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  1. Re: Relationships Suck -------------------
  2. Re: Government and Politics AS Level HELP! thanks for all your help :S!
  3. Government and Politics HELP needed URGENTLY! I have a mock exam tomorrow and i'm struggling to understand the questions, i have the questions early as its a mock exam but i am still struggling to understand what i have to write, if theres any politics students out there could you please help me lol ;-) Question 4: Explain the term Prime Minister's questions used in the extract. (5 Marks) Question 5: Using your own knowledge as well as the extract, explain why the threat of losing the party whip will usually persuade MP's to 'toe the party line'. (10 Marks) Question 6: 'Parliament's most
  4. Hi all. I'm in need of a goalkeeper with the lowest rating of 88 i have £15.0M to spend up to, i can't get lloris or neuer as they are already taken. I would like a goalkeeper that is young-ish 15-25 catergory rising to 89 - 90 etc etc..?? Can anyone help Thanks In Advance Kyle Turner
  5. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010
  6. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010 Mine was a foundation tier one, through edexcel
  7. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010 Nope lol I'm prety bad at maths =/ Hopefuly i get a mark or so for working out
  8. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010
  9. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010 well one was like.. Someone spent £40 they wanted to split it through the ratio of 2|3 you get that?
  10. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010
  11. As i'm pretty sure all maths gcse exams were today? How did everyone find it?
  12. Re: Adam Johnson I presume Johnson's going to get a rise, but by how much,? 85 - ?
  13. Hi I'm Kyle - Many of the older forumers may know me! I'm in my last year at school and i have the 'OF MICE AND MEN' book to read in only several days - I'm not much of a reader you see:P I hear you can download audio books which i can just listen to, however, i'm not sure if any of these are free for me to listen, i've looked around a fair bit, and so far... Nothing. Also i need this to be FREE Could anyone help?????????? I havent been on here in a while, so if i have posted in the wrong section, i'm very sorry forumers:)
  14. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Simple, but very effective.. Can i possibly use it?
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