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  1. in Italy Donnarumma, in Juventus... looks like Mattia Perin
  2. Daniel Carvajal is arguably the best RB in the world because he has been Real Madrid's RB starter since 5 seasons now, winning 4 UCL (2 times in the best UCL team). He has been Spain RB starter since almost 4 years aswell. Carvajal was a consolidated world class RB while Kimmich wasnt even a RB just yet... Go the game, filter for RB and take a look at all the natural RB's. They're ALL 92 or less. Then there is a bunch of things to take in account in order to chose one (Age, Club, Skill, Potential, etc). Ofc, maybe Kimmich is a better choice, hes younger, also plays for a top team that will continously win the German Bundesliga, but besides Kimmich, who else is on pair of Carvajal? And that is why Carvajal is a keeper... mainly if you play in a competitive game world which was the whole point of this argument. About considering how good a player is, based on what SM rates the players, i suggest you reconsider it, you will eventually find yourself breaking stuff i guarantee you that.
  3. The fact he had an average season doesnt mean he cant be the best at his position. The rises of other players nothing have to do with that either. The point here is that its easier to find top central backs than top RB’s, relatively young, and that will either rise or stay at high ratings for quiet some time, and he currently possesses ARGUABLY the best in that position.
  4. No. Carvajal is arguably the best RB in the world playing in the best team of the world. The lack of high rating players in that position makes it a keeper while you will find high rated CB (can play in both sides in a 4 defenders formation) way more easy.
  5. If things are like there always been... Pavard might get a +1/+2 now, Lucas maaaybe a +1 wouldnt count with it tho. I dont think Umtiti would get any rises atm since he got his 92 a month ago.
  6. Hazard as it is right now. Way more if he ends up joining Real Madrid.
  7. In the past WC has been a competition to adjust some ratings and i hope this one isnt the exception. Griezmann, Hazard and Modrid, should get their 96's. Maybe Hazard a little bit more questionable due to his club's performance tho he did an awesome WC. Kante should get his 94 proving himself as the best DMC in the world. Also many notable performances that desearves a raise like Lovren, Rebic, Pavard, Schmeichel, Maguire, and a bunch more. Regards,
  8. Well... Ramon Arias should have risen due to a very consistent tournament (Mostly in Clausura) where he was key part of Peñarols defense that brought the championship. Uruguayan league always had a rating cap of 85-86, Ramon is 83. He should have risen to 84 at least however it stood there. My advice to get moneymakers in Uruguay is to get all the 70-75 rated starters that played all the tournament as regular starters. Otherwise are not worth it, unless the player is some sort of future star. Regards,
  9. I love you Raulito! I barely comment here but i read you. So keep up the good job!
  10. Sorry. Just came to say i lol'ed at this. Thats how immature i am.
  11. Havent really paid atention to him. He havent played a lot so for a 17 years old is hard to judge
  12. The kid from Liverpool? (Uruguayan Liverpool)
  13. Hey Ste!! Long time no talk to you buddy! Everything is just fine! Long since we dont have those heated Suarez debates in the Reds thread huh? (debates that i won, clearly hahah)
  14. Guruceaga got relegated to the bench after a sum of bad performances. Saracchi is indeed showing talent playing regularly for River. Arambarri is indeed quiet a susprise. He was Nahitan Nandez midfield "smash brother" in the U20 team, left Uruguay with a high profile and did not played in France. Now is a regular at Getafe, and playing good football. Diego Rossi, well... we know he is a fast small striker with an incredible scent to score. Right now, hes playing out of position (RM/RW instead of FW) to take advantage of his speed on the wing however he looks uncomfortable there but well, he is a good talent playing in league right now. Along with Rossi we have Carneiro, Pablo Lopez (not in the DB yet), Ayrton Cougo, Rodrigo Aguirre (back from Europe still young and showing why he left so young).
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