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  1. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Christ look at 'my' signatures on page 561 how could you not tell it was ripped?, completely different style's
  2. Re: Graphics Design Feedback I'll leave you with this. Thoughts? @SH Yes
  3. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Nah, we only act like a psychopaths online - in real life we're just normal teenagers.
  4. Re: Graphics Design Feedback How can i delete my account?
  5. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Remember my name - Evan Henderson I'm going to St.Andrews next year to study Astrophysics I'll be world renowned within 10 years, watch this space.
  6. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Are you scared i'll rumble you Jozua Don't worry i won't tell;) There's a little underground ripping league based on another forum which operates here too - although i wouldn't be surprised if you didn't believe me.
  7. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Haha, i'm bored that's what's wrong. I'm just waiting for the banhammer then i can stop this.
  8. Re: Graphics Design Feedback They're not really accusations when they've admitted to it before. Any way i have exams to revise for. Can you please ban me now?
  9. Re: Graphics Design Feedback There's around 3/4 other rippers on this sight - though i'm not naming names. You can probably spot them if you trawl through the galleries of soccerfantasyart.it . One has over 1000 posts like me.
  10. Re: Graphics Design Feedback You're right My reason stated wasn't true btw' date=' this was a joint effort shared by me, my brother and a few friends. Let's see how long it takes for you to see this - maybe 30 seconds[/color']
  11. Re: Graphics Design Feedback SOTM entries were half-ripped, meaning i posted a psd on scrfntsyart and someone finished it - a collab if you will. Why? Because i'm a lonely 16 year old boy who's a virgin and never had a girlfriend - quite smart but generally unpopular and completely bored with life in general. or am i lying?
  12. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Actually the name was cut out, i was trying to make a badge
  13. Re: Graphics Design Feedback I enhanced all the stolen signatures via picnik - made them look a lot better if you ask me.
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