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  1. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I find it funny that the people (not necessarily on here, just in general) who were strongly opposed to Mourinho being appointed as our manager a year ago because of his controversies and arrogance over the years, are actually in favour of Van Gaal, whos career has been filled with both of those, including bust ups with people at all levels of the clubs he's been at. There's actually an argument to be made that he's the most Mourinho like manager in the game. I know our season was terrible, but is one bad season worth changing the type of manager, the type of man, that should be in charge of our club? In my opinion, no. But sadly my opinion means nothing and it looks more than likely that we will hire Van Gaal. I think we would be making the same mistakes we made last season. If they do decide on Van Gaal then we will potentially not be getting our manager in place until mid-July. The same thing that happened with Moyes. A new manager comes in, isn't familiar with the players, meanwhile a lot of players and potential targets have already agreed to join other clubs, and we struggle in the transfer window. Sound familiar? Along with a new manager, I believe that the board should be looking for another new member of staff. Guardiola, Klopp, Ancelotti, Simeone, Conte, even Van Gaal himself, the rest of the managers we have been linked with, what do they all have in common? They all work with a director of football (or the equivalent of). With the exception of Van Gaal while he was at AZ Alkmaar, I don't think any of them have ever worked without a director of football. Ed Woodward isn't a director of football and he can't continue to try and do ones job. He's fantastic at the financial side of the club, you only have to look at the increase in commercial revenue figures he's achieved at the club to realise that. But he has no idea what he is doing in the transfer market. Look at the clubs that we should be challenging for the title. Chelsea and Man City have them. Liverpool have their "transfer committee". Arsenal? They effectively had one, David Dein, and they've won nothing (so far) since he left the club. Other big clubs in Europe use them very effectively. David Gil helped SAF in the transfer market, David Moyes had somebody with no experience. I know some have had different titles other than director of football, and some have done different things alongside this, but they have all helped the manager get the players they want. I personally don't see the point in hiring a manager who has only ever worked with a director of football/sporting director/whatever, and lumping them with Ed Woodward. That just gives us a manager who hasn't worked that way before, who would probably end up trying to help Woodward swim while he drowns. The director of football is supposed to help the manager, not the other way around. Directors of football have a really bad press in English football, and I agree that some combinations with certain managers just don't work. But it has been proven to be successful in other countries, and if you hire a manager who's only ever worked with one, they will probably give you a list of names of people they want to work with. If you give them Ed Woodward instead of an experienced one, we are just shooting ourselves in the foot. Just let him concentrate on the commercial revenue, something which he is exceptionally good at. Anyway, back to our next manager. Guardiola, Klopp, Ancelotti, Simeone, Conte. Those are some of the names being thrown around. As much as I'd like it to be Klopp or Ancelotti, unless someone pulls a rabbit out of a hat, I don't think any of them will take the job. And if my opening mini-rant didn't give you this impression, I don't particularly want Van Gaal either. Who does that leave? Well, there is another name that I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned more. And I apologise if I'm mistaken, he hasn't even been mentioned in this thread once since Moyes' departure. Why aren't we looking at a young and ambitious manager. A manager with fantastic attention to detail. A manager with a clear attacking style of football. A manager who has already won multiple league titles (albeit in a lesser league than the Premiership). A manager who has more Champions League experience than what Moyes had (Although not the greatest record, but he is with a club that hasn't done well in Europe in a long time. Ironically, Van Gaal was the manager when they last were). And a manager who has a great philosophy of developing young players. Also, I know it doesn't necessarily make a good manager, but as a player, a champions league winner, multiple league and cup winners medals and 112 international appearances for his country. Hands up if you've guessed who it is. After this season would any of us really reject or dismiss a manager who fulfils pretty much all of our core values as a football club? And a manager without the problems that Van Gaal would bring. But I don't know if the owners/board would choose him over experience after this season. For those of you who didn't guess, I was talking about Frank De Boer.
