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  1. I think players are added to their clubs in setups where that club is unavailable to manage, as with no club in setups where the players club is manageable. Also interested to know who the player is
  2. Depends what you've seen of him, i've followed his career since he joined southampton, as he's a local lad, went to the same school, and may have even played for my 5aside team had his southampton contract not allowed him to! He scored some fantastic goals in the championship last season, and also created many. Also, as was mentioned below, he made a fantastic cameo appearance as sub for Endlang-u21's against Germany not too long ago, you can watch his two goals on you tube, links provided below. I know a few individual goals doesn't make a great player, but Theo is a teamplayer, and has great awareness. He will definate become an England regular in the future, he's just finding his feet at the moment. 1st goal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5DPxVvwgP8 2nd goal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIRMKocEHsQ
  3. Theo is a striker, being played out of position. He can do a job on the wing, but it's harsh that people still expect that he should be scoring many goals form there. In time, i have faith that he will, but i'm sure others will remember that Henry was only a mediocre player when he was playing on the wings for Arsenal when he first joined, so don't expect too much of Theo just yet. Yes, there are plenty of goalscoring wingers about, Ronaldo, Pedersen, etc, but that's because its the position they feel most comfortable. Theo's young, and at the moment lacking confidence because he hasn't found the net, but in time, he'll overcome that and become a world great. He scored 100 goals in 35 games for AFC Newbury as a kid, if that goes anyway to proving that he's comfortable infront of goal! At the moment, 85 is a fair rating, maybe increase 1-2 points as he's always in the squad and getting quite a few starts. Anything more than that should wait until he finds his form.
  4. He is one of the best keepers in the Championship, so deserves an increase to maybe 83-85 max. He won't go up move than that until he moves to the Premiership.
  5. Barcelona manager, Matt Burnett, respectfully asks Atletico Madrid manager, Jamie Fletcher, to be more descrete with his comments in future, to avoid his players getting big headed. . . Matt Burnett follows his comments up by stating, "Although I do think highly of Lionel at present, and the potential his has to become a great players, I believe the player needs to keep focus on his football, and work very hard in training, in order to reach this potential".
  6. This is getting a bit crazy, i've watched three episodes of 24 while waiting '3 minutes'. . . Suppose good things come to those who wait!
  7. This still doesn't always include all free agents though, as I've found players with no club that have transfer status 'unknown', so would only be found by searching specifically for that individual. The only sure way is to search for all players of either G, D, M or F, and search through the long list! But that's for the true obsessive! I've done this for the first 3/4 pages for each position, using the find text 'no club found' feature on my browser. Didn't have much success though Also, the search only includes players age 16+, so it's impossible to search for any 15 yr olds! (i.e. Millan, Sunu)
  8. I think I should start by admitting that my opinion on Benni is slightly biased, as a Blackburn Rovers fan. However I still think im justified in putting forward a case for his rating to be increased slighty! I'm sure most of you are familiar with Benni, especially Man United fans whom he helped knock out of the Champions League a fews years back! Player name: Benni McCARTHY (Blackburn Rovers) Age: 29 Born: 12 November 1977 Nationality: South African Position: Striker Rating: 89 Value: £5.0M According to the player ratings description in the 'how to play' section of the site, an 89 rating corresponds roughly to a highly rated premiership class player. But I Benni is also proven international, scoring 28 times for South Africa in 65 appearances, to become joint top scorer for his country. Below I have summarise information available from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benni_McCarthy He has had great records at all clubs he has played for, scoring 45 goals in 59 games in the South African leagues for two different clubs, before joining Ajax, where he won the Dutch Championship in his first season, and Dutch Cups in both his season with the club, scoring 21 times in 36 games. Benni then moved to Celta Vigo, but failed to establish himself in the first team and was loaned to FC Porto after a couple of seasons. Here he was influencial in helping Jose Mourinho's Porto reach 3rd and qualifying for the UEFA Cup, scoring 12 goals in 10 games. Benni had to return to Celta Vigo as Porto couldn't afford to buy him until the following season. It was in this season he won the golden boot in Portugal with 20 goals in 23 games, and helping Porto to win the Portugese League, Super Cup and the UEFA Champions League. And then went on to win the 2004 Fifa Intercontinental Cup. In the following season he won the Portugese Super Cup again with Porto, and the following season was once again Portugese Champions, and also Cup winner. Last summer Benni finally got the move to the Premiership he had always dreamed of, arriving at Blackburn for £2.5million. This season he is amongst the top scorers in the Premiership, with 10 League goals in 23 games, and a further 5 goals in 9 Cup games (Domestic and European), even causing rumours of Chelsea wanting to reunite him with Jose Mourinho. I hope that I haven't made this too long winded, and that others agree with me that he deserves an increase, even if it's only 1 or 2 points. What do you think?
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