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  1. Well... when the Uruguayan tournament is about to end, there is a couple of interesting players to get... First of all a brief on Brian Rodriguez... from nothing to Senior NT scoring 3 goals in 5 matches. Absolute wonderkid. Incredible that he is playing in such a low quality league like the MLS instead any major European League. Peñarol: The departure of Brian Rodriguez, left a hole open... and Facundo Pellistri, a 17 yo right/left winger took the spot. Of course he is not Brian, not even close, but hell.. this kid has the thunder. Amazing acceleration with great ball control and what is most important... he looks like been playing for years in team that puts lots of pressure. He has been taking care of the offense on his own despite his youth. He hasnt even been added to the DB yet and i doubt he will stay long in Peñarol as reports says that Arsenal has put an eye on the new jewel Another interesting prospect is Matias De Los Santos. A motor in the middle capable of running the whole 90's and not loosing his passing efficiency. Showed some interesting shoot from far. A must get player. Nacional: Matias Viña. Probably one of the best players in the tournament. Already stablished as the left back starter of the senior NT. Very good on the offense and solid defense. Wont stay much in our league. River Plate: 16 years old Matias Arezo. Despite his youth this kid make a breakthrough on the past 6 months scoring important goals and showing a very promising talent.
  2. I would like to drop this comparision of Ngolo Kante seasons. First image is while playing on Leicester the second one is his first Chelsea season. This doesnt prove Kante is less of a player in Chelsea than in Leicester, Chelsea is a big team that aims for dominance and possession in most of his games (except maybe against Manchester City). If you have the ball most of the time, you need to tackle and intercept less. This stats only prove that at Leicester he had more job to do than in Chelsea.
  3. Statistics sometimes reflect how good a player is, sometimes not that much. If your team is filled with great players and you have possession of the ball for 65+%, Your defenders probably are not tackling or intercepting a lot of balls really since the other team does not even have the ball. How can you measure the statistics for those players that appear in the hardest moments of a game, a statistic that reflects a player's perfomance in finals or decissive matches?. If you have a huge talented player which your team relies to create chances and he dissapears from the final game, what was all that for? Statistics are a great tool to measure some aspects of the game, but statistics do not really define how good or bad a player is but a bunch of things combined. My two cents.
  4. Well i guess im not this old for nothing...
  5. Wouldnt be surprised if Van Dijk rises to 95. UCL champion, contended the EPL until the last game, captain for Netherlands who reached the Euro League finals and it would be a way to stablish him as the best center back in the game, because he is the best center back in the world...
  6. Ok... Over a year since i dont post anything, its probably time to drop something. Two GREAT Uruguayan prospects to get ASAP. Santiago Rodriguez (Nacional 19 yo) and Brian Rodriguez (Peñarol 18yo) This two kids have been performing incredibly good both in the Uruguayan league aswell as the Copa Libertadores. Both called for the U20 NT that will participate in the U20 WC in Poland. Very hot prospects right now. Udinese in pursuit of Brian as far as i know. Both are right footed LW/RW with great technique very similar. Santiago is a better playmaker Brian is a little bit faster. Other players to keep an eye on... Giovanni Gonzalez (Peñarol - 24 yo) - Emerged this season as Peñarol first choice for the RB position. His constant good performances for both the league and Copa Libertadores gave him the chance to participate in the Senior squad of Uruguay in the last two friendlies giving a good impression. Bruno Mendez (Corinthians - 19yo) - Captain of the U20 squad, also called for the Senior Squad of Uruguay leaving a good impression. Sold to Corinthians from Wanderers. Leadership and will power kind of center back. Thomas Chacon (Danubio 18yo) - Talented right footed left winger. Very agile with great dribbling. Making a great tournament and with high chances of playing the U20 world cup. Leonardo Fernandez (Fenix 20yo) - Left footed RW/AMC. This kid is also a jewel, already sold to Mexico as far as i know. Top scorer for a low team that is making a GREAT campaign so far.
  7. in Italy Donnarumma, in Juventus... looks like Mattia Perin
  8. Daniel Carvajal is arguably the best RB in the world because he has been Real Madrid's RB starter since 5 seasons now, winning 4 UCL (2 times in the best UCL team). He has been Spain RB starter since almost 4 years aswell. Carvajal was a consolidated world class RB while Kimmich wasnt even a RB just yet... Go the game, filter for RB and take a look at all the natural RB's. They're ALL 92 or less. Then there is a bunch of things to take in account in order to chose one (Age, Club, Skill, Potential, etc). Ofc, maybe Kimmich is a better choice, hes younger, also plays for a top team that will continously win the German Bundesliga, but besides Kimmich, who else is on pair of Carvajal? And that is why Carvajal is a keeper... mainly if you play in a competitive game world which was the whole point of this argument. About considering how good a player is, based on what SM rates the players, i suggest you reconsider it, you will eventually find yourself breaking stuff i guarantee you that.
  9. The fact he had an average season doesnt mean he cant be the best at his position. The rises of other players nothing have to do with that either. The point here is that its easier to find top central backs than top RB’s, relatively young, and that will either rise or stay at high ratings for quiet some time, and he currently possesses ARGUABLY the best in that position.
  10. No. Carvajal is arguably the best RB in the world playing in the best team of the world. The lack of high rating players in that position makes it a keeper while you will find high rated CB (can play in both sides in a 4 defenders formation) way more easy.
  11. If things are like there always been... Pavard might get a +1/+2 now, Lucas maaaybe a +1 wouldnt count with it tho. I dont think Umtiti would get any rises atm since he got his 92 a month ago.
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