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  1. Re: The A-Z Almanac Match Report/Transfer Thread/Club News Kompleted the League and Kup double for (K)atletico Madrid, with a 3-3 draw against Man United to finish 3 points clear at the top It's been a good battle with Tom's PSV this season, and next season could be more of a test as theres little more I can do to strengthen the team, just bulk it up, while I know others are still finding the funds for some top players.
  2. Re: 24/7 Transfers yes he would've have arrived late, unless you had been able to check your results and make the offer before 8am on the sunday, and that nobody else bidded after that time.
  3. Re: 24/7 Transfers Regarding new players added to the database yeah, nothings changed, but i dont mean just them. Say Rubin Kazim have Theo Walcott in a GC. The manager quit and they go to job offer. The job offer is rejected. and after 48 hours from the original manager quitting. Nobody else appears to notice he's available, and you bid at midnight, in the hope of it going through the next morning. But now, it won't, and other people can notice during the following day, and then bid at 11pm the following day. The original person bidding has an hour to respond, and up his bid, but the person who only realise late could have his man within the hour. Also, you said about it being our responsibility to manage our squad, but consider this You play a SMFA cup game on a friday night, and 2 players get injured. Now you've only got a small stadium and little revenue, so your trying to maintain a small squad, but now your desperate to bring in atleast one player before the saturday night game. It's now impossible to transfer someone in that time, cos the games are less than 24hours apart.
  4. Re: 24/7 Transfers So effectively the new system gives 24hours for others to try to hijack the deal I understand the intentions of the new system, to give everyone a chance to bid, but then the people who find the players first have the least time to respond if someone else bids. The only way that could be prevent would be if the 24hours started again with every bid, but then there would be the potential for a transfer lasting days/weeks, with people keep altering bids. So it's left with the original 24hours, and the last people to find the player with the best chance to buy, and the person who discovered the player first with hardly any time to respond. I like the current system and as was previously said, if its not broke why try to 'fix' it. I'll see how this works out, but i just dont think its been thought through all that well, and could cause more problems that its worth.
  5. Re: 24/7 Transfers I've been wondering what improvements we could expect instead of the ones that are actually wanted by us players. Let's just say i'm less than impressed
  6. Re: Gold Championship 14 (News, Gossip, Match Report, Etc) Thread Flamengo Update Mengão manager Mr Nice Guy has this morning decided that Mexican U21 international LB Efrain Velarde and Brazilian playmaker Barreto Ibson are surplus to requirements at the Maracana, and will be allowed to leave the club for the best offer recieved by tonight, cash offers welcome.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 22 Discussions Thread. I think either a set time, or random with no announcement is best.
  8. Re: New Mexican Standard log out then log in again, often happens btw, im america
  9. Re: Deveneeey vs MrNiceGuy vs AsianInvasian Honours Challenge
  10. Re: The A-Z Almanac Match Report/Transfer Thread/Club News The Road to Wembley Glory 22nd Jul The A-Z Almanac Cup Round 1 Bye 29th Jul The A-Z Almanac Cup Round 2 5th Aug The A-Z Almanac Cup Quarter Final 12th Aug The A-Z Almanac Cup Semi Final 19th Aug The A-Z Almanac Cup Final Katletico Madrid lift the A-Z Almanac Cup (K)atletico Madrid were crown A-Z Cup champions following a superb display against Everton, in which they maintained 63% of the possession and piled an impressive 31 shots at Everton keeper Robert Enke. Everton took the lead in the 4th minute through Johan Elmander, but that was soon cancelled out a minute by Frederic Kanoute. However Samuel Eto'o struck for Everton just 12minutes in, and they were able to hold this lead for most of the first half, with Miroslav Klose lashing home just 2minutes before half-time. The second half was all about (K)atletico, with Niko Kovac striking early with a 49th minute headed, and Frederic Kanoute grabbing his second of the game in the 79th minute to see (K)atletico run out 4-2 winners.
