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  1. Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc. After seeing such a good post from Smoggie Tom i decided i would have to post about my Bradford City side aswell because they are also my favourite team on the game by a mile and i think its most certainly a story worth telling. After winning Division's 4, 3 and 2 in consecutive seasons Bradford City have moved into the top flight of English football under Deveney's guidance full of confidence, knowing that they possess the quality to cause more than a few upsets in their opening season in Division 1. The first team and youth squad
  2. Re: SM Award - Greatest Side Ever (The Final) Voted for Mark's Bradford, class Mine arent bad either, in my sig the link, my favourite SM team by a mile, a lot of time gone into them
  3. Re: Stilianos Malezas (80 -> 85) Cheers mate' date=' got him for my Leeds [/font']
  4. Re: Christian MAGGIO & Hatem BEN ARFA Maggio is a good player and was regular for Napoli until his injury early in March which he is still out of action from, so this could affect his rating in a couple of weeks time. Ben Arfa is undoubtedly a talent, but he is on and off and he struggles to be consistent enough over the course of a season to be deemed top quality just yet. If he could manage to play to his potential week in week out he could be a world beater, but he is yet to fulfill the promise that he possessed as a youngster at Lyon. In terms of the deal, if you could find a simil
  5. Re: English Premier League ratings I personally felt John Obi Mikel deserved +1 to 92 for his exploits this season, played pretty well and many times in the midfield for Chelsea when Essien and others have been missing, others seemed to think this before the changes aswell.
  6. Re: Need help on who to buy! Jagielka has had a fantastic season and definitely deserves 88 --> 90 for the centre back, depends if you want to be signing Everton players for Liverpool though
  7. Re: Bassong to 86 what??????????? This drugs you speak of must be some pretty good gear if they are specific enough to make him talk in detail about Habib Beye's quality as a defender and likeliness of his inclusion in Manchester United's starting eleven/squad! Didn't know that sort of drug was about ..
  8. Re: Bassong to 86 what??????????? He's a better Footballer than John O'Shea who is very poor on the ball' date=' Gary Neville is finished, he's definitely as good or better than Wes Brown .. Wouldn't be far away from your RB position i wouldn't of thought in my opinion.[/font']
  9. Re: Bassong to 86 what??????????? When everyone is fit i would say that Beye is comfortably our best defender and quite similar ability-wise to Johnson' date=' who does deserve 90 for sure.[/font']
  10. Re: Bassong to 86 what??????????? No he didn't. For him to be placed 4 ratings behind the mess that is Coloccini is just wrong basically' date=' i'm a Newcastle fan and i can honestly say he deserved to stay, not been a fantastic season for him and the team obviously but he has been better than Coloccini for the mostpart![/font']
  11. Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc. .. BCFC Haven't had chance to post on the forum in a long while, very busy these days but my Bradford are by far my favourite team, 3 consecutive titles and now in the top division, team coming on well! Link above will show squad and such, Jagielka also set to join later today!
  12. Re: *INSIDER*'s new, first setup : The SITUATION Room! Luke Deveney - Heerenveen
  13. Re: Deveneeey vs MrNiceGuy vs AsianInvasian Honours Challenge Since the last update, my Benfica in GC 18 have picked up both domestic trophies in Portugal with 0-5 and 0-8 wins respectively, and the league looks potentially possible as was as still being in the SMFA Shield (Round 3) Going well As well as them two trophies, the recovery from previous poor management of Italian giants Lazio has been completed as the Division 2 title was comfortably secured. My tally has been increased to 6 now, i'm sure Kuldeep and Matt will update when they have the chance .
  14. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 7 Thanks for the votes people, very surprised to get through to be honest, thought Armand would get through for sure . Cheers
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