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  1. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Simple, but very effective.. Can i possibly use it?
  2. Re: Graphic Design Feedback A lot/maybe too much going on.. not the best on here but definitely not the worst by far.. i suprisingly like the background and the render/text. Good work.. Good effort rrrre
  3. Re: Signature Design Feedback I like the macheda one but i dont think the torres render matches the background sorry lol.
  4. Re: Signature Design Feedback I love the Oliver Kahn one great mate. The others are really good aswell. Keep it up lol.
  5. Re: Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please Richard Butcher gone to Lincoln City from Notts County. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/l/lincoln_city/8070353.stm Rushden and Diamonds have signed Max Porter and Simon Downer. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/r/rushden_and_diamonds/8069873.stm
  6. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!
  7. Re: Signature Design Feedback I like that sig! I think it looks great. Nice graphics aswell.
  8. Re: Signature Design Feedback Here are my opinions Operation-A. I like the effects, i think they look great. The colours look great. Good Work!
  9. Re: Signature Design Feedback Yeah thanks mate, i'll do that, look forward to seeing it.. Thanks Kyle Turner
  10. Re: Signature Design Feedback Great sig m8 can u make me a chelsea one? at regular sig size for sm forum now? please? if not don't worry:o Thanks In Advance Kyle Turner
  11. Re: Signature Design Feedback Great sigs, although they exceed the limits:o Great backgrounds, renders and cutting, i'm guessing you use photoshop right?
  12. Re: Signature Design Feedback Yeah the Frank pic is a little over-sized, but it's like his first go? He can only get better, liking the background mate. good.
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