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  1. Re: Gold Championship 24 Discussions Thread Took control of Atletico Madrid. Went back to setup page and only about 6 teams taken, kinda wish i'd set my sights higher, but more than happy with Atletico anyway I'll consider p/e offers for anyone, except Aguero is off limits. Also, I would also like to mention that Inter are looking for a wide player and a foward player and are willing to listen to any deal on any defender depending on the quality of the players offered.
  2. Re: Hex`s Champions League 4-th edition! (new) Cambiasso and Ibrahimovic are both available for part exchange. (Unless my Walcott deal completes before Liverpool's Fabregas offer is accepted, in which case Ibra could be used in p/e there )
  3. Re: Riddles If you had one match and you entered a room where there was a kerosene lamp, an oil heater and a candle, which would you light first? The match . . .
  4. Re: Final Offer Option I sent a ticket about it last month, a couple days after creating this thread. Hopefully SM took note of it
  5. Re: Final Offer Option lol! And you didn't accept? Thanks for the comments guys, just hope a Dev reads through this
  6. Gold Championship 24 Discussions Thread For Match Reports and News from Saturday 2am, do not post before
  7. Gold Championship 24 will be created on Saturday 6th September, 2008, at approximately 02:00 Game Time (GT). For full details please visit the SM Blog. Use This Report For Transfer News & Match Reports Etc Good Luck
  8. Re: Russian Championship 1 Mine is Russian 2, but i also got CSKA in Russian 1, woo, lol
  9. Re: Irish Championship 1 lol, no, just the 1, it was my 6th standard setup slot.
  10. 4 Standard Russian Championship Creating Setup...Ready at 16:00(GT). Please note only 3 setups are created at this time. If your setup is not created at this time it will be created at the next available time. Hopefully it'll be no1, but anyway i'm CSKA, and feel free to join It might be number 2 cos i think SM usually create the first ones, so keep an eye on the creator, make sure its Mr Nice Guy
  11. 6 Standard Irish Championship Creating Setup...Ready at 16:00(GT). Please note only 3 setups are created at this time. If your setup is not created at this time it will be created at the next available time. Hoping it's number 1, but anyway i'm Bohemians, and feel free to join It might be number 2 cos i think SM usually create the first ones, so keep an eye on the creator, make sure its Mr Nice Guy
  12. Re: 24/7 Transfers poll Personally i'm not a fan of the new transfer system, but i cba to go into all the pros and cons. Basically it will reman whatever we say because as i've been told before, 'the views of forumers are only those of a minority of those playing they game'. Just have to get used to it unfortunately.
  13. Re: Hex`s Champions League 4-th edition! (new) Internazionale AC Milan Roma
  14. Re: Hex`s Champions League 4-th edition! (new) count me in buddy
  15. Re: Gold Championship 23 Match Reports/ Transfers Thread Transfer Update Cristiano Ronaldo last night completed his transfer to Barcelona, although AC Milan tried to make a last ditch attempt to sign the player, offering Kaka and Ronaldinho in exchange. Mr Nice Guy said of the deal, "It was a fantastic offer we recieved at the last minute from Milan, but the deal with Barca had already been agreed and was minutes from completing, so we stuck it out and are delighted to welcome Andres Iniesta and Aleksandr Hleb to the club. The paperwork has also been sorted for Martin Caceres to join us tomorrow for the agree £15million, and that should be finalised by tomorrow evening. "The squad is looking much healthier now with the extra players we've managed to bring in through this deal, and the sale of Wayne Rooney, and we only now need a couple more signings to be ready for the coming season. I am also delighted to announce that we have agreed a deal for Jonas Gutierrez from Newcastle, in exchange for Owen Hargreaves and a fee of £3million. As with Ronny and Wayne it is a shame to see Owen leave the club, but Jonas will be a vital addition to the squad and give us some quality width to midfield. "I still feel we need more fire power upfront, but our funds are a bit limited now, and I may need to use Luis Nani in order to bring in the right man. Hopefully i will be able to bring an announcement regarding this in the next day or so."
  16. Re: Mini Feeds I think it's a good addition, a bit facebook wannabe, but still. My only disliking is that it goes straight to it when you click on your team, rather than your team overview page.
