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  1. Richarlison and Tammy Abraham both arent being talked about, surely a +3 for both?
  2. I saw today that SM has started reviewing the dutch league hence the other big leagues arent far away. Please can everyone share the biggest risers as there isnt another post regarding this. I will do my research and add some myself but please help out as this will benefit everyone!!
  3. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread Will LUCAS MOURA get 91 in next review?
  4. Re: Who will get to 91 in the next review (all aged under-21)?
  5. ERIKSEN, Christian 90 ISCO, Alarcon 90 LAMELA, Erik 90 MOURA, Lucas 90 VARANE, Raphael 90 MUNIAIN, Iker 90 RODRIGUEZ, James 90 OSCAR, Emboaba 90 WILSHERE, Jack 90 COURTOIS, Thiabaut 90 All are under 21 and rated 90 but who will get 91 in the coming weeks?
  6. Who to sell between: ERIKSEN, Christian 90 RODRIGUEZ, James 90 THIAGO, Alacantra 90 MOURA, Lucas 90 ISCO 90 OSCAR, Emboaba 90 I need to sell due to continuous concerns!
  7. Both can play LB, RB Who has the best chance of 92?
  8. I have valencia and i have the chance of swapping him for piszczek? Thay are the same age and rating Who has the highest chance of reaching 93 and who is actually the better player? I need a RB
  9. Respuesta: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 Who are the best U21 risers as there is no list on this thread?
  10. I dont particularly follow the South Americans but i keep in touch I have tried doing my research but could not find anything solid Can anyone name the best South American young risers, players particulaly from ARGENTINA as they are currently being on and off reviewed?
  11. He has returned from injury and playing as if he was never out....holding arsenals midfield with arteta injured Can he go to 90??
  12. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Walcott to 91?
  13. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Is it worth swapping BEN YEDDAR for JACKSON MARTINEZ?
  14. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Nastasic-->88, sterling-->86
  15. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! After seeing the Bundesliga rises, i am 100% sure HAZARD-->93, IVANOVIC-->93, KOMPANY-->94, RVP-->95, SUAREZ-->93 and alot lot more definite risers in the 50/50 categories we all conjured up haha
  16. Re: Robin Van Persie 95 is definately guarenteed.....hes probably up there with the best in the world and outperforming higuain and benzema 94-->95 100% 94-->96 1% -->96 maybe next year And falcao will go to 95 once he moves to a real big club or even might get it with Atletico if the keep their current form up and perform good in champions league next year 92-->93 10000000% 92-->94 95% -->95 and above, End of Next Season
  17. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Should i add Suarez 92-->93?? He is along with RVP the best of 2012 imo? And are there any more players that i can add that will be moving into the 90's or 90 rated players that will increase
  18. Come on guys he surely does deserve it though doesnt he After RVP, hes by far clearly stand out player both for club and country hes better than CAVANI when playing for Uruguay, they both have similar scoring stats this season and both play Europa League??
  19. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Alaba or Papaduplous? Who has a higher chance of a rise and who actually is a better player in real life? Shaqiri? Chances of 90?
  20. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Updated ratings x
  21. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Great cameo from Lucas PIAZON today.... Does this warrant him a rise? 75-->80?
  22. Titulli: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread Umtiti 80-->86!!!!!!!!! +6 ***
  23. Titulli: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread Ben yeddar +10!!!!
  24. Titulli: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Pirlo is pure class, both he and his club are in top form, is one of if not the best CM in the world and definitely should rise to 93 but i doubt SM will favour that due to his age
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