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  1. Mitroglou joining us, another win in tonight's match, with a record crowd and a jump to 3rd place in Division 2, only 2 points from 1st! Definitely a good day for Aldershot. We're certainly not disappoiting. #Let'sgoShots!
  2. I'm still around! It's good to see people are still involved. Forum is better now. Game new changes are not bad. Wages are a bit confusing and may be a pain in the ass for some now, but the new interface is interesting. I'm still using the old one though The offer for Santos EWERTON of Sporting CP from Aldershot Town has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours. Now this is a good deal! 4M of great use. He was valued at 7M before the game changes Really happy with this as Ewerton is a top CB and his rating will rise this season considering Sporting is challenging for the tittle and he's back on fit! It's been a great season for Aldershot so far, we're challenging for top places as i wanted and predicted! We lost the first match of the season, but we recovered very well from that, and we never lost since. 8 matches unbeaten, 3 draws. I hope we can keep our good run and reach top 2 soon. #Let'sGoShots!
  3. Time to Konoplyanka rise to 90! What a player! So many talent. And what a performance from Sevilla against Real Madrid! Amazing. N'zonzi to 89 would be fair too, considering his stuff for Stoke last season (player of the year) and his decent start for Sevilla.
  4. They're all great. If you mean Sergi Roberto from Barcelona: 87-88/89, depending when the review happens. Bailly 83-86/85 Halilovic 85-86 Saul 87-87/88
  5. Thanks for the feedback fellas, i tend to agree with both of you on this matter.
  6. New season will officially start tonight! Exciting times My predicitions for Division 2: - Aldershot to win Division 2! - Manchester City, Arsenal, Swindon and Huddersfield Town to give me a great fight! - Joole's Boro to struggle to avoid back to back relegations ( i believe they can succed) - Another average season from Veigas, now at West Ham. - Smut's Brighton to make a good campaign after promotion. Cheers everyone, good luck
  7. These are players from my Aldershot team in 7046, but i don't think i'm being biased when i say: Fernandinho needs to rise to 93, he's absolutely class for a strong City side, in Premier League and Champions aswel. Drinkwater should get a +2 from 85 to 87, due to his performaces and Leicester's amazing campaign. A lot of players from Leicester, Crystal Palace and West Ham must rise. André Ayew would be a strong case for a +1 to 91 if Swansea was a little higher in the table. He fited wonderfully in Premier League, and Swansea is really a joy to watch, they play very good football and Ayew is a vital part. His goal scoring capacity is impressive for a midfielder. Stay for now, but a possible riser this season.
  8. Nacho (Real Madrid) deserves a +1 to 88! For now. He has been a reliable player for them when they need him and he's getting (and should continue to) decent gametime and solid performances this season. Casemiro is a dead certain +1 to 89 and he will rise more as the season goes on if he keeps this way. Sidnei (Deportivo) has been a rock for 1year and half at Deportivo's backline, and a rise of +1/+2 to 86/87 is overdue imo. Also from Deportivo, Lucas Perez is playing really well and deserves a +1 to 87. David Juncá (Eibar) should get a good rise from his current 80 rating.
  9. Aldershot sold Ricardo Saponara to Gillingham for 7M in order to clear all our debt. Small team's life! I'm happy with it. I'm delighted with my squad, we improved a lot in the past few seasons. Now we have 1 92 rated player, 6 90 rated players and 4 89 rated players! That is awesome, but our wage bill (654,945) is very high for our low receipts, even with us being a successfull team and got a stadium increase at the start of this season! But it's a great challenge to continuously improve the team and keep the finances ok at the same type! I'm enjoying it and i believe i'm doing it well. #Let'sgoShots!