  17. Re: Gold Championship 23 Match Reports/ Transfers Thread Mr. Nice Guy became Manchester United manager last, in a shock move which saw him move from Hamburg after just 24hours, and having signed Ryan Babel and Branislav Ivanovic for an impressive combined £20mill for the German club. Mr. Nice Guy said, "It was just too good an opportunity to miss out on, my first time managing in the Premier League, and for such a fantastic club. I enjoyed my brief spell at Hamburg, and was sorry to leave them after making a couple of great signings, and especially worse that the £4million deal I had agreed for Nelson Rivas collapsed upon my departure. However i'm delighted that they have appointed a good friend of mine, Kuldeep Samra, and i'm sure he will make them a a great success in the Bundesliga." No Time Wasted The change in management brought instant action in the transfer market, with the first business seeing a host of players being loaned out in the search for first time football this season. Darren Gibson and Goncalves Manucho joined Stevenage, while Rafael Da Silva joined Mansfield Town, and Exeter loaned Ben Foster, Rodrigo Possebon and Frazier Campbell. Tomasz Kuszczak joined Jonny Evans at VFL Bochum, while Darren Fletcher has joined Bayern Munchen on loaned for just the first 4 games of the season, when he is expected to return to help United's challenge in both domestic Cups and the SMFA Champs Cup. United have completed the transfers of two players, with free agent Stephen Appiah joining for a fee of £12.2mill, and Phillipe Senderos joining from AC Milan for £10million. Ronaldo and Rooney out! Wayne Rooney has agreed to join Bayern Munchen, with Lukas Podolski and Bastien Schweinsteiger moving to Old Trafford, along with a fee of £15million. Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Manchester for Barcelona, in a deal which sees Andres Iniesta and Aleksandr Hleb move in the opposite direction, along with Martin Caceres for a fee of £15million. Mr Nice Guy said, "I can't say i'm pleased to see Wayne and Cristiano leave the club, they're fantastic players and hopefully one day we'll see them return. However I felt it was necessary to let them go, as we have a hectic schedule ahead of us for the season, and in order to compete on all fronts we need a lot more depth to the squad, to keep everyone fit and fresh all season. We're gettin 5 quality players in return, and hopefully they will prove themselves to be worth it. I still need to bring in another striker and possibly another midfielder. Unfortunately my attempts to sign Ezquiel Lavezzi have failed, so i'm still on the hunt, and possible Owen Hargreaves could be used in a deal".
  18. Re: Gold Championship 23 Match Reports/ Transfers Thread Manchester United Rooney and Ronaldo have both been made available, if a suitable part exchange offer is found.
  19. Re: Gold Championship 23 Match Reports/ Transfers Thread
  20. Re: Gold Championship 23 Match Reports/ Transfers Thread Sorry Sparky, I had no intention of letting you down, but the Man U opportunity was too good to turn down
  21. Re: Grudge match set-up transfer/news/match report thread Roma Jinx Since the announcement of Mr Nice Guy winning the prestigious Manager of the Season award for Season 1, Roma's league form has faultered in devestating style. The 5 game winning streak to start the season was ended with a 2-2 draw away to Hamburg, with Juan and Taddei both suffering injuries. This was followed by a 1-0 home defeat against Feyenoord, which also say an injury to Bilyaletdinov. Order was briefly restored with a 4-1 3rd round cup win over Lyon, but the league form suffered again with a 1-0 away defeat to Arsenal, and yet more injuries, this time to De Rossi and Garay. Roma play at home to Rangers tonight, and will be hoping to get back to winning ways, as they now trail league leaders Real Madrid by 6 points. Roma are also looking to bring in some players to cope with the cup schedule, with the injuries meaning the remaining players having to play more games than desired.
  22. Re: Gold Championship 23 Match Reports/ Transfers Thread Looks like Germany is the place to be for forumers Marcel Jansen is available, looking for a coupe 89/90's for him
  23. Re: Gold Championship 23 Match Reports/ Transfers Thread Hamburg A few players available for cash. . . DEMEL, Guy - RB/DM - 27 - 87 - £5.5M BENJAMIN, Collin - D/DM - 30 - 87 - £4M AOGO, Dennis - DM - 21 - 84 - £4.5M ADDO, Otto - CM/RM - 33 - 79 - £350k Anyone else available for p/e
  24. Re: GC23 discussion There was no warning either on GC19, which i felt at the time was a mistake, but they kept it. Theres no dispute on the creator of this GC tho, so i dont see any reason why it should be deleted. It'll be a huge insult to all of us if it is.
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