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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about Aleandro Rosi all i know is that he plays for Roma !!!!!!
  2. Izale McLeod is top scorer in league 2 and i rated 78, surely he deserves an increase !!!! and 1.3 million is a bargain and i think he shoul go up to 82/83
  3. Re: WhOeS Ur FaV PlAyEr? john terry (best defender in th world!)
  4. Re: What is your best 11 football team?? cech Ferdinand, Terry, A.Cole ronaldinho, Gerrard, Lampard, C.Ronaldo David villa, Henry, Rooney Subs Carragher kaka fernando torres J.Cole Messi
  5. does anyone know any young talents that are 15 and worth over 75
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