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  1. Re: Italian Ratings! Great thread mate, with precise rating predictions, but isn't there already an Italian Ratings thread?
  2. Re: David James, England Replacement. In my opinion Joe Hart should be his successor, although as Manchester City have recently signed Shay Given, it doesn't look as if Hart will get enough playing time, my third choice would be kirkland.
  3. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star !
  4. Re: Signature Design Feedback Love the avatars, the sig looks nice too.
  5. Re: Signature Design Feedback Oh sorry mate! Was looking at it from my sized pc! Sorry again:p
  6. Re: Some U-21 Austrian Rating Changes Predictions Great Thread! But the only thing i'd say is that this is a ratings thread, couldn't this be moved to the 'Player Ratings Changes' Sub Forum? Great Thread though!
  7. Re: 3 Irish lads at Blackburn Thanks for the update mate!
  8. Re: Signature Design Feedback Jo cuts, great! Liking the wallpaper although i think Ronaldo should be a slight bit bigger!
  9. Re: Thiago Carleto Minutes are Minutes mate!
  10. Re: Update RĂ©ginal Goreux - Standard Liege Yeah i was reading an article about him a few days ago..
  11. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited (2008/09) Could personally see him reaching 85.. trying not to let him go too high as he's only playing in the Championship.
  12. Re: Signature Design Feedback The Quaresma ones alright, although i think the background is a bit blan! Maybe add some texture and an effect on Quaresma himself, i also don't like the Evra one as i think the effect is a tad 'Lazy' the text looks nice too, and the background, I like the first one as it looks good!
  13. Re: Signature Design Feedback I personally like the sig mate! Jo pic looks nice and blends with the background nice. The texture works with the sig but yeah i agree the left-hand size looks a tad empty.
  14. Re: Signature Design Feedback Loving the background mate! The render works well and doesn't look like some on here where the render looks out of place. The sig is the 'Restricted' Size too!
  15. Re: Reports link Man City with John Terry I Agree if John Terry was to even think about leaving, i don't think he'd go City, otherwise he'd b called like "only went there for the money" JT's gt more pride than that i don't think he'd move to another English club personally!
  16. Re: To actually be able to score from dead ball situations Yeah thought you could lol.. made me think though..
  17. Re: TB Too Long? I know it's more realistic to be maybe half a season, but i think the ban should be shortened to two and a half weeks but maybe a clause saying you can only do 3/4 in that space of time! For example, when you buy a riser, im personally looking for a quick profit.. Thanks Kyle Turner
  18. Kyle Turner


    Re: hello Hi welcome mate, if you've got any questions i'm only a PM Away! Thanks Kyle Turner
  19. Re: Hello! Welcome to the Sm forum, if you have any questions im only a pm away:p
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