - Sneijder - Ozil Subs: A.Song - Hamsik - L.Gustavo - K.P. Boateng I think I need 1 more good CM, 90+ with potential, and for buying I have to sell. So, wich(s) of my Def have less potential than the others (I was thinking about Ranocchia and V.D. Wiel maybe?)? And wich CM would you take in that list of avaibles: J.Martinez - F.Fernando - De Zeeuw - Hernanes - L.Anderson - Milner - Fellaini - Marchisio - Valero - Bruno - Fernandinho Thanks!
  12. Re: Tactics Help Thread Hi, this is my asking: I've played a complete season organised in 4-4-2, wich I tought was the best option for the players I had. Not a bad season, finishing 2nd, but a lot of short victories or draws and defeats against weaker teams... Best defense but far from best attack... Disapointing, looking at the quality of offensive players: -----------------------Cech 94---------------------- Maicon 95-------Vidic 96---Piqué 95------Marcelo 91 C.Ronaldo 98--Sneijder 95--X. Alonso 94------Ozil 93 ----------------Villa 96---Ibrahimovic 96------------ With offensive arrow for C.Ronaldo and Ozil, defensive for X.Alonso. Tactics: Tackling hard, mentality attacking, passing direct, attacking style variable, tempo fast, pressing all over. Counter attack, offside, playmaker (Sneijder), target man (Ibra). (And a lot of real good subs when injuries come: De Gea, Hummels, D.Luiz, Coentrao, Bale, V.D.Wiel, Ranocchia, Song, Hamsik, Di Maria, Pedro, Sanchez, Dzeko...) So, for the new season, I decided to change my system for a 3-5-2 organised like that: -----------------------Cech 94---------------------- ---------Maicon 95---Vidic 96---Piqué 95----------- ---------------------X.Alonso 94--------------------- Pedro 93-----Sneijder 95----Ozil 93-----C.Ronaldo 98 --------------Villa 96---Ibrahimovic 96--------------- With offensive arrows for Pedro and C.Ronaldo. Tactics: Tackling hard, mentality attacking, passing short, attacking style variable, tempo fast, pressing all over. Counter-atack, no playmaker or target man. First match of the new season done yesterday: 2-1 at home against a very weaker team... So: what is wrong with my tactics? What do I have to do for putting my players at their best level? Do you think I must insist with 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 is better for my team? Thanks for helping!
  13. Re: Felipe Andre Of course. Sow is the best scorer of Ligue 1, playing in the best team, while Andre isn't even playing for Bordeaux, team in crisis.
  14. Re: Hart or Neuer??? Thanks, I'm swaping De Gea... My bad if De Gea gets 90 next week... My bad Neur was avaible last week when he was 91... Bad timing for speculation. But having Neuer and Hart is probably the best option for the future, as you said, so I do it. Thanks again.
  15. Re: Hart or Neuer??? I forgot, I have also De Gea as n°2, who would you swap for Neuer, De Gea or Hart?
  16. Hi, I've got Hart an n°1 goalkeeper and I could swap him for Neuer (with 1 or 2M). It seems like a good deal to me, a 90 for a 92, but what do you think about their potential? Would you do the swap? Thanks.
  17. Hi, I've got in my team those forwards: Suarez, Dzeko, Pato, Higuain and Hulk. Should I sell one of them for Cavani? (Also: should I sell Higuain for having Tevez + cash?) Thanks!
  18. My West Ham, the players I could add Hi, this is my West Ham team: Hart (De Gea) Sagna----T.Silva---Vermaelen--Marcelo (V.D.Wiel)---(Subotic)--(Badstuber)---(Bale) D.Silva-Scheinsteiger-Khedira---V.D.Vaart (Nani)-----(Modric)-----(Mikel)-----(Di Maria) Higuain--Dzeko (Pato)--(Suarez) With also: Sahin & Rafael. As you see, all 90-94 players, with potential. BUT, I think my 2 weeker spots are: -LB, with Bale getting more a winger and Marcelo not a top player -DefM with Khedira and Mikel, good but... Anyway, I have 20M£ and there are the few interesting players I could add (not much LB or DefM): ALEXIS SANCHEZ EMANUELSON GOTZE PAZZINI HULK GOURCUFF CAVANI HAMSIK TEVEZ LLORENTE KOMPANY CASNOS 1. Who could I sell with no regrets? 2. Who to buy to improve the squad/ or to make cash with good riser? 3. Do you know low rated but big future LB or DefM?
  19. Re: Navas or Pedro? Thanks for the advices, I finnaly swaped Milner and Llorente and I got Pedro. Very good financial operation (in my GW, Llorente 8M, Milner 8M, and I got with no extra cash Pedro 24M). I know Llorente has bright future, but I have time to buy him again, and no back-up problems (Ibra, Villa, Dzeko, Müller, Borriello, Lukaku for 2 places). So I'm very happy for that deal, and yes Pedro (with Navas as back-up) will be my RM in a 4-4-2 diamond because he's green at this place. Bye
  20. Re: Navas or Pedro? Navas or Milner + Llorente?
  21. Hi, there is my asking: I play a 4-4-2 diamond, and my RM is Jesus Navas, with Milner as backup. I have the opportunity to have now Pedro from Barcelona (but no cash). So, my question is: should I swap Navas for Pedro? Has he a better future as RM? I have another possibility: instead of Navas, I can swap Milner AND F.Llorente (who doesn't play, but I believe in him as a future 93+). What do you think? Thanks!
  22. Hi, I would ask your opinion about the near future for these players: KP Boateng, A Johnson, A Sanchez, M Balotelli, E Hazard, N Sahin, M Hamsik, A Ranocchia. I know they are all good prospects, what I want to know is wich one could go up faster. Your opinion about their nest rating is also welcome. Thanks
  23. Hi, I've got the possibility to buy only one of these, wich one is the best option? Thanks
  24. Re: Zlatan, Drogba or Rooney? For the future, I already have Llorente and Müller, what I want is an immediate top player. Thanks.
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