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    Kyle Turner got a reaction from deploy99 in Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please   
    Re: Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please
    Richard Butcher gone to Lincoln City from Notts County.
    Rushden and Diamonds have signed Max Porter and Simon Downer.
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    Kyle Turner got a reaction from Alexandre Pato in Favorite Football Stadium?   
    Re: Favorite Football Stadium?
    Went with Anfield! Great Stadium. Shame about the team though!
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    Kyle Turner reacted to leecska in Lee's list of 88+ risers   
    Having taken so much from this forum I feel it's time I gave something back, even if it is just an amalgamation of other people's work. I'm going to try and list players currently's rated 88 or above from each country's league who have a chance of rising - my results for each country are split in 2 sections:
    Probable Risers - players with a 90%+ chance of getting a rise
    Possible Risers - players with a 50%+ chance of getting a rise at the moment, and who are likely to make progress from now until the rating changes towards that rise.
    Then I'll highlight my ★STAR BUYS★, players getting particularly large rises, or player likely to carry on rising. Basically, players you should definately get your hands on now!
    Where two (or more!) possible ratings are displayed (e.g. 90-91/92), the first is the one most likely.
    Looking for a certain position? Well now they're sorted again, this time by a player's primary position...

    DM (includes CM/DM)
    And finally, all the star buys in one, handy, place. Nice.
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    Kyle Turner reacted to mouqeet in Graphics Design Feedback   
    Re: Graphic Design Feedback

    took me 20 minutes to make. rushed it.
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    Kyle Turner reacted to United_51 in Graphics Design Feedback   
    Re: Graphic Design Feedback
    heres one i made:

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    Kyle Turner reacted to Midnight to Six in Graphics Design Feedback   
    Re: Graphic Design Feedback
    Buy it like everyone else
    New sig

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    Kyle Turner reacted to Chazza in Josh Magennis - 18 year old, Future Riser!   
    Josh Magennis

    Name: Josh Magennis
    Age: 18
    Club: Cardiff City
    Born: Northern Ireland
    Position: Striker
    on SM Database - 72 Rating, Sign Him up!

    Josh Magennis is currently 18 years old and is a striker for Cardiff City. He actually he played his first game in his senior career last night against Chasetown when he came on as a substitute at half time. He looked like a really big and strong striker, he earned his goal last night to make Cardiff go 3-0 up.
    In Josh's youth career he played for both Lisburn Distillery and Glentoran but eventually moved over to South Wales to play for Cardiff. Josh has now been trying to get his chance to play since 2007 for Cardiff but wasn't given it. Against Chasetown though he looked good and He may be one to look out for in the future, I hope Dave Jones plays him a-bit more through out the season.
    Josh actually started his career as a goalkeeper, and when Cardiff were missing 2 keepers for a game against Liverpool in October 2007 he was called up to the bench for the first time. Although he didn't play he actually stated:"It was an unbelievable experience from start to finish, and hopefully I can play in the first team in the future."
    In April 2008 Magennis decided he would become a striker instead of playing in goal, he wanted to score goals instead of save them.
    Magennis's uncle Mark plays for Northern Irish side Bangor.
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    Kyle Turner got a reaction from Synyster in SM Name Creator   
    Re: SM Name Creator
    Date of birth all of the rest is done.
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    Kyle Turner got a reaction from -ChrisBenton- in SM Name Creator   
    Re: SM Name Creator
    Provide the pic please lol. And date of birth?
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    Kyle Turner reacted to Synyster in SM Name Creator   
    Re: SM Name Creator
    Yeah it was Kevin then Synyster might change back soon, take as long as you want mate
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    Kyle Turner got a reaction from Robocod in SM Name Creator   
    Re: SM Name Creator
    Sorry for the long delay lol.