  2. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I personally can't see Rode taking so much game time away from Kroos that it would be so much of an issue that Kroos would want to leave for more game time. Whilst Rode is a good player, he is nowhere near Kroos' quality, he won't force Kroos out of the starting line up that often for it to be an issue in my opinion, and he won't just be taking game time from Kroos, he will also be taking it from other players, players in midfield that Kroos already starts more than. If they were only playing him now to keep him happy then he wouldn't have as much appearances as he has now, there would have been a sharp incline as to how often he has played. But there hasn't been, he has been playing consistently all season long, long before he started being so heavily linked with us. It might be considered a one horse race in Germany, but that doesn't automatically mean that Kroos is looking to leave. If players started looking for a new challenge because of that then there would be a lot more players looking to leave Bayern than potentially Kroos. Generally if players are playing, winning competitions and are in the Champions League then they are usually happy with that. Some older players might look for new challenges, but with Kroos only being 24, I find it hard to believe that he would leave for a new challenge. A much larger bank balance, possibly, but I can't see him leaving for any other reason. Beckenbauer later went on to clarify about what he said and how it was a criticism of Barcelona, not Bayern: "The criticism was first of all against Barcelona’s style of play, back and forth just like in the Circus Sarrasani. We on the other hand have found a good mixture of passing and looking for the shot at goal in the first half of the season". His clarification just wasn't as highly publicised as his apparent criticism. Also, just because Beckenbauer might not like it, doesn't mean Kroos thinks it too. Yes, Suarez did stay with Liverpool whilst they weren't playing in the Champions League, but how often did he ask to leave to go to Real Madrid or Arsenal because of Champions League football? He even had an agreement with Liverpool that they would let him leave if they didn't achieve Champions League football, and then told the media he wanted to go when they didn't fulfil that promise. When Suarez joined Liverpool, it was from Ajax, which is different because he didn't go from playing for the reigning Champions of Europe to not playing in the competition the very next season. Big players want to play in the big competition, and not all of them are willing to wait a season to do it, and there isn't a guarantee that next season will be any better for us, qualifying for the Champions League is not a sure thing for us next season.
  3. Re: Official Red Devils Thread This bolded comment has always confused me when it comes to people commenting about Kroos coming to Old Trafford. I've read it on many forums and in newspapers, that one of the main reasons that he would want to come to us is for more first team football. But if you look at the statistics, Kroos is better off staying at Bayern for first team football, he isn't exactly struggling for game time. I might be wrong, but I don't think anyone has made more total appearances for Bayern in all competitions this season than Kroos and the only players to start more games in all competitions than him are Neuer and Alaba. I think the whole thing with him throwing his gloves away when he was substituted against Stuttgart was blown out of proportion by the media, obviously he wasn't happy about being subbed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he wants to leave Bayern like the media makes out. Many players have reacted angrily when being substituted; Ronaldo, Sturridge, Suarez, Di Maria are the ones that spring to mind first. It's also rare for a player of Kroos' age to be looking for the cliched "new challenge" especially when you are currently, in my opinion, at the best club in the world at the moment, who are favourites to win every competition they are in. Which leaves cold hard cash. And also the lure of playing for Manchester United, which might still attract some top quality players, but this summer, without Sir Alex and more importantly, without Champions League football, that lure will not be as strong to top quality players as it has been in the past. Personally I would love to see us sign Kroos, but with the Fabregas farce of last summer still fresh in my memory, I have my doubts about if it will happen or not. Hopefully Moyes and Woodward have more of an idea of what they're doing this summer than they did in the pervious. Preferably with a plan B. Preferably with a plan B that is better than signing Fellaini out of desperation.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread Full credit to Bilbao, there is very few teams that can say that they outplayed us in every area of the pitch in two games. They really impressed me over the two games, their level of commitment, their pressing all over the park and work rate was fantastic. Throw in the high quality way they played and how incredibly poor we played in both games, they fully deserved to win the tie. I've never really understood the whole "It's only the Europa League, we don't care about it" argument. With the line ups that SAF picked, it was obvious that he wanted to win the competition, and with players of our caliber that play at the highest level, their will to win should far outweigh any complacency they might have, despite it not being the Champions League. The whole "amount of games - now we can concentrate on the league" argument has no merit with me either. A club of our size and quality shouldn't be restricted by the amount of games we have to play, last season we played until we got to the Champions League final in Europe, yet still managed to win the league. It wouldn't have been a problem if we were good enough. Granted it might help a little, players will be fresher, but we could have won both competitions. I have to admit, I was surprised that SAF didn't go with two up front to start with. In a game where we have to win by at least two goals, or even score three and concede two to take it to extra time, playing with only Rooney up was too negative in my opinion, going for it at from the start would have made more sense to me.
