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  1. Had a pretty good night for Gold Champs tonight, thought of making the thread so other can post how they've got on. I'm in 33 GC's, 30 of which had games tonight. My stats: W D L F A Pts 23 3 4 85 29 72 The break down of my games as i checked them (roughly as they came in, my team and score always on the left, destination in the brackets!) GC17 Bayern no game GC19 Valencia 3 - 0 Numancia ( a ) GC8 Milan 3 - 0 Empoli ( a ) GC3 Barca 5 - 3 Almeria ( h ) GC20 Barcelona 3 - 0 Osasuna ( a ) Gc21 Roma 1 - 0 Sampdoria ( h ) Gc22 Napoli 8 - 2 Cagliari ( a ) GC14 Flamengo 4 - 2 Santos Laguna ( a ) GC23 Man U 4 - 0 West Ham ( a ) GC13 VFB 3 - 0 Bayer Leverkeusen ( h ) GC7 Roma 4 - 3 Juventus ( a ) GC24 Atletico 5 - 0 Sevilla ( h ) GC4 Hamburg 0 - 1 Borussia ( a ) GC25 Atletico 2 - 1 Barcelona ( a ) GC26 no team GC5 Fiorentina 5 - 0 Udinese ( a ) GC27 Barcelona 3 - 1 Real Madrid ( h ) GC1 Ajax 3 - 0 FC Twente ( h ) GC11 Zaragoza 3 - 4 Villarreal ( h ) GC28 Arsenal 3 - 1 Newcastle ( h ) GC12 Espanyol 1 - 0 Deportivo ( a ) GC29 Hertha 3 - 3 Bayern ( a ) GC18 Marseille 2 - 2 Grenoble ( a ) GC30 No Team GC2 Atletico 1 - 1 Zaragoza ( h ) GC31 Real Madrid 0 - 1 Real Betis ( a ) GC32 no team GC33 no team GC34 Everton 3 - 2 Newcastle ( a ) GC35 Celtic 1 - 0 Falkirk ( ) GC15 Inter 3 - 1 Milan ( a ) GC9 Inter 6 - 0 Piacenza ( h ) GC16 Roma 1 - 0 Torino ( h ) GC6 Bayern 2 - 0 VFB ( a ) GC10 Juventus 0 - 1 Catania ( a ) GC36 Inter GC37 CSKA At 11 wins out of 11, was hoping for a clean sweep a bad run in the middle, but overall almost a good full season of games in one night, lol.
  2. Re: Need Help With My Maths Homework!
  3. Re: Forumer of the Year 2008 - Round 2 (H) - Louis v Sheva20 Voted for Louis, activity throughout forum, particularly match reports.
  4. Re: Urgent Deal Need Help Please. Good help = rep 1. Hamsik is a top top player and has every chance of hitting 91, i think it would be an injustice if he didn't tbh. Big influence on Napoli's impressive form this season, and also last season. Lavezzi is one of my favourite young strikers, so a shame to be £1mill short on him, but Hamsik is definately worth snapping up. EDIT: Maybe buy Hamsik, and use Mikel to buy Lavezzi? Personally think Mikel isn't worth a 91 at present. 2. Keep Bosingwa, without a doubt. One of best RB's around and only going to improve at Chelsea. Maicon has peaked.
  5. Re: Forumer of the Year 2008 - Round 2 (F) - lil_kick_kid v Gazza_MUFC Voted LKK, more activity through the forum, albeit a lot of moaning
  6. Re: Forumer of the Year 2008 - Round 2 (D) - Carbon v Sparky Sparky for me. Hard to vote against Carbon, but then it is the same in most of these head to heads. Just feel Sparky is active throughout more of the forum, and particularly in the match reporting threads where i spend a lot of my time.
  7. Re: Forumer of the Year 2008 - Round 2 (E) - insider v TomOwen Voted for Tom, tough one, but I feel Tom's posts are some of the best on the forum, and he's quality in scouting threads and match/setup reporting. Also a pleasure to talk to on msn, just an all round first class lad.
  8. Re: Gold Champ 37 - Tuesday 21st October Pleasantly suprised to see so many teams available 2 hours after creation when I woke up Took CSKA Moskva, everyone for sale (p/e!!) except Akinfeev!
  9. Re: Is the SM Match Engine.... Sm's match engine is poor, and that's me being kind, but it has been said several times that they're working on an improved one, so guess we just have to put up with it and be patient until the new one comes into effect. It's the key thing letting SM down at the moment, other than the customer service, lol.
