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  1. Re: Relationships Suck -------------------
  2. Re: Government and Politics AS Level HELP! thanks for all your help :S!
  3. Government and Politics HELP needed URGENTLY! I have a mock exam tomorrow and i'm struggling to understand the questions, i have the questions early as its a mock exam but i am still struggling to understand what i have to write, if theres any politics students out there could you please help me lol ;-) Question 4: Explain the term Prime Minister's questions used in the extract. (5 Marks) Question 5: Using your own knowledge as well as the extract, explain why the threat of losing the party whip will usually persuade MP's to 'toe the party line'. (10 Marks) Question 6: 'Parliament's most important function is to scrutinise and challenge the government, not maintain it in office until the next general election.' Discuss. (25 Marks) ----------- Any information would be much appreciated especially on the 10 Mark and 25 Mark questions lols fnkx in advance ;-)
  4. Hi all. I'm in need of a goalkeeper with the lowest rating of 88 i have £15.0M to spend up to, i can't get lloris or neuer as they are already taken. I would like a goalkeeper that is young-ish 15-25 catergory rising to 89 - 90 etc etc..?? Can anyone help Thanks In Advance Kyle Turner
  5. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010
  6. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010 Mine was a foundation tier one, through edexcel
  7. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010 Nope lol I'm prety bad at maths =/ Hopefuly i get a mark or so for working out
  8. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010
  9. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010 well one was like.. Someone spent £40 they wanted to split it through the ratio of 2|3 you get that?
  10. Re: GCSE Maths Exam 2010
  11. As i'm pretty sure all maths gcse exams were today? How did everyone find it?
  12. Re: Adam Johnson I presume Johnson's going to get a rise, but by how much,? 85 - ?
  13. Hi I'm Kyle - Many of the older forumers may know me! I'm in my last year at school and i have the 'OF MICE AND MEN' book to read in only several days - I'm not much of a reader you see:P I hear you can download audio books which i can just listen to, however, i'm not sure if any of these are free for me to listen, i've looked around a fair bit, and so far... Nothing. Also i need this to be FREE Could anyone help?????????? I havent been on here in a while, so if i have posted in the wrong section, i'm very sorry forumers:)
  14. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Simple, but very effective.. Can i possibly use it?
  15. Kyle Turner


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    Re: HOMEWORK THREAD mate, it's all algebra, i know the difference is three each time lol thanks though the options are, it's multiple choice lol 3N+2 A 2N-3 B 3N C 3N-2 D OR 2N E
  17. Kyle Turner


    Re: HOMEWORK THREAD NEED A BIT OF HELP I'VE GOT A RE-SIT FOR TOMORROW!! MATHS:) Could some one please explain the arithmetic sequence to me and how to find the 'nth' term Here is the sequence: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 I may look stupid but i don't care:D Please some body help AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ALSO CALLED (*ASAP*) Thanks Kyle Turner
  18. Re: Some Players Who Are Not On The DB Right, lads this lad isn't nothing special.. Just one playing in Japan that needs to be added to the database.. If he is under as a different name i don't know but i can stand being corrected and admit defeat lol. Orhan Ademi is a Macedonian midfield player currently playing for SCR Altach in Austria.. Orhan Ademi made his debut in the 2008/2009 team season with SCR Altach as well as making one sub appearance making a grand total of 80 minutes. Orhan is a big lad and stands at 6 foot 2 inches lol. Was born on the 28th October 1991 making him 17(i think lol.) At only 17 Years of age Orhan Ademi has surely got more in his locker and could clock up some game time in the 09/2010 season. If anything significant happens wid this player i will update and quote my first post. Thanks. Kyle Turner. Ps: Sorry if already been mentioned.... i am really busy.
  19. Re: .Selena's Avatars!!!! [requests are here]
  20. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? would you swap xavi for gerrard +5m? if i had xavi?
  21. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Giuseppe Rossi?? Buy sell or keep?? Also who to have rossi or mata?
  22. Re: Nasri or Silva Yeah i would definitely buy Silva if you can get him mate.. I think Nasri will struggle to keep 92 with a broken leg.. sm might be leiniant and keep him at 92 but depending on when the English changes are done i think Nasri will drop to 91. Silva m8.
  23. Re: 20 Million to spend my first signing would be davide santon if you can get him mate, if it's an old setup i guess he will already have been brought.. Asenjo is a good punt m8. Bojan is a definite just depends if you can get him or not. Kieran Gibbs from Arsenal also looks like a good buy but maybe needs a loan move away from Arsenal to get games as Clichy is only 23 or so himself. Thanks. Kyle Turner
  24. Re: Graphic Design Feedback A lot/maybe too much going on.. not the best on here but definitely not the worst by far.. i suprisingly like the background and the render/text. Good work.. Good effort rrrre
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