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  1. We can look at changing the cap to be higher and look at increasing attendances.
  2. It means the team with the most cash will be able to bid the most. This doesn't always mean the bigger clubs, many clubs who don't have great squads are cash rich but can't buy players. This will help them. We have increased the wages of just the top 350 or so players. Other players have had wage decreases. So again thi sjust effects top clubs, making it harder for them. It also benefits the smaller clubs in the way the Game Worlds finances are worked out. This is how GW finances currently work (all figures are examples): GW Income is equal to GW outgoings (so GWs don't get flooded with money) So if GW wages total £500m then £500m comes into the GW via (mainly) TV money and Gate Receipts. This £500m coming in is split 50% TV money and 50% gate receipts, and all clubs in the division receive the same TV money. A 'big' club will receive £12.5m in TV Money and maybe £18m in gate receipts. Total Income: £30.5m and have outgoing wages of (due to better players) £30m so make £0.5m. A 'small' club will receive £12.5m in TV Money and maybe £9m in gate receipts. Total Income: £21.5m and have outgoing wages of (due to worse players) £20m so make £1.5m. so if we increase the wages for the better players only The overall GW wage bill will go up say to £550m and the income will increase bto £550m, then.... This £550m coming in is split 50% TV money and 50% gate receipts, and all clubs in the division receive the same TV money. A 'big' club will receive £13.75m in TV Money and maybe £20m in gate receipts. Total Income: £33.75m and have outgoing wages of (due to better players and increases) £35m so lose £1.25m. A 'small' club will receive £13.75m in TV Money and maybe £10m in gate receipts. Total Income: £23.75m and have outgoing wages of (due to worse players) £20m so make £3.75m. This is a rough example but... changing higher rated players to have highers wages actually helps smaller clubs with smaller stadiums. Yes if a smaller club does well and gets lots of good players then they will struggle to compete with a big club as both clubs have the same wage bill but the bigger club will have the bigger stadium. But this is how the game is and we don't want to change this. It more difficult being a smaller club with a smaller stadium but that's the fun of the game! Smaller clubs do build their stadiums as well upto a limit of 24,000 which I think we decided on as its the average for top flight English club. We can review this limit but do we really want a club from a small town turning into Barcelona sized club??
  3. Hi guys, we are in actual fact changing this system and have just finalised a new one which is simpler and fairer. We are setting up a forum test game world in the next few days to trial it out in. Keep your eyes peeled for a post from us which will be asking for people to join this test game world to get your views and feedback on the new system. Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, we have finally got to the bottom of the problem and we are pleased to say that this is just a display issue. Prize money is being awarded correctly but it doesn't immediately update the clubs balance while you are on the game. We have now added a fix in for this so that the balance will increase immediately whilst you are on the game.
  5. We are currently implementing a whole host of improvements to the multiplayer over the coming months. You will see some major improvements, not least a new match engine and interface. We are splitting our dev team to work equally on both games.
  6. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Hi Guys, We have been reading this thread and ii's an interesting discussion. I'd like to address some of the points raised. 1) Its now harder for smaller clubs. Not quite sure this is true. It has always been harder for smaller clubs. The bigger clubs have always started off with better players, more money, bigger stadiums and fans and in the top divisions so had more TV Revenue etc. That is how the game is, its easy to be a bigger team and harder to be a smaller one and build them up. We haven't changed anything there. The changes we have made penalise the big clubs more as they generally have the best players and so their wage bill has increased more and the smaller teams have stayed the same. If you have taken a small club and managed to turn them into a club in the top division with highly rated players you must have been doing something right in the transfer market and on the pitch, and whatever it was you can still do the same things! Its not as if before these changes it was easy to take a tiny club all the way to the top! 2) Loan 50/50 split Many people had taken small clubs and turned them into big clubs before October 26, 2012 when we allowed lots more loan players to go out on loan. So rowing back from this position to a 50/50 split is not as bad as it was pre-Oct 2012. You still get a lot of relief by being able to have an unlimited number of players out on loan at 50% wage relief than you did before Oct 2012. This also applies to big and small clubs. 3) Players wages rising inline with rating/value Unfortunately, we think this needs to be put in place as it was too easy to make money off risers. You can still make a lot of money off risers but you may have to be more selective of who you buy or sell them a bit earlier and you make a little bit less off each one. This applies to big and small clubs. 4) Stadium Building We are looking at increasing the Stadium building cap which is currently set to 25K. We are possible looking at increasing this to 30k. 5) Revenue Split We have also given smaller clubs a financial benefit (which has been live for the past month) by altering the way clubs receive their revenue. We have altered the split between TV Revenue, gate receipts etc which has meant that smaller clubs are relatively better off than bigger clubs. 6) Better players available The resulting changes should benefit everyone in a GW. There should be more good players getting traded and available instead of sitting at a club doing nothing, because the club does not have to sell them because they have so much cash. More good players available will benefit all clubs (especially smaller ones who currently have nothing to buy) and make for a far more interesting game. This also means that the stadium sizes don't have to be in kilter as there should be more good risers/youths to pick from to make some cash.