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    Kyle Turner got a reaction from Bail in SM Name Creator   
    Re: SM Name Creator

    Cheers m8.
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    Kyle Turner reacted to Bob Loblaw in Sneijder   
    Re: Sneijder
    Chiellini will probably be one of the best defenders on the planet in a year or two. Get him. Now.
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    Kyle Turner reacted to Spam in Sneijder   
    Re: Sneijder
    There really isn't going to be much movement for Wesley Sneijder, 94 suits him to a tee! If anything he'd go up to 95, although that's next year and assuming that Real win a couple of trophies (League, Champion's League ) amd Holland make the last 4 at least of the World Cup. Unlikely that he'd 95 if that happened , but it's a possibility!
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    Kyle Turner reacted to 19norton92 in English Premier League 2009-2010.(EPL)   
    Re: English Premier League 2009-2010.(EPL)
    ....then why is it in the player ratings section?
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    Kyle Turner reacted to snowy4Liverpool in How to put players in different shirts - Tutorial   
    Re: How to put players in different shirts - Tutorial
    Thx for all the feedback
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    Kyle Turner reacted to eddie101 in Eddie101 Graphics Den   
    Re: Eddie101 Graphics Den
    Redone The Daft Punk one

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    Kyle Turner reacted in The Future Of Soccer   
    Re: The Future Of Soccer
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    Kyle Turner reacted to Gozzy in Gozgoz8 rating prediction: ALL PLAYERS FROM ALL COUNTRY!!!(including Youth player,based on Nationality)   
    Ok,in this thread i will make another rating prediction. But, it's not like ordinary thread. In this thread, i will list all player's rating prediction based on their country. I will divide my players in two section, GENERAL n YOUTH. FYI, YOUTH section is for player who under 23 that has rating less than 87. So,the players like Walcott,Benzema,n Messi will be listed in GENERAL not YOUTH. This thread also will help you if u join custom setup that has the rules only can buy from same nationality.
    NOTES1)Player who have 2 position will be listed in his primary position. E.g.,Micah Ricards will be listed in CB,not RB.
    2)Sorry for any inconvenience because i make this thread from handphone and only 5000 characters allowed. So,if there are too much player i will make in 2 or 3 part.
    Ok,thx for reading. Hope it helped many people. I will start in England-->Goalkeepers

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    Kyle Turner reacted to DerbyPower in Luis Pedro - The Portuguese second league new sensation!   
    Well, just after a few days of publishing my new scouting thread (http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=36049), I decided to leave the three big clubs in Portugal and scout for hidden talents elsewhere. Liga Vitalis (Portuguese 2nd division) conceals the new Portuguese star. I´m talking about Luis Pedro - Freamunde´s top prospect.

