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  1. Re: England - Without the EPL? Sorry bud, obviously I didnt read it very well First choice would've been Reading but beaten too them, so i'll take Southampton (if Preston dont get promoted as BailG has dibs, so as backup i'll take Notts Forest)
  2. Re: who would you buy with 10 million from these ? If you can find the extra 3.2mill, i'd go for Bojan. Guarenteed long term quality I'm sure some people will comment that he's not started a lot for Barca this season, but he has come on from the bench a lot, and I also believe he has been included in the matchday squad for every game this season.
  3. Re: England - Without the EPL? Could I join with Newcastle if they get relegated?
  4. Re: Gold Championship 58 Taken control of Barca. Almost everyone available p/e (obv not Bojan or Sergio Busquets, will listen to good offers for Messi, Iniesta etc.). If i want to sell someone for cash I will transfer list them as such, so your wastng your time as much as my own putting in useless c/v offers.
  5. Re: Gold Championship Honours GC 1 - Ajax - S6 - Division 1 GC 6 - Bayern Munchen - S5 - Division 1 - S5 - German Cup GC 8 - Milan - S4 - Italian Cup - S5 - Charity Shield GC 9 - Internazionale - S3 - Division 2 GC 10 - Juventus (no longer manage) - S3 - Division 1 - S3 - Italian Cup - S4 - Charity Shield GC 12 - Barcelona (now Espanyol after being robbed of Barca) - S1 - Division 1 GC 13 - VFB Stuttgart - S2 - Division 1 GC 15 - Internazionale - S1 - Division 1 - S2 - Division 1 - S2 - Italian Shield - S3 - Italian Shield GC 16 - Roma - S1 - Ita
  6. Re: How's your GC night Won the SMFA Cup in GC16 with an unfit reserve lineup!! Well chuffed
  7. Re: Manager Expectations Poll - Vote! Definately agree mate
  8. Re: The A-Z Almanac Match Report/Transfer Thread/Club News
  9. Re: Grudge match set-up transfer/news/match report thread Could I request that Fenerbahce's transfers are reviewed, last season's chairmans value deals with Man Utd took the pee, and have been followed with a couple more deals with Man U and Milan this season that insult the intelligence of most. Nothing personal, but I don't think the deals could be more blatant abuse of the game.
  10. Re: The A-Z Almanac Match Report/Transfer Thread/Club News Sorry to say i've left the setup, as top manager and a 3.35 av points record Enjoyed the setup, and i'm mostly only sorry to Dai for leaving. I just don't have enough time to play the game anymore and they're the first of my teams to go, mainly as i'm fed up with certain people continuing to cheat, playing C letter players for an I letter team, to give a not so subtle example!! Thanks for letting me join in the first place, and best of luck to those in the setup who abide by the rules.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 44 Match Reports/Transfers Took Barca, was highly amused by the following Kettering were the second club taken, Mr Cooper must be a bit gutted to know he could've had any club he wanted bar Arsenal!
  12. Re: Funny SM Private Messages Just had a corka From: EDUARDO DA SILVA Sent: Fri 31st Oct 2008 2:02pm GT Subject: {no subject} heyy m8 make friends with cristiana holland, plus she is single if u buy her gold membership with 1 setup then she might go out with u, she is very rich so she can come to any country, but her dad doesn't trust sm so thats y she is not a gold member...
  13. Re: How's your GC night Disappointed with a lot of results tonight, losing some important games, and some just plain shockers, like having 32 shots and losing 2-0 in GC20 W D L F A Pts 19 6 7 85 34 63 GC1 Ajax 2 - 0 Anderlecht GC2 Atletico 3 - 0 Real Madrid GC3 Barcelona 1 - 2 Real Madrid GC4 Hamburg 1 - 3 Werder GC5 Fiorentina 5 - 1 Empoli GC6 Bayern 4 - 1 FSV Mainz GC7 Roma 0 - 0 Empoli GC8 Milan 1 - 3 Napoli GC9 Inter 7 - 1 Verona GC10 Juventus 1 - 0 Torino GC11 Zaragoza 2 - 0 Racing Santander GC12 Espanyol 0 - 1 Zaragiza GC13 Stuttgart 4 - 0 MSV Duisburg GC14
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