  7. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Hi, We have made a few changes to finances recently with the intention of tightening the finances and giving cash a 'value' again. This will hopefully stimulate the transfer market which frankly has become very stagnate in many Game Worlds as no manager needs to sell as they have so much cash! It also should naturally form a squad cap and stop player hogging as one club should not be able to afford all the best players and a squad of 255 players. So what have we changed? 1) We have closed a major loophole regarding loans, by having a wage split of 50/50. It used to be the case that very few players went out on loan, this was because they only went to managed clubs. However when we changed the rule so that unmanaged clubs made loan bids all of a sudden managers started loaning out entire squads, literally hundreds of players. Saving themselves hundreds of thousands a turn which is millions a season. We saw managers saving £800k a turn which is £30m a season in wages. It meant that managers could now do youth 'farming' and not even have to pay any wages. Buy a bunch of cheap youngsters, 9/10 of which will definitely rise at least a little, loan them out so it costs your club nothing and watch them rise in value. Sell and repeat. Easy way to make money. It is an no ones interest for it to be that easy to make money, as if you can do it that easily so can other managers and everyone ends up with loads of cash that is worthless, every deal is then a player exchange. 2) Players wages rise in line with rating changes and value Again another loop hole whereby players ratings rise and a manager does need to address the players concern until it reaches a level 4. It takes around 40+ turns for this to happen which means a club can save millions off the wage bill and even sell the riser making a tidy profit without paying the full cost of the wages. By the Chairman getting involved in wages (as they do when you sign a player) the wage of the player will always reflect the rating/value of the player and not lag months and months behind. 3) Very top players having a higher wage We have increased the wages of players that are 92 and above in rating. There are roughly just 60 of these players and we think that clubs should have to pay a very high premium to have these players at their clubs. This should make it harder for one club to have 9 of the top 10 players (which we have seen) and give other clubs and managers a chance to have some top players, which should make GWs more competitive. As I said at the start of the thread the idea is to give cash some meaning again which should make transfers in GWs better. Stop excessive player hogging and youth farming. The skilful managers should still be able to buy risers but will have to be more selective on who they buy.
  8. Re: Game World News Feed - updated This is exactly the direction the News Feed is going to be moving in and one of the reasons we have made it more central to the club page. (Not everything above however!) Over the next few weeks more interesting stories will start to come in.
  9. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations So this unmanaged club that you are monitoring has played in its last 5 games the following formations: 433 wingers 4132 442 diamond 4231 4132 I think a pattern can be seen there. It seems to play 4 at the back and then 4 in midfield and 2 up front. (The difference between 4132 and 442 diamond is minimal, 4132 just has the wide players tucked in slightly) So 3/5 formations have been the same. The unmanaged clubs also takes into consideration fitness so a bit of squad rotation will happen. Going back to the status quo of unmanaged teams picking a formation from a random choice of three would surely not be desirable?
  10. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations Hi, The AI does not now pick a 'random' formation from the 24 available formations, quite the opposite. It used to purely pick a random formation, either 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 4-5-1. Now it picks a formation based on the strengths of its squad and you should start to see clubs picking the same or very similar formations. Therefore by looking at a clubs squad and available players, and also their recent past formations you should be able to work out what type of formation they will play against you in their next match. For example, if an unmanaged squad has a lot of good forward players it will try and include them all and pick 3-3-4 or 4-2-4. As I said earlier this wasn't possible as it used to be a completely random choice of 3 formations. So with a little effort you should be able to predict your oppositions formation and line-up yourself. However, we have built the Scout Opposition tool to enable managers a 'short-cut' on analysing the opposition and for this there is a tiny charge of SM Credits.
