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  1. Indeed! but Ibra's impact on the team in terms of quality but most important... winning mentality has been superb. Lets see if they can keep it the rest of the season.
  2. Ibra's +2 has been a surprise, but we all agree its well desearved, right?
  3. With over 10 years in the game and forum, i am a witness of your constant work and how you honed your skill at predicting to match almost perfection. This thread is so massive because of you. Keep it going broski!
  4. Hey mate, long time no see ya! Im playing game worlds, only 1 club (my oldest one). Found myself with no time to spend in more than that. I come back to this thread every now and then when i spot some hot prospects.
  5. Well... clearly i was right about Pellistri (less than 1 year and a Man UTD signing now) but wrong about DE los Santos. Hot prospect right now in Peñarol is Facundo Torres. A leftie AM/Secondary Striker who can also play on the wings. Capable goal scoring, fast and that... south american sort of way of feeling the game. Peñarol's new #10 a must get.< An interesting 18yo Fenix prospect also on Ugarte. A midfielder motor with leading skills and quiet temper. They say he will be out to Europe in mid 2021.
  6. Well... when the Uruguayan tournament is about to end, there is a couple of interesting players to get... First of all a brief on Brian Rodriguez... from nothing to Senior NT scoring 3 goals in 5 matches. Absolute wonderkid. Incredible that he is playing in such a low quality league like the MLS instead any major European League. Peñarol: The departure of Brian Rodriguez, left a hole open... and Facundo Pellistri, a 17 yo right/left winger took the spot. Of course he is not Brian, not even close, but hell.. this kid has the thunder. Amazing acceleration with great ball cont
  7. I would like to drop this comparision of Ngolo Kante seasons. First image is while playing on Leicester the second one is his first Chelsea season. This doesnt prove Kante is less of a player in Chelsea than in Leicester, Chelsea is a big team that aims for dominance and possession in most of his games (except maybe against Manchester City). If you have the ball most of the time, you need to tackle and intercept less. This stats only prove that at Leicester he had more job to do than in Chelsea.
  8. Statistics sometimes reflect how good a player is, sometimes not that much. If your team is filled with great players and you have possession of the ball for 65+%, Your defenders probably are not tackling or intercepting a lot of balls really since the other team does not even have the ball. How can you measure the statistics for those players that appear in the hardest moments of a game, a statistic that reflects a player's perfomance in finals or decissive matches?. If you have a huge talented player which your team relies to create chances and he dissapears from the final game, what was
  9. Well i guess im not this old for nothing...
  10. Wouldnt be surprised if Van Dijk rises to 95. UCL champion, contended the EPL until the last game, captain for Netherlands who reached the Euro League finals and it would be a way to stablish him as the best center back in the game, because he is the best center back in the world...
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