  11. Re: Grudge match set-up transfer/news/match report thread Sun 17 Aug 2008 2 - 0 David Bentley (49) and last season's star Ezquiel Lavezzi (62) both pounced on mistakes by Werder in the second half to give Roma a 2-0 home win. Roma again dominated the play, although failed to produce any other scoring opportunities during the match. Tue 19 Aug 2008 Grudge Match Set-up Cup Round 2 2 - 0 A brace from new signing Roman Pavlyuchenko (20 & 73) saw Roma through to the third round of the Cup, although the game was a tight afair, with Roma maintainin slightly more of the ball, but Portsmouth carving out more opportunities. Again it was Roma's clinical style of play that got them the win. Roma have also captured the signings of four hot prospects in the last 48 hours, with Jose Baxter (£75k), Rodrigo Possebon (£1.1M) and Pereira Rafael Da Silva (£1.1M) joining the club for what could prove to exceptional fees in the future, if they live up to expectation. Edit: Also Star Player : Ezquiel Lavezzi
  12. Re: Grudge match set-up Prize discussion thread - season 1 Woohoo Cheers Smarty and the senior forumers that aided the decision It's a big honour cos like Smarty said there were a lot of managers equally deserving. Also congrats Nathan for the committed members prize. (Account - Matt Burnett. Thanks again, and don't panic)
  13. Re: Swap Tool Feature! That would be the main reason for it :s being able to sort ow accounts especially, so having GCs on one account, customs on another. Just limit to like 2 swaps every 30 days, then it cant benefit club hopping.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 16- Match Report/Transfers...etc Mon 18 Aug 2008 Italian Shield Final 3 - 1 Roma lifted the Italian Shield on Monday night as they continued their amazing domestic form. First half strikes from Rodrigo Taddei (31) and Andrea Barzagli (41) gave the i Giallorossi a 2-0 half time lead. Lazio fought back in the second half an were back in the game at 2-1 when Stefano Mauri scored a superb solo goal. However Roma reasserted their dominance and Ezquiel Lavezzi continued to etch himself deeper into the Roma faithful's hearts to seal the game in the 67th minute, finishing cleverly from a cross. Manager Mr Nice Guy said, "I'm over the moon, the shield may be considered less significant as far as trophies go, but try telling that to my players, staff and the fans right now. This is a fantastic achievement and fully deserved, we've battled hard this season, and have only lost two games all season domestically, which speaks volumes about this squad. We can improve from hear, and as much as we will enjoy this win, it's back to business for the league now, we want to battle all the way now, and hopefully this taste of success will only increase the players hunger for it." Division 1 - Wed 20 Aug 2008 4 - 0 A second meeting in 2 days and a similar result, with Roma running out convincing winners. David Trezeguet (15 & 40) scored a first half brace in his second appearance since joining the club, having been cup-tied on Monday. Matteo Brighi (37), scored in between, and Rodrigo Taddei completed the rout in the 89th minute. Also to sparky and tony (my name is Matt btw ), it's been a great season so far and should go right to the wire in the league, just a shame Kuldeep couldn't keep pace with us! Best of luck Sparky in the Champs Cup, fly the flag for Serie A, but also then u can play the final the night before playing me in the league! On another note, Sochaux and the French league suck! Join a proper league Luke! You Pansy!
  15. Re: Gold Championship 16- Match Report/Transfers...etc Sat 9 Aug 2008 1 - 3 Roma responded impressively following a disppointing Champions Cup exit the night before, with a comfortable 3-1 win against Empoli, dominating the play and limiting the home side to just five shots at goal. Alessandro Mancini (25)openeded the scoring in the first half when he broke through the offside trap and slotted past the keeper. Ludovic Giuly (49) made it 2-0 early in the second half, needed to attempts to beat the keeper, although Empoli reuced the deficit minutes late when Luca Saudati (55) headed powerfully past Iker Casillas! It was left to Nicolás Maxi Moralez (68) to secure the 3-1 victory when he found space just 10 yards out and made no mistake with the finish. Wed 13 Aug 2008 1 - 1 The efforts of the previous two games can be the only excuse for this lacklustre home performance, which must have left a lot of supporters falling asleep in their seats! With just 3 shots on target in the entire match, 2 of which from the home side, there was little to get excited about. Torino took the lead 6minutes into the game, when a miss-hit shot from David Di Michele squirmed under the Iker Casillas' body. The scores were levelled at 1-1 early in the second half, with Alessandro Mancini rounding the keeper and finishing from an acute angle! Sat 16 Aug 2008 1 - 4 Roma put on an impressive show to destroy Cagliari 4-1 away from home, despite Cagliari takig a 9th minute lead and taking it into half time. A second half brace from star signing Ezquiel Lavezzi (47 & 79), either side of Luis Edu's powerful strike (62), and Silveira Juan's 89th minute header gave Roma a deserved victory, and keeps the pressure on at the top of the table. To follow.... Italian Shield Final Review! along with the most recent match report at home to Lazio yesterday...
  16. Re: Swap Tool Feature! So a feature which hugely in demand from paying customers isn't a high priority? Oh, wait, i'm actually not that suprised
  17. Re: Grudge match set-up Prize discussion thread - season 1 Smarty going to make your decision anytime soon?
  18. Re: Swap Tool Feature! Yeah, we just need as many people to vote as possible. I saw Jeppo reading this thread yesterday, and we know SM do take notice of the forum from when there was uproar over GM's when friendlies were given to free customers and all that stuff. The only place we can make a stance is here, so get voting. (I would suggest tickets, but all that does is increase automated responses recieved )
  19. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 2 Saturday 23rd Blackburn 2-1 Hull Darlington 0-1 Gillingham Le Mans 1-2 St Etienne Borussia Dortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich Istanbul Buyuksehir BSK 1-1 Eskisehirspor Birmingham 2-2 Barnsley Sunday 24th Pacos Ferreira 1-2 Braga Wigan Athletic 1-2 Chelsea (ESB)
  20. Re: Swap Tool Feature! It was indeed Not just to you on msn' date=' but mentioned it on here ages ago ---> [url']http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=348877#post348877[/url]
  21. Re: Swap Tool Feature Outstanding optimism Matt
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