  10. My Aldershot is now on safe waters in Division 3, after 4 wins and 1 draw in the past 5 matches! Unfortunately our good run was broken last night by a good Preston team, credit to Riece, he prepared this important match very well. Hopefully we can return to winning ways next match, causing a small stepback to current leaders and main contender for promotion Carlisle! In the transfer front, i would like to get some activity, i'm now selling Hector Herrera (90) for a good player exchange offer, Moussa Sow (90) for a good cash offer, and i'm willing to listen offers for all my players. Good game everyone, cheers! Also, Alex Sandro moving to Juventus in real life is very good news for us! Good game everyone, cheers!
  11. Blackpool managed to make a big signing, bringing in 91 rated striker Carlos Vela! Surprised i faced no competition for him, he is an huge addition to our team and to get him on the cheap turn things even sweeter Blackpool is having a poor season, but we managed to win our last 2 matches and i have faith we will manage to improve our position and avoid relegation.
  12. "Rumour has it that Jooles Dawson is behind the disruption as he is trying to rollback the gameworld to season seven when his team was competitive and young(er)." Nice one Dan
  13. Back to back wins for my Aldershot and we moved away from relegation places! Happy with that Nice to see Rodrigo doing well as our target man, we have big expectations for him at the club, and delighted to see new mexican star Jesus Corona come away from the bench and score a deserved winning goal for our side. Good stuff! #LetsgoShots!
  14. Good job at Bolton Dan, sad to see you leave mate. You're a valuable asset for any setup. See you around anyway Cheers.
  15. Some QPR's season impressive numbers: 1st place in Division3, 99 points! 118 goals scored in Division 3!! 20 wins at home! Best Performers: Andrea Pirlo - 8.35(!) avr rating / 16 goals / 12 assists / 10 MOTM -» DIVISION 3 BEST PLAYER Carlos Bacca - 8.06 avr. rating / 18 goals / 16 assists / 7 MOTM Brahimi - 7.74 avr rating / 15 goals / 19 assists / 2 MOTM Robinho - 7.58 avr rating / 17 goals / 11 assists / 4 MOTM
  16. QPR won Division 3 in style! ;D Amazing season, delighted!
  17. A tough start for Aldershot in Division 2, it's a new reality for us, we're still settling in, but not to worry. It's a season for us to learn, to know our opponents, to get used to a more competitive Division. It's amazing the quality of most of the teams and the managers. It's gonna be an amazing battle. We have been struggling a little with injuries, and our best player Fernandinho barely played this season. He returned from injury last match and he immediately picked up another injury! Sick I don't think we will be able to challenge for a top 6 finish this season, but i'm pretty confident we wont get relegated and possibly next season we will fight for bigger things! One season to adapt and to grow. Then we will go for it! #Let'sgoShots!
  18. A little update on QPR's life in Division 3: - We're leading the pack (still) in what has been a very great season for us! Hopefully this time we manage to achieve direct promotion, play-offs killed us past seasons! - We managed to sign Lucas Lima (Santos's star) & Ewerton ( Sporting's new CB), two very good additions to our team, and i'm very happy with my squad. We're ready to face 3 games a week always in good shape! - Andrea Pirlo is for sale. A good cash offer or a decent player exchange deal will take him off from Loftus Road!
  19. Ahah, well done Dan I'm making an attempt into this new forum thing. Just a little update in Aldershot's life: - After being promoted to Division 2, we got a deserved and important stadium increase from 7500 to 13579 seats! - We improved our defense dramatically, signing Wolfsburg's CB Robin Knoche (89) and Porto's LB Alex Sandro (90), big names for us! Insigne, Baba and Joaquin Correa left us as part of the deals. - Unfortunately we lost our two first matches of the season, both 0-1. Anyway, i'm confident we will improve, hopefully starting tonight! - We managed to sign new russian sensation Aleksey Miranchuk, a very talented player to add more quality to our youth ranks! #Let'sgoShots! #forthewin! #wecanscore!
  20. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread
  21. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Up to 3rd! Huge win to confirm our great moment! It's a good time to be a QPR fan
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