  10. Re: History and honours. Yeah, it's still listed within the setups history, but on each managers profile it would be cool to have a compiled list of their achievements for every club they've ever managed
  11. Re: GC36 - Friendly Comp.. Invite sent, hows this for efficiency! Don't let us down the rest of you
  12. Re: GC36 - Friendly Comp.. Just cancelled my friendly with Bayern, need Genoa to cancel their friendly before I can invite tho. Let me know when I can
  13. Re: Forumer of the Year 2008 - Round 2 (A) - Sinny v Seftinho Voted for Seftinho, good quality posts, and regularly throughout the forum, but particular match report/transfer news.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 36 Match Report Thread Amauri and Eguren complete moves Carvalha Amauri has completed his move to the San Siro from Juventus, with Crespo and £2.5million arriving in Turin. Also Sebastián Eguren has completed his £7million switch from Villarreal There have been negotiations with two clubs involving star midfielder Esteban Cambiasso, however both have come to a standstill, with the other clubs only willing to offer old talentless players in return. With Christian Daniel Ledesma expected to completed a move from Lazio for £3million and Walter Samuel soon, the money has all but dried up for Inter, and any more deals before the season start are only likely to be players leaving the club, however they would only be for part exchange.
  15. Re: Gold Championship 36 Match Report Thread Second mover from Rome! Internazionale have agreed a fee with Lazio to bring Christian Ledesma to the San Siro, in exchange for Walter Samuel and £3million He is expected to complete the move tomorrow, while Sebastian Eguren is also due to finalise paperwork on a £7million move from Vilarreal
  16. Re: Gold Championship 36 Match Report Thread Romanian duo move to Italy! Internazionale have completed the signings of Romanian Internationals Banel Nicolita of Steaua Bucureşti for £12.6million, and Gabriel Tamas of Dinamo Bucuresti for £10.1million Brazilian striker Carvalha Amauri is also set to join from rivals Juventus tomorrow, in exchange for Hernan Crespo and a fee of £2.5milllion
  17. Re: Gold Championship 36 Match Report Thread Andrews joins Internazionale!! In possibly the biggest move of the season so far, Keith Andrews has moved to the San Siro from Blackburn Rovers, for the impressive fee of £1million! Also completing moves to Italy are German internationals Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski, along with a fee of £8million in exchange for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Mauro Zarate also completed his switch to Inter, joining from Italians rivals Lazio in exchange for Julio Cruz and £8million Inter have also agree fees for Gabriel Tamas of Dinamo Bucuresti, and Banel Nicolita of Steaua Bucureşti, for £10.1 and £12.6million respectively. The club have also announced that offers for their players have been few and lacking in quality, so the squad make take a more familiar form when the season starts than previously expected.
  18. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Oi, i'm still there Similarly I dont pay much attention anymore though, still in the top flight, but not pushing for the title with my Blackburn like I have last couple of seasons. I blame all the new GC's distracting me!
  19. Re: Gold Championship 36 Match Report Thread Inter have agreed a fee of £8mill + Cruz to sign Mauro Zarate from Lazio. No offers for Ibrahimovic or Cambiasso!
  20. Re: Gold Championship 36 It's been made! I got Inter, everyone for sale for the right offer!
  21. Re: The A-Z Almanac Match Report/Transfer Thread/Club News Lost my first league game of the season, 4-1 to Nathan's Inter, which continues to be oblivious to the rules of the setup playing Chivu for the tenth time this season, and Suazo for the 2nd. That follows my semi final cup defeat 2-0 to Sevilla, against a team containing a less than impressive 2 "S" Letter players. Nothing personal, but this has been mentioned by myself and others previously, and continues to be ignored, so can some action be taken. Rules are rules and those who break them, continuously, deserve to be removed from the setup. Tom's legitimate PSV are fighting relegation, while Inter abuse the rules and are set to stay in the top division, and Sevilla are set for promotion from Division 3
  22. Re: Gold Championship 14 (News, Gossip, Match Report, Etc) Thread Highlights First Half 2: GOAL!! - Pablo LEDESMA hits it early leaving the keeper stranded! 8: GOAL!! - Seizing on an error in the defence Lukas PODOLSKI rounds the keeper to finish with ease! 19: GOAL!! - Fernando BELLUSCHI finishes neatly inside the box 37: GOAL!! - An excellent header by Pablo LEDESMA crashes into the back of the net! Second Half: 56: BOOKED - A stupid challenge by Lukas PODOLSKI results in a yellow card 67: GOAL!! - Fernando BELLUSCHI dummies the keeper and slides the ball into the empty net! 76: GOAL!! - Galera ROGER thumps in a low drive from 20 yards out! Two keepers couldn't have stopped that! 84: GOAL!! - The ball comes crashing back off the bar and falls to Galera ROGER who taps in the easiest of chances!
  23. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - 1st Round Group B Really tough group, suprised and delighted to get through, especially after having the poxy 2 day 'ban' for fact sharing, lol. Congrats to Atkins and Tom, really tough luck for Gizb and Adamski, both quality forumers and wouldn't have begrudged either beating me through to the next round. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and also the kind words from some that didn't.
  24. Re: New Setup!!! I'll go for Real Madrid EDIT: Maybe not, darn u Aza, lol. Maybe Arsenal then.
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