  11. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Yes this is definitely something we are considering doing.
  12. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Going forward, Phil Jones as an 89 rated will expect to play 30-40% of games if you have 11 better players than him in your squad. So he will expect to play 11-15 games a season. These could come in a combination of cup and league starts and/or subs appearances.
  13. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Hi, Just to add to Ste's post yesterday. We have updated the help AND tweaked the way concerns work. A few months back we closed some loopholes in the concerns system and made the concern system more harsh. Based on the feedback we have received and from our internal statistics and experiences we have reviewed the concerns system again. This has meant that the concerns have been made slightly more lenient and are now based on the information provided in the on-line help. Therefore going forward you should see less concerns than you have over the past few months. But I would still expect more concerns than it previously was than say a year ago.
  14. Re: Cutting size of WC's and EC's Hi Guys, You are right we have cut some Game Worlds that we create down to 2 divisions. However there will still be EC's with 5 divisions and WC's with 4 divisions being created but just less of them. Anyone buying a standard Game World will still create this larger type. So the larger ones will still be there available everyday but the smaller ones will be created at a higher proportion. The reasons for this are obvious, most people are only interested in the top division clubs and a few in the second division, the rest of the divisions rarely get any clubs taken at all, so it is simple supply and demand. But as I said above the larger ones will still get made, so the division 4/5 challenge is still available. Leagues like Spain, Italy and Germany will be staying with 2 divisions. The ratings review and keeping the squads up-to-date will continue as it has done. If you want to get involved more with the updating clubs etc then please visit the www.soccerwiki.org Thanks
  15. Re: Smfa Toro De Líbano - This thread is for deals that the SMFA is blocking not deals the chairman is not happy to propose.
  16. Re: Smfa Hi, I have looked further into the deals listed below and would advise to try the deals again and let me know if things are better.
  17. Re: SM's performance over the last 18 months... There are some major new improvements in the pipeline for SM over the coming weeks. We are in the process of implementing a SM chat system which will completely change the way you will be able to do deals. This will be rolled out in the coming weeks. We are also in the final stages of rolling out a new match engine/commentary/score centre which we have been working on for the past 6-8 months. Other new features such as in iPhone app (and other apps), cross Game World friendlies, Media centre and a 2D pitch, to mention a few are also due out in the next few months. If anyone is having problems with the SMFA please see this thread http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=102040
  18. Re: New User Interface [beta] cheekylad68 - This was removed for technical reasons and to make it simpler to see when managers were last online. Ie 6 days ago instead of 29th Sept then having to do the math yourself. Do you really need to know the exact minute someone last logged into that Game World?. We are also in the process of implementing a SM chat system which will completely change the way you will be able to do deals. This will be rolled out in the coming weeks.
  19. Re: Offer Club This should now be fixed, sorry for the bug.
  20. Re: Custom Game World: New Advanced Rule The draft Game World is currently being tested in a Game World called 'World Draft League'. The feature is likely to be available to everyone by the end of the month.
  21. Re: Smfa Hi Guys, Thanks for your feedback so far. We have made a few tweaks to the system which should improve things
  22. Re: SMFA Blocks The new thread has been created here: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=1729122#post1729122
  23. Hi Guys, As promised please put any deals that you feel should not have been blocked or should have. The idea of this thread is your chance to help us in improving the the SMFA, it is not intended to unblock or reverse particular deals that you have had problems with. Please only put recent deals in that are no longer than 2 weeks old and are in the current season. Any longer than this and it starts to become increasingly difficult to investigate as too many variables have changed (cash balances, squads, player ratings etc) Please state. Manager Name: Player Name: Game World Name: Game World ID: Any other info: Example Manager Name: Joe Smith Player Name: Kaka Game World Name: English Championship 3344 Game World ID: 34674 Any other info: I sold this player after buying 2 players off the other manager. Please keep the post short and to the point. Please only post deal details, you can put as many deals in the one post as you want. Please don't spam the thread, this will just make it harder to investigate the deals.
  24. Re: SMFA Blocks We will be opening a new thread next week and we will be asking people to post deals that they believe should not have been blocked in it. We will then investigate each of these deals to see if the system can be improved or whether it is working correctly.
  25. Re: Job offers - need sorting! Hi, I have double checked the code and the job offer system does weight jobs more to the successful managers in the Game World. Either you may not have had job offers switch on all this time or you have just been unlucky with offers in this Game World.
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