  5. Re: I don't want technology in football.........
  6. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas You're right. But I wouldn't expect that to be the team that Ferguson would play in Europe. He would do what he usually does, pack the midfield with people who can win the ball, tackle, pass and keep possession and dominate the midfield battle. Players like Carrick, Anderson, Fletcher, Giggs, Scholes, (although he still hasn't mastered tackling ) and Hargreaves would play so we could get a decent amount of possession and use our passing game to our advantage as well as disrupt the passing game of the opposition. He would probably use Rooney just behind the striker so he could get involved in midfield as well.
  7. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas
  8. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas
  9. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas This would probably be my ideal line-up for next season, it is an adaptation of the 4-3-3 formation that Ferguson has been using this season, it probably isn't the most balanced team you will ever see and will probably never happen but I would give it a go anyway GK: Foster - Yes I know that VDS just had a great season, but with Kuszczak pretty much guaranteed to leave in the summer in search of first team football I don't Foster to do the same thing. I think that Foster is a quality goalkeeper and I don't want him to leave for the same reason as Kuszczak, if they both leave then we would have to splash the cash to get a keeper for when VDS finally hangs up his gloves, because Amos and Zieler are nowhere near first team football level. LB: Evra - A no-brainer here really, the only real natural LB we have with the experience necessary to be a regular starter in this spot. I think Fabio will need the experience of some FA cup/League cup games before he is given a chance at the bigger stages. I wouldn't really say that we need to purchase a player for the backup spot of this position either when we have John O'Shea. RB: Brown - I would choose Brown over Rafael, mainly because Brown has more experience, while Rafael has had g ood run in the team I think his performances this season have shown that he isn't the complete defender, whilst he is more attack minded than Brown, Rafael's lack of experience shows with his rashness and eagerness to make a challenge when it would be better if he just held the player up. CB: Vidic - In my opinion he has been phenomenal this season, rightfully won our player of the season award. I think his partnership with Ferdinand is probably the best in the Premiership, he isn't afraid to put his head into an area where he might get hurt in an attempt to clear the ball which is always great quality to have in a defender. CB: Ferdinand - The second of the two from the center back partnership, like Vidic he has had a great season, he has had his injury problems this season, mainly his back and Johnny Evens has filled in for his and gave some great performances but if Ferdinand is fit then he will always play. L/CM: Valencia - With Nani having such a poor season and looking like he will leave Old Trafford I want Ferguson to sign Valencia, not only because he is a great player but it would mean that Rooney wouldn't need to play on the left wing and can go back to playing in his preferred position. CM: Carrick - I would have Carrick over Hargreaves, I think Hargreaves is a great player but he didn't get the chance to stamp his authority in the United squad due to injury, and injuries have pretty much plauged his career in my opinion. With Carrick's range of passing along with his ability to tackle, create goals and even score a few himself means I would pick him over Anderson as well. R/CM: Ronaldo - Despite what Ferguson thinks, he is a winger, not a striker. I think the position where you get the most out of Ronaldo is on the right wing, we all know what he can do so there is not much else to say. If only he would track back when we/he looses possession then I would have no complaints about him. AM: Rooney - His best position, I don't think he is an out and out striker and without a doubt he isn't a winger, despite how well he plays out there. He prefers to play behind the striker, it's what he does better then most, his vision and creativity is second to none in the United squad in my opinion. You could argue that we would be week in midfield with only Valencia/Carrick/Ronaldo but Rooney has shown this season that he has the stamina to go a whole game up and down the left wing then I don't doubt for a second that he wouldn't be able to drop further back into midfield when needed. ST: Berbatov - The only word I can use to describe him is "class". Because Rooney has been playing on the left and the formation Ferguson has been playing, he has to come far too deep to get involved in the game, he has almost been playing the Rooney role when he has payed because there is no other middle man between midfield and attack. If Rooney were to play behind the strikers then we would see Berbatov further up the pitch and doing what he does best, scoring