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  1. i recently made a bid for messi of 8 million and ronaldo the manager came back with a counter offer of ronaldo and isco for messi is this a deal which i shoud l accept
  2. over the past few day i have being stunned by what Sm have being doing with rating. the players which have being rising for real Madrid do not deserve them. and i have came up with the reason why. mistake - higuain 95 pepe 94 di maria 94 what should have happened higuain 93, or stay di maria stay pepe stay what did not happen reus 93 lewandowski 93. or 94 Mats Hummels 94
  3. am i the only one that think the rise of higuain is a shock, i would have thought a drop would have being possible
  4. I have benzema and higuain i want to swap one of them for Rooney plus 5 million but i don't know who to swap, in real Madrid they both seem to swap every match one plays first half and the other plays second half , so i don't know who to sell
  5. wilshere is better then gotze , and he is rated at 93, this guy have being playing like a 93-94 rated player , i think sm most give him a big jump to 93. giving him a 90 in this changing rate will be ridiculous.
  6. i negotiated a deal for Sanchez to received 40 million for him. the fact is Sanchez is a fringe play, to get in my team he will need to be at least 93 for me to consider him and 94 to get a regular. he is not a regular for barcelona played 14 games and no goal , i don't think he will rise , losing him will not affect me due to the fact i have fringe play such as bale , kroos, mata , suarez, muller,. but the fact i i don't want to loose a play who could be 94 rated.
  7. i am thinking of selling higuain and i have being made an offer of jovetic subotic and 30mil should i accept, higain has being a good player for me allways top scorer,
  8. Re: Joe Hart iker casillas plays in a league were the only really challenge come from Barcelona,and he spend more time celebrating the goal that real Madrid scores, then saving any shots on is goal , while hart plays in a league were their is Arsenal, man u , Chelsea , tottenham,Everton,Newcastle,Liverpool, teams that he know he will have to save a shot at some point in the game. if you are Barcelona or real Madrid you don't need goal keepers in that league
  9. what is the chance of joe hart rising in the next rating changes, has to be as good or close to iker casillas level at this moment, i really believe he should get a 94 but i know Sm will only will only rise him by one, which undermines is quality,
  10. Re: Big Club Bias (Sergio Busquets) i agree that some players are giving extra rating because of their club, but Sergio Busquets is a good player i have watch a couple of Barcelona game , and Sergio Busquets is amazing at what he does which is closing down and putting is foot in, he breaks up the play of other team when Barcelona don't have the ball, with the style Barcelona player if they were to loss the ball and they don't have a player like Sergio Busquets that is purely their to win the ball i don't think they will be as good as they currently are, and they also will leak alot of goal,
  11. i have Sanchez who have scored 4 goals in 4 games and he is in brilliant form, i also have cavani who has always done well for me in previous season scoring 6 plus goal consistently taking in account i play in an European championship world i don't know who to chose to play up front with higuain but my main question is what really matters players form or player rating
  12. i just recieved a 32 mil offer for LEWANDOWSKI, Robert. and am not sure if i should accept it, am also the type of manger that don't care about money but is willing too swap player. am stuck if i should accept offer
  13. i have the opportunity too buy Oscar i know he went too Chelsea for a lot of money but am not sure if he his a talent, or Chelsea have just done a deal that can flop
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