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  1. Re: Top 10 Managers Of the Week Improvement What about top 3 managers of the setup every month?
  2. Will Bernd Schneider go up 1 more point? He played 23/26 league matches for Bayer Leverkusen this season and thy are at the 5th place. After Bayern Munich 4 points.
  3. Re: van persie It's a big surprise that Van Persie does not go up to 93! Scoring 11 goals in 17 matches in the EPL is not so easy man!
  4. Re: Creating Setup... Takes approximately 3 mins. I think there's no point creating new setups as only old players get the team. There will not be many new managers and they will not get a good team. Moreover, it takes much longer time for updating season.
  5. Re: France And Italy Rating changes Mauri in Lazio 90->92
  6. He's playing almost every match for Fiorentina this season. Any comments on him?
  7. Re: english rating changes ? who wil change I was surprised that Van Persie does not go up to 93. He's been fantastic for Asenal. He shows that he is a good replacement for Henry and scoring many goals!
  8. He's been the best player of Morinho so far. I think he deserves an increase to 97. He's the best goal keeper man.
  9. Re: Samir Nasri To add in some more, people are comparing him to Zidane. He has incredible dribbling skill and his free kicks are very dangerous.
  10. Re: Jonathan De Guzman He has the link with Chelsea and has been showing his interest in joining the club. He'll be the next Chelsea's star.
  11. Bjarni Vidarsson has returned to Everton from a loan spell at Bournemouth. He'll should be in the main squad and his rating is just as low as 70? Should have an increase
  12. Re: english rating changes ? who wil change Van Persie should have an increase to at least 93 as well
  13. Re: Samir Nasri Yes, mate. He needs to improve a lot but his rating at 89 is just no fair for him. He's been fantastic in the last 3 months. He plays with Ribery and is the key player of Marseille, who is at the 8th place but just 2 points after the 3rd place, Bordeaux. Moreover, he is now in the France squad for the upcoming Euro 2008 qualifier against Lithuania. English and Italian clubs are chasing him like crazy
  14. Re: van persie It does not a matter if he does not play for the national team. His performance in Asenal is enough for his increase. You were right, he scored because Henry was out most of the time, so what's the reason for him to remain at 92 while he is showing that he's a good replacement for Henry, whose rating is 98 ???
  15. Re: van persie Scoring 14 goals in 25 matches for Asenal, 5 goals in 5 matches for Holland this year plus his impressive performance, Persie must go up to at least 93/94
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