goals. ST: Benzema - In my opinion Tevez is pretty much gone. After the way he has acted then I would be slightly disappointed if we do actually sign him. After/if he goes then I think Benzema is the perfect player to replace him, young, strong, can score goals, he might need a little time to settle in the Premiership but after his introduction period I think he would become an Old Trafford legend. So after saying all of that, my ideal line up would be along the lines of this: Foster Brown - Vidic - Ferdinand - Evra Carrick Ronaldo_______Valencia Rooney Berbatov - Benzema Probably never going to happen but I can dream The line up which is most likely in my opinion: VDS Brown - Vidic - Ferdinand - Evra Ronaldo - Hargreaves/Anderson - Carrick - Valencia Rooney - Berbatov
  10. Re: Profiting from SM should result in a ban Yes in the first scenario there is two people who want gold membership. One who has bought gold membership from SM and one person who hasn't yet bought gold membership. Because the 2nd person who hasn't bought gold membership could yet still buy gold membership there is still the potential of that person buying one so that is potentially £14.99 for SM. If that person buys the gold membership from SM they get the £14.99 plus there is also the potential income from both the first person and the second person renewing the gold memberships, hence why I said there was the potential of 2 renewals. Do you really think that despite the fact you paid for it, you own something that can be taken away from you at any time, for what ever reason, without refund of the money you paid for it? When you own something, it can't legally be taken away from you without your permission, if you owned the account then SM couldn't take it away from you. When you create an account with SM, you agree to the terms of use, the terms of use that state that SM still own the account, so why do you still believe that because you have paid for something, you automatically own it? Read what Smartdoc posted, I don't know why your posts were deleted, I wasn't on the forum before they were deleted. However if they were deleted it would either be because it was the things Smartdoc said not to do or something you said breaking the rules and regulations of the forum.
  11. Re: Profiting from SM should result in a ban Doesn't concern me? The thread starter asked members of the forum for their opinion on a particular subject' date=' I am a member of the forum and I had an opinion on the matter, how does that make me pathetic? Sat on the forum today? The fact that I had a spare 15 minutes last night after getting home and decided to type a reply makes me pathetic? Does that mean that anyone who has spare time and posts on the forum is pathetic in your opinion? You have posted on the forum in your spare time, if this issue doesn't concern me then it wouldn't concern you, so do you consider yourself pathetic? Your caps lock key broken or something? Time to invest in a new keyboard maybe? I never said that there was something I could do about it. I never said that people who buy/sell accounts should consider others view's. I posted my opinion on an issue raised by another forum member, I thought that was what a forum was for, obviously I am mistaken, would you care to explain what a forum is used for, since I apparently don't know?
  12. Re: Profiting from SM should result in a ban I'm confused, how does this exactly promote SM? I would guess that the majority of the accounts/teams being sold to other people are people that are already playing SM, I would be surprised if people are getting people to part with their cash for an account on a game they have never played so selling accounts/teams is hardly bringing in new players to the game and promoting SM to people who haven't played the game before. I also disagree that it promotes SM as a game and a community, in my opinion it shows that the community doesn't care about the game and only want to make money from it and that SM don't care about it. I think that if this trend continues then it could have a detrimental effect on the game, why would anyone join if the only way to get a good team in a gold championship is to buy an overpriced gold account from another member of the game when there is no guarantee of them giving you the account info after you have "bought" the account. If people do start to "scam" people then that would hardly promote SM would it? Also, what has World Of Warcraft got to do with anything? You do know that the buying/selling of World of Warcraft accounts/items is against the terms of use right? If they are caught then the account they bought is suspended or if it was items then they are removed. Just like almost every other mmorpg, they realize that people selling account/items is bad for business so they try and stop it. You yourself called selling accounts as a "business".... If they do so then they are in breach of contract, as they agreed not to do so when they created an account, you are right when you say it isn't "illegal" however SM could raise a civil action against the parties involved under civil law.
