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  1. Re: "He is probably the best 20-year-old I have ever seen," thats the guy who tottenham are trying to buy hes nice yeah i recomment him
  2. can anybody tell me if buying nigel de jong is worth my while? or not a good buy? is he more likely to go up or down in the near future?
  3. that farfan deserves a 92 after last season? scoring 21 goals in something like 31 games?
  4. Re: naldo thats like 6/7m ontop of his value? madness
  5. Its_Nothing


    i made a bid for naldo i think his value is 8. something, i made a bid of 12 it got rejected then 12.5 rejected then 13 it got rejected again now today i put 13.8m thats all my money i mean damm how much do breman want for this guy..... this is in english game 51....why am i payin 5m more then his value... and still not even know till tommorrow if they accept that..
  6. i am the manager of QPR in english game 51, and soloman kalou was injured and his injured turns were up on friday, but his condition has been 72 since friday. anybody know why his condition aint going up?
  7. Its_Nothing


    can anybody tell me why nigel de jong went down last time round?
  8. i was just wondering if someone can help me.van der vaart is only an AM on sm,but i think that he plays different positions for holland & hamburg,any 1 with info for this topic would be appreciated.
  9. urby emanuelson-ajax leftback,but also he plays left midfield for holland.on the game he is only a LB where as he should be a LB/LM-i think sm should update this
  10. i wanna have a look at the free agent list, but cant because its still unavailable, it has been for sometime does anybody know when this will be fixed? and if theres any other way to see the free agent or whos on it?
  11. Re: Should I trade Adriano? thats because hes been injured, adriano will go back to a 95 sometime....
  12. can anybody give me any kind of information on this player please, hes from the ivory coast thats all i know so far and hes a defender? who does he play for and is he likely to go up?
  13. i am the manager of tottenham hotspurs in english setup 51, and i loaned out saviola and micheal carrick, i recalled them and they are not in my squad no more, but they show up in tactics can anyone help me out, on my squad it says i only have 19 players but with them 2 i should have 21.
  14. im manager of QPR in div 2 currently sitting 7th with a good team between 89-92 rating players, but my stadium only holds 19 thousand ppl, how does a team like mine cope with such little income, but with such a good team with there wages to pay.....? does this mean i cant have a good team with 93 players in it or anything like that, because if i go into debt id have to sell one of my good players just to get out of debt, but with bigger clubs they have a great ammount of income and dont need to sell players just to survive.
  15. Re: does anybody think... i just brought both of them lol nicee
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