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  1. “Football is a simple game... Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and you always have a Schmeichel goalkeeping for Denmark".
  2. Manu Sanchez from Atletico Madrid performed quiet good on his loan at Osasuna. While his future doesnt seem to be in Madrid, theres many teams interested. Abner and Lucas Piton are also two very interesting options. Both are great in term of potential and looks like their up for some rating increase probably not far from now.
  3. Liverpool thread was crazy heated back in the day. Most of the Liverpool haters there are now gone tho. Miss you @ray1981 backing me up there 😁
  4. So... who is the member of Diogo Jota's family working in the reviews?
  5. He is indeed a very prolific scorer. I dont speak much about him cause he is not a kid anymore and to be honest, despite his massive numbers, everytime i catch a Liverpool game, he is like meh but its true, Ramirez has been a consistent top scorer for some years now.
  6. He made a breakthrough with just 16yo. He is a powerfull forward in terms of his physicallity and athleticism. He also possess a great scoring instinct and he is very good at making his own oppportunities when the team is not able to feed him (similar to Suarez in this aspect). While last season he has not been up to the expectantions, this one finds him back on his thing. This kid has no roof and needs to go and hone his skills in europe. I believe theres good chances for him to end up at Atletico Madrid but nothing confirmed yet.
  7. After more than 10 years i've decided to update the first page and keep it feed with just the hottest "must buy" prospects. Regards,
  8. Agustin Alvarez Martinez scored a brace last wednesday and became the second U20 player with more goals so far this year after this Norwegian kid, what was his name? oh yeah... Haaland. El Canario... Minutes: 1:39 and 2:22
  9. Just to make a brief update on Uruguayan League hottest prospects: -Facundo Torres The absolute jewell right now made his senior NT debut against Paraguay taking charge of the offense like he was playing on his backyard. Now with the NT at the Copa America entered against Bolivia to end up with a beautiful assist for Cavani's 2-0. His release clause went from 15M to 20M. I have inside information, and they assure me that Torres is out to Europe after August "Clasicos" for Copa Sudamericana. -Agustin Alvarez Martinez A friggin hitman. A 90' constant pressure forward with a massive poaching talent with his positioning. He is the second U20 with more goals so far in this year after some guy named Erling Haaland. When you think you are already out of words, this kid pulls out something like this: Minutes: 1:39 and 2:22 -Brian Ocampo The Nacional talent. This kid growth has been impressive on the end of last season and the start of the current one making him a senior NT player now. He debuted against Argentina showing some skills but not enough time or participation to distinguish. He looks like an early peaker but who knows. -Matias Arezo After a last season where he dropped in his performaces, he is back scoring 5 goals in 7 games. I honestly havent seen him in any of those games since i have been working a lot but i promise to give a more accurate resume apart from just numbers.
  10. Kimmich. And even if you could drop another 90-91 in the trade you still be ripping the dude
  11. Ratings are also not based solely on consistent good performances. Otherwise Benzema for example, would be 95-96. In the mix of performances + minutes + team success, 89 for Vinicius is low, mostly when you compare to other 89 to 91 players under 23. If Vini was already 90 then yeah, i would agree theres no solid argument for a rise. Saying that he was "crap for most for most season" is just "going with the flow" but if you actually followed his games instead of just reading rat kids watching stats over actual football (or maybe been one i cant be sure), then objetively he was just average, and an average 20yo starter for Real Madrid, cant be 89.
  12. The other considered top would be Chelsea (the team that ended lifting the trophy, for extra refresh), where Vinicius performed quite good in the 1-1 game (in the 0-2 he was placed in the right wing in a very bad decission by Zidane, also for further refresh). Then he had other very good perfomances against not top but respectful teams. Glad to help you mate.
  13. Its crazy that Vinicius did not rise. 9th in term of season minutes for the biggest club in the world and yes, while he havent performed in a consistent way, this kid had major games in UCL against TOP teams like Liverpool, and destroyed Barcelona in the last El Clasico. Make a list of U23 90 rated players and compare to realize that this surely must been a mistake. PS: I couldnt care less for him or Real Madrid, just an objective input.
  14. Lamela was something like 75-84 around 2011. So much hype...
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