  13. Re: Profiting from SM should result in a ban I totally agree with you Craig, I have been thinking the same thing myself, I have seen numerous posts on the forum regarding people trying to sell their gold account with good teams on it for a profit. For those that think that just because you have paid for your gold account that you "own" it and can do what you like with it, I'm afraid you are mistaken. You only paid to receive the advantages of gold membership, not to buy the account, at the end of the day SM still own the account and can do what they want with it, that is why without warning they can cancel your account, ban you from the game and take teams away from you. If anyone cared to read the Terms and Conditions they would have read: I'm surprised that SM haven't addressed this issue already if I'm honest as it means less potential income for them, because when one person buys a gold account from another person it means that they are not buying a gold account from SM. Like Smartdoc said, it would be nigh on impossible to stop it completely due to the fact that they would use MSN or something to discuss the transaction, however alot of people advertise on the forum, maybe the chatroom and maybe via private message in game. To stop the people advertising the sale of a gold account on the forum is pretty simple, delete the post as soon as possible so not many forum users see the posts. However you could take it a step further, I don't know if it is possible on this forum but on another forum where I am a moderator you can see the IP address of any person that is on the forum. A moderator/supervisor could take note of the IP address of the person who has advertised the sale of a gold account and pass it on to SM who could cross-reference the IP address of the person that posted with the IP address's of the gold account which is for sale. If the IP address's match or have matched in the past then SM could take appropriate action, from giving a warning to canceling the account. Regarding the chatroom, from reading posts from George in the past I think that chatroom moderators can see the IP address of chatroom users? If so then they could take note of the persons IP address, kick them from chat, pass the IP address onto SM who again would decide what action to take against the person. Trying to arrange the sale of a gold account via private message in game is pretty simple to deal with, people who are trying to sell a gold account via private message in game don't know who is wanting to purchase a gold account and teams so I would assume that they would send bulk private messages to other managers with the aim of getting a reply from one of them. SM could make an announcement along the lines of "If you receive a private message from another manager regarding the sale of a gold account please take a screenshot and send it to then once again it would be up to SM to take the appropriate action. I am not naive, I know that these suggestions won't stop the sale of gold accounts completely but it might lessen the amount of gold accounts being sold. I think at the very least that SM should make announcement along the lines of "The buying/selling of gold accounts from other soccermanager users is prohibited, if found guilty of buying/selling a gold account this might result in your account being terminated". It might make people think twice about selling the gold account because they might get caught and not only not make a profit from the sale of the gold account but loose money after paying for a gold account in the first place if it was terminated. Also, just because you can't stop it completely doesn't mean that you shouldn't try and deter people from doing it surely? It might be that I have misinterpreted the way Smartdoc said: By conclusion do you mean that the discussion is over and because the buying/selling of accounts can't be completely irradiated from the game that discussing this matter is pointless because nothing will happen in regards to it? I think that SM should at least try and minimize the amount of gold accounts being sold rather than do nothing because they can't stop it completely. At the end of the day it is up to SM about how they deal with this, they are loosing potential income from SM users, if they want this then that's up to them I suppose.
  14. Re: Is Rooney Finally Justifying His 96 Rating? Funny' date=' I said the same thing about the entire Newcastle squad on the last game of the season against Villa I would have done the same thing as Ferguson in all honesty, it might not be Rooney's ideal position but he tracks back when we loose possession, unlike Ronaldo. To have a winger playing that doesn't track back to help the defense against a side like Barcelona is just asking for more trouble and makes it harder on yourself.
