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  1. Re: Profile Pics Requests I've got a Quaresma one i made the other day if you want it?
  2. Re: Profile Pics Requests Sorry mate, me and Liverpool99 have retired from any kind of signature making, sorry mate, i'm sure that you'll be able to get one made by someone else though?
  3. Re: The Rooney Rant Thread!
  4. Re: best sourse of footy info The one i'd recommend myself is www.newsnow.co.uk it is a news based sight, not just sport but if you go to the sport drop-down list, you can see the different options, with loads of articles containing, rumours or/and up to date news. I also use BBC Sport.
  5. Re: Nigel De Jong Mate, i understand your new, there is already a thread on this player, if you wish to maintain any views or information on this player, here is a previous link to the first thread. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=24383&highlight=Nigel+Jong Post your topic on there.
  6. Re: The Rooney Rant Thread! Yeah a forward needs a scoring technique, Rooney has shown us in glimpses that he can do it, but he just needs to do it more, 95 should be Rooney's rating. Agreed.
  7. Re: The Rooney Rant Thread!
  8. Re: Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson - Icelandic Wonderkid - TALENT! Nice find mate, looks to be one for the future. Keep us updated on him for sure.
  9. Re: Some U-21 Austrian Rating Changes Predictions
  10. Re: The Rooney Rant Thread!
  11. Re: Manchester united assistance thread (2009 version) Would you care to re-phrase that, i know a lot of people that despise Rooney lol! I think maybe he should keep his 96 Rating. Rafael should also rise.
  12. Re: Signature Design Feedback Very nice m8.
  13. Re: Signature Design Feedback Nice Sig mate, great text, background and render works well with the background, nothing i wouldn't of expected from you. Great Signature:)
  14. Re: Gfx Cup Sign Up I'm sorry i didn't see this thread, and so be it if im too late, i'd happily take a place but as i said, if there's too many, not to worry:) IM OUT! sorry everyone, haven't got enough time with school starting again tomorrow:(
  15. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star ! Sorry mate, anyway. I think Santon had a solid game today.
  16. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star !
  17. Re: Signature Design Feedback sorry for not commenting before. Like the sig and background but i believe the render needs more sharpening.
  18. Re: 18-year-old Vincenzo Fiorillo - The next Buffon? Nice Find. Definite Must Buy.
  19. Re: Italian Ratings! I can't see him making 93 By the end of the season, maybe 92.
  20. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star !
  21. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star !
  22. Re: man utd squad Ronaldo's rating is fine! He is a World-Class player! Rafael, Park, Vidic Are all definite risers for me.
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