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  1. Re: SM Name Creator Hi people haven't been on in a while but i thought i'd post my own personal sm profile;) Lol.
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Sell or keep? Raul Meireles Giuseppe Rossi Alberto Gilardino Luis Nani Sell or keep:)
  3. Re: Sneijder yeh im relying on the other manager selling at the moment im trying kolo toure in part of the deal + cash as toure is not gonna get an increase ne time soon imo lol.
  4. Re: Sneijder sorry to bring up an old thread but is sneijder worth a buy?? What's his rating going to change if it does?
  5. Re: Signature Design Feedback I like the macheda one but i dont think the torres render matches the background sorry lol.
  6. Re: Signature Design Feedback I love the Oliver Kahn one great mate. The others are really good aswell. Keep it up lol.
  7. Kyle Turner


    Re: Hello Welcome to the forum. If u need any help im a pm away.
  8. Re: My Sigss Can i have a hiddink one in the same style as the new villa one. Using this image. I'll see what you can do. Thanks. Kyle Turner.
  9. Re: England - Without the EPL? What teams are left m8?
  10. Re: Some Players Who Are Not On The DB Cristian Galano. Christian Galano isn't a big player who needs adding he is just a small player currently playing for Serie B Table Toppers AS Bari. He has only made one sub appearance making 28 Minutes. He is 17 Years old born on the 1st of April and believe you me. This isn't an april fool haha lol. He was born in the place of Foggia in the country of Italy. He played in the 3-2 Defeat away from home at Salernitana 4 days to do day ago. Lets see what happens. Okay. Thank you. Thanks. Kyle Turner.
  11. Re: Domenech Strikes Again Yes. I would never leave Nasri out for Diaby. Diaby is doing okay in the Premierleague whereas Nasri isn't on top form. Why not give Diaby a chance. Thanks. Kyle Turner.
  12. Re: Poll - would you like to see the Old Firm in the prem I wouldn't mind seeing them in the premiership but from an old firm point of view i couldn't see them getting champions league spots and that is one of their main aims for the season. Getting Champions League. Would like to try it out though lol. Okay. Bye. Thanks. Kyle Turner.
  13. Re: Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please Richard Butcher gone to Lincoln City from Notts County. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/l/lincoln_city/8070353.stm Rushden and Diamonds have signed Max Porter and Simon Downer. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/r/rushden_and_diamonds/8069873.stm
  14. Re: Summer Transfer Thread. Be a shame to see Ricky go from Chelsea, i don't believe he's been given a fair chance in which i think he deserves. I'm 99% sure Mikel wont leave. Shevchenko will in my opinion leave. Drogs, who knows. Thanks. Kyle Turner
  15. Re: Aaron's Graphic Gallery 1 & 4 Are my favs! Like the red like the original ronaldo wallpaper but i also like number 4, the one with the blue background, all fits nicely together. Good Stuff. Thanks. Kyle Turner
  16. Re: How to put players in different shirts - Tutorial Looks great Snowy! Great Signature Tutorial (I can't believe it's your first!) Might have a go sooner or later. Great Thread. Thanks Kyle Turner.
  17. Re: John's sig's Right i haven't been on in a while but i would like a new sig because i want to make more time for soccermanager and the soccermanager.com/forum again. I want one like your Cisse one but with Malouda on it. I want the same sort of thing but malouda. Kyle Turner on it. If you can't do it no worries mate! Please:D. Thanks Kyle Turner.
  18. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!
  19. Re: Signature Design Feedback I like that sig! I think it looks great. Nice graphics aswell.
  20. Re: Signature Design Feedback Here are my opinions Operation-A. I like the effects, i think they look great. The colours look great. Good Work!
  21. Re: EPL Rating Changes Right in my opinion.. CARA - BETTER THAN FERDINAND. ARBELOA - BETTER THAN NEVILLE OR RAFAEL. REINA - BETTER THAN VAN DER SAR Evra better than Aurelio all day long lol. Vidic better than Skrtel aswell. Reina is younger.. he has better distributions, saves etc.. Although Van Der Sar had the run of most not conceding goals i think that was mainly due to the defence.. Although i still think cara is better than ferdinand lol.
  22. Re: EPL Rating Changes My opinions.. Evra Vidic Carra Arbeloa Reina 3 to 2 to Liverpool.
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