  15. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread C'est la vie. Better team won on the night, anyone who argues with that is fooling themselves. I'm disappointed with the performance rather than the result, we didn't play well, apart from the first 10 minutes, if only we kept that going The only consolation is that we lost to the best team in the world this season in my opinion, they have played amazing football all season. Always next season, I'm sure we will learn from this and give us the motivation to win it next season
  16. Re: Manager Opinions' I'm undecided in all honesty, whilst I think it is a good suggestion in principal, I can see situations where it could be misused or misinterpreted. Lets say I were to accept a transfer bid for a player after I had made a bid for a player who is with an unavailable to manage club to be the replacement of the player I am selling. However after I accept the bid another club makes an improved offer on the player I am trying to buy and I don't have the finances to better their offer. As I won't have a replacement for the player I am selling I would choose to cancel the transfer of me selling the player until I find another replacement. The manager of the team trying to buy the player from me would give me the thumbs down because of this I would assume. Like you have said, I could report this as I felt it to be unfair, it would then be up to an independent party and how they interpret who was "in the wrong" or if the feedback was unjustified which can never be 100% accurate as that is only their opinion which is based upon what they have been told. Regarding this quote you said: In the case of the first one you said was a "great reason": For arguments sake lets say I were to agree that if another manager was to sell me a player then I would sell him a player in return. After I sold the other manager the player he wanted I would be obligated to buy his player, what if the player I am obligated to buy breaks his leg in real life and would out for a season and would get a rating decrease or what if the player announced his retirement before I made a transfer offer on him? Because I didn't buy a player that would automatically get a rating decrease the next time the rating changes came around or a player that would only be apart of my club for a maximum of 1 SM season before he left the game I would receive another thumbs down, I would report it as unjustified and once again it would be left to a third parties interpretation of what has happened, which as I said earlier, can't be 100% correct 100% of the time. For the second of the_boss's examples that you said was a "great reason" why it should be introduced: I verbally agree to sell a player for X amount of money along with 2 named players. However after I verbally agree with it I notice that another players transfer ban is up and I decided to remove one of the original players from the transfer and replace him with the player who has just finished a transfer ban. I would receive a thumbs down because of this? Once again I would say it was unjustified, however the other manager would take a screenshot of our previous conversation showing our original agreement and the thumbs down would stand. Another couple of things: After a while of this suggestions implementation, I would predict that managers would only do transfers with managers with good feedback. Like on E-bay, would you buy a product from someone with bad feedback? I know I wouldn't. So this would mean that managers would struggle in the transfer market because of bad feedback, and as I have said in this posts, there are ways in which the bad feedback could be unjustified yet stand. According to the SM homepage there is currently 20,421 game worlds, lets say that hypothetically that there is 10 transfers in every game world a day, that would mean that there would be 204,210 transfers per day that could be reported if someone feels the bad feedback is unjustified. How could anyone "police" that many bad feedback cases? Either the process of discovering whether or not the bad feedback would be to slow or because there was so many then the accuracy of deciding whether if it was justified or not would suffer. Just to reiterate my earlier point, the final decision on whether or not a bad rating was unjustified or not would be based upon how the the independent party viewed the situation, as I assume that there would be more than one person that was "policing" the bad feedback, how different people view different situations would mean that the final results would be inconsistent because of this. I hope that wasn't too confusing to read, but it did confuse the hell out of me when I was typing it
  17. Re: Absolute Cheat Prevention I will try and keep this simple, thus not to confuse people (including myself ) I will use an example to illustrate my point: Scenario: Two people in the same house trying to play SM on different computers. Outcome: Internally the two computers don't have the same IP address - it would differ slightly so they can both talk to the router. I.E. Computer 1:, Computer 2:, (these address's are given from the router) However Externally (from an internet point of view) they would share the same IP address via the router I.E. (the WAN address on the router) So after saying that: The only thing that would "definitely work" would be that friends/family wouldn't be able to compete in the same set-up. Nobody from the same house/school/college/work would be able to participate in the same set-up because they would probably be on a private/internal network. Some people like the challenge of competing against friends/family/colleges in SM, they might not every try transfers between the themselves but according to you because the same IP address is the same they are automatically cheating even though they have never tried buying/selling a player between the two of them? Really fair From memory I think that SM keeps a record of the IP address's that people log into their accounts with, so I would think that if the managers of two clubs trying to make a transfer had ever shared an IP address in the past then the transfer would be blocked. If two people from the same place of house/school/college/work played SM and were in the same set-up, but didn't know that one another played SM and thought the other was someone from around the world and they tried to make a transfer between the two, thinking it was your average innocent deal, according to the first suggestion they would be banned from SM for a mistake. According to the second suggestion, they would have been found guilty of cheating as soon as the same IP address managed two clubs in the same set-up even though they knew nothing about someone else in their place of school/college/work playing SM, never mind which set-ups they were participating in.
