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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Id say, no deal because i rate Kuyt highly and believe he should be a 93.
  2. Re: .Selena's Avatars!!!! [requests are here] Can i have a daniel sturridge in a chelsea shirt one please mate, take your time if u do it;) T In A Kyle Turner
  3. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Vagner Love?? Is he worth a buy?
  4. Re: SM Name Creator Hey mate, please give me the picture as im busy at the minute and it will be easier to get it off of here.
  5. Re: SM Name Creator Cheers Chris take a look at this.. people.. Check out number 2. Squad list on Chelsea website lol just a bit of a mess around lol. I will do more requests tomorrow lol.
  6. I am currently in negotiations to buy essien i have been offered him for Diego Ribas + 25M Is this a good deal?
  7. Re: SM Name Creator Provide the pic please lol. And date of birth?
  8. Re: SM Name Creator This is seriously starting to annoy me now.. People are missing out parts of the request. P L E A S E set it out like this: Name: SM Club Real Club D.O.B Nationallity Position Foot: Squad (Senior or Youth) Rating Last rating change (WITH DATE OF LAST RATING CHANGE) SM Value: Contract (How many years and how much per turn) Age: If requests are not set out this way or do not include all of the information i'll just send those people to the back of the queue. Thanks In Advance. Kyle Turner.
  9. Re: SM Name Creator Date of birth all of the rest is done.
  10. Re: SM Name Creator Mate set it out like this as theres a few things you've forgotten NAME: AGE: FOOT: REAL CLUB: SM CLUB: POSITION: SQUAD: RATING: RATING CHANGE: (E.G: +5 AND DATE) SM VALUE: CONTRACT:
  11. Re: SM Name Creator Can i just ask people to include the 'CONTRACT' option on my sm name creators and the salary per turn lol. and the date of the rating change lol. Lol. Lol.
  12. Re: SM Name Creator Im gna need all of the info m8?? and the pic is optional?
  13. Re: SM Name Creator Yeah but the name goes like this for example.. Kyle TURNER So u want to be Be Peh Cun JUE or what.. What's your last name(s) lol.
  14. Re: SM Name Creator Sorry for the long delay lol.
  15. Re: SM Name Creator Cheers m8.
  16. Re: SM Name Creator Omg didn't i give it to you? It's saved on my comp some where i remember making that one for some reason lol. Sorry mate will give it u asap lol. Thanks.. Kyle Turner lol. Lol. Lol soz m8.
  17. Re: SM Name Creator Yeah we know all this lol can we get back on topic please.
  18. Re: SM Name Creator No, to be honest i don't want that to happen.. After all there is a world cup coming up lol.
  19. Re: SM Name Creator Haha i suprisingly like it lol. Yh i'll try get around 2 these requests.
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