    Name: Luís Pedro Gomes Martins
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Date of Birth: 1989-06-23 (19 years)
    Position: Centre-back or alternatively defensive midfielder
    Height: 188 cm
    Weight: 84 Kg
    Club: Freamunde
    Database status: On database, 78 rated
    Luis Pedro Gomes is Liga Vitalis´s new sensation. With just 19 years of age, one year after completing his football formation, he is an undisputable starter at Freamunde. He began playing as a Striker, mainly due to his height, but his current manager adapted him to centre-back, developing his defensive skills to the point where he can now play either as a centre-back or as a defensive midfielder. His main qualities are his marking, as well as his tackling ability that allow him to make clearances rarely committing a foul. He is also a good passer and has a great vision too, meaning he participates in attacking transitions very often. His height also gives him an excellent aerial ability.
    Just for the record, he has played a total of 1475 minutes this season, a great amount of time considering he is just 19, and scored a goal also. F.C.Porto, Guimaraes, Tottenham and Chelsea (Yes, Chelsea) are currently watching him, and Luis Pedro stated that: "I will consider my future either in January or at the end of the season"
    As for his database status, he is not in the database, but as you can see, "I´m working on it". It will take some time as the club Freamunde is not in the database (hence the "Working on it") so I have to add the club first, and only then I will send a ticket regarding Luis Pedro. He will be added at the end of the week at most I expect. I was quite shocked when I noticed Freamunde was not in the database, specially considering they are contenders for promotion this season (it will be hard though).
    I hope you enjoyed it
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    Kyle Turner reacted to Seftinho in Iván Marcano   
    Re: Iván Marcano - 77 -> 87 by EoS (Now 84)
    Marcano has still started every league game this season, but Santander are struggling. They haven't won in 4 games now, although they haven't lost in 3 either after drawing their last 3 games (all 1-1). They sit 14th in La Liga, and Marcano also has 2 goals to his name. He has 5 UEFA Cup starts from a possible 6, after missing the first game, although Santander are now out of the competition, despite beating Man City 3-1.
    Rise to 87 is still very much on the cards.
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    Kyle Turner reacted to Philippe Nguyen in Costel Pantilimon   
    Re: Costel Pantilimon
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    Kyle Turner reacted to Perry81 in New talent   
    Can SM please add this lad to the database
    Terry Dixon of Spurs
    He hasn't played a game yet so I'm expecting him to be rated 70! Being a Rep of Ire international counts for very little too as is the case for Daryll Murphy...
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    Kyle Turner reacted to rio31 in Mustapha Bangura   
    Was doing a bit of searching in the Player Market when I came across Mustapha. Was taking a look at him and did a search for him on the forum to see if I could find any information on him. Didn't come across any, so I decided to do a bit of scouting of my own. Here goes 1st ever scout, if you can even call it a scouting job.
    From Wikipedia:
    Mustapha Bangura (born October 24, 1989 in FreeTown, Sierra Leone) is a Sierra Leonean International footballer. He is a striker for AC Omonoia in the Cypriot first division. He joined Cyprus first division club Nea Salamis FC in 2006 . In 2008 he then joined AC Omonoia.
    Height: 5'7
    Playing position: Midfielder Striker (Which I don't know about the midfielder part, because it has him as a CF on SM)
    Playing stats:
    Old Edwardians FootBall Club (Youth club I assume): 27 app, 27 goals
    Nea Salamina: 32 app, 13 goals
    AC Omonoia: None Yet do to recent transfer.
    Sierra Leone: It says 2 years of experience with a couple of goals in 2 different cups. Kind of oddly worded.
    This was in 2005, making him 15 or 16, and as you can see there were other top names like Menez and Benzema.
    UEFA-CAF Meridian Cup top scorers:
    Player Country Goals
    Jérémy Menez France 3
    Carlos Carmona Spain 2
    Karim Benzema France 2
    Elliot Grandin France 2
    Mülayim Erdem Turkey 2
    Ergin Keles Turkey 2
    Ahmed El-Mohamdy Essa Egypt 1
    Sherif Ashraf Okily Egypt 1
    Israel Bascon Spain 1
    Rayco Garcia Spain 1
    Francisco Javier García Spain 1
    David Rodríguez Lombán Spain 1
    Mario Suárez Spain 1
    Benjamin Laurant France 1
    Franck Songo'o France 1
    João Pedro Portugal 1
    Mustapha Bangura Sierra Leone 1
    Mustapha Bangura's equaliser for Sierra Leone in that match was his side's first-ever Meridian Cup goal.
    Serdar Kurtulus Turkey 1
    Oguz Sabankay Turkey 1
    Volkan Zemen Turkey 1
    Couldn't really find much else besides this table on him, and no youtube videos either. If I was Sierra Leonen (If that's how you say it) then I could probably give some more information. I'm not looking for any credit on finding this talent, because I'm not sure for myself if he even is a decent talent. All I really know is that SM has him rated at an 80 at the age of 18, and that the new team (AC Omonia) he has just recently transfered to has a top rating of 84. So maybe an increase whenever the next Cyprus rating changes will have him at or around there, if he does play for them. Also, the top Forward for Sierra Leone is at a rating of 87, so maybe in the future his rating could be this high.
    Hope this helps if you look up Mustapha Bangura, because it seems that all I do is take other peoples scouting tips, so I thought I'd help out a little.
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    Kyle Turner reacted to Ahmed in José Callejón   
    José María Callejón Bueno is a Spanish football forward for Real Madrid Castilla.
    He has a twin brother also playing for Real Madrid Castilla.
    His name is Juan Miguel Callejón Bueno but he is a midfielder.

    A picture of the twins(Jose Callejon-right)

    Jose Callejon is 21 years old and is a Spanish u-21 international.
    The young striker is highly rated at Real Madrid and is currently their top scorer in the Segunda División B.
    In the 2007/08 season, he scored 17 goals in 27 games as the Castilla team are on course for promotion back to the Segunda División.
    Although he is touted as having less potential then Alberto Bueno, he is a deadly finisher in the mold of Ruud Van Nistelrooy.
    Callejon made his memorable debut in Spain national under-21 football team 25 March, 2008, against Kazakhstan in 2009 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship qualification and scored one goal.
    This is a short video of him playing for Real Madrid Castilla-
    José Callejón
    He is currently not on the DB.
    I have no idea if SM will add him.
    Surely one to watch.
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