  18. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread It's always sad to see a club of Newcastle's size and status being relegated but in all honesty they deserved to be relegated, if you finish in the bottom 3 then there can be no excuses. People can complain about certain things but after 38 games the decisions that cost you games even themselves out. I personally wanted Newcastle to stay up and Hull to go down, I think that Newcastle are a better football club in terms of the way they play football and they have been a credit to the Premiership. Mike Ashley made some big mistakes this season in my opinion, firstly when he let Sam Allardyce leave the club, the whole Wise/Keegan situation, the way he openly said that he wanted to sell the club but the biggest mistake was appointing Joe Kinnear as manager, he hadn't managed a premier league side in years, had been out of football for 4 years and his man-management has always been questionable to me, look what happened with N'Zogbia Nobody can blame Shearer in my opinion, with the players at his disposal and the way they have played it was almost inevitable they would go down. You could argue that they could have looked for a more experienced manager but I doubt that any other manager would have the impact that Shearer had, especially with the fans. Like others have said, there was a lack of passion, commitment and fight today against Villa, they just didn't perform like a side that was fighting for survival on the last day of the season. I think that the team that Man United would play against Hull dominated stories in the media rather than the Newcastle v Villa game which couldn't have filled the Newcastle players with confidence of staying up and might have affected the way they approached the Villa game, in terms of their mentality. The Man United team would have been in their heads rather then being 100% focused on winning against Villa. Anyway, I hope Newcastle can come straight back up next season but more importantly I hope they can get there problems sorted out, in my opinion they need to seriously think about trying to rebuild the club from top to bottom and I think that Shearer is the man to be in charge while doing that. Players are going to leave in the summer, players are going to have to be sold due to their high wages and in my opinion Shearer is the only man that can keep the fans in the stands so I hope for Newcastle's sake he carries on as manager.
  19. Re: Formo Help By this I assume that you will offer rep to try and get people to answer your question? Please don't try and "bribe" people to answer your questions by offering the incentive of being repped just for answering your question. From what I have read this is against "rep rules" or something. Please don't double post, there is no reason to "bump" your thread after only 15 minutes of you posting it, if people want to reply, they will. This isn't a chatroom, give people time to reply. Also, don't you have an SM reputation of 110? I thought that you were new to the game by the way you have been asking for endless help with your teams. How did you manage to play the game for a minimum 1 year, 2 months without not knowing anything? How did you manage transfers before you registered on the forum?
  20. Re: What will happen in the run in of the SPL? I'm glad Rangers won the SPL, usually I don't really care who wins the SPL, but I didn't want Gordon Strachan to be the first manager to win 4 in a row since Jock Stein. I hate Strachan with a passion, always have and always will. He's nowhere near as good as Jock Stein and the more league wins he gets the more chance there is of people comparing them. Also, another year of loosing money after betting on Hibs to finish 3rd....every time I try that bet they never do it....when will I learn
  21. Re: This is not fair... I can believe that Xavi is higher rated than Lampard. In my opinion Xavi is a better plaer than Lampard' date=' however I think Xavi is underrated, not in terms of SM, but how people rate him as a player. Xavi has been an integral part of Barcelona's team for many years, nearly a decade if my memory is correct. Yes Lampard scores more goals than Xavi, but Xavi has never been a prolific goal scorer. Xavi dictates the pace of a game with his possession, his range of passing, his vision, creativity and generally his experience after being in the Barcelona starting 11 for so long. In all of the previous listings I think that Xavi beats Lampard hands down. I agree that Lampard is a key player for Chelsea, that doesn't automatically warrant a rating increase in my opinion. I think that Xavi is a key player for Barcelona but you don't see me asking for a rating increase because of it. Lampard scores more goals but Xavi creates more, from a 2 minute search for statistics on the players I came up with this [i'](don't know about the accuracy of these stats though - was a quick search not an in depth one)[/i] All competitions (Including Internationals) Lampard: Games: 69 Goals: 20 Assists: 20 Xavi: Games: 71 Goals: 16 Assists: 33 If you add their personal goals and their assists, Lampard - 40 Xavi - 49. Lampard doesn't shine on an international level while playing for England, especially when he is asked to play alongside Gerrard in the center of midfield, whereas Xavi is fantastic while playing for Spain. Basically, I don't think Lampard shouldn't be rated the same as Xavi because he just isn't as good as Xavi overall in my opinion. I'm not really interested in the Puyol/Terry debate, was more interested in the Xavi/Lampard argument however, Terry and Puyol are both world class defenders in my opinion, the are great technically, read the game well and great leaders when on the pitch. I wouldn't complain if Terry got a rating increase to be the same as Puyol but at the same time I wouldn't complain if Terry stayed one below Puyol
  22. Re: Young Footballers Quiz (Pt 2) 1. Henry 2. Rooney 3. Lampard. 4. Owen 5. Reyes. 6. Gerrard 7. Bojan 8. Fabregas 9. Collochini 10. Figo 11. Messi 12. Aguero 13. Rosicky 14. Walcott 15. Cech 16. ? Don't even know what flag it is 17. Van Persie 18. Giggs 19. Ronaldo (fat one) 20. Klose 21. Hargreaves 22. Van der Vaart 23. Vela 24. Totti
  23. Re: More Rep Points Availible Like most of the other posters on the thread, I'm not in favor of this suggestion, however since you actually took the time to post a suggestion I will give it the respect it deserves and give you reasons why I disagree with your suggestion rather than the usual one liner "It's a bad idea" that other forum members seem to be so fond of. But first: From memory the reputation system was introduced to be a system that gave forumers an indication of another forumers quality of posts' date=' rather than the number of posts they had put on the forum. However it isn't the most accurate system, mainly because people usually give people rep for helping them especially on in the "help" section, not because of the quality of post but just because they replied. I also personally think that the reputation system was to take the emphasis away from post counts to discourage people from spamming on the forum, some people seem to want the highest number of posts on the forum for some strange reason. The best argument I have for this would be: swfcladie would have around 30,000 rep points for the amount of times he has posted in the "Help with deals thread" do you really think that swfcladie deserves rep for not knowing how to manage a club? . It would encourage spamming/one line replies over nothing to race to 50 posts in a thread then move onto the next thread, two people would probably just have a chat in a thread. I'm all for people writing more on the forum' date=' every day with all the one line replies to threads it's becoming more and more like a chat room than a forum, however I would rather people chose to type more rather than typing nonsense so they can receive rep. People would copy and paste things onto the forum too boost their word count, if I wanted to read journalists opinions I would read newspapers, not forums Not really sure if I understand what you mean by this one, do you mean 5 mini rep for quoting someone? Or 5 mini reps if anyone quotes what you have posted? Either way my argument for this point would be along the lines of: Dale147 usually quotes people, however his reply usually consists of one line and usually contains the words "I agree" which gives me the impression that either his own opinion isn't worth typing or that he doesn't want to disagree with anyone because he doesn't have the knowledge or vocabulary to construct a valid argument . Receiving rep for just clicking the "quote" or someone else clicking the "quote" button seems rather pointless in my opinion, sorry. Ignore what others have said Ben, this might not be the greatest suggestion in my opinion, but your next one might, so keep them coming
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