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  1. Hey,just thought about this,figured might as well suggest it.How about allowing custom leagues to be created with the option of zero promoted/relegated teams in the league.That will allow people who own or want to buy a custom game world to create a game world with let's say Division 1 English teams,Division 2 Spanish teams,Division 3 Italian teams,Division 4 German teams. Another great addition to this would be if you can off SMFA competitions,but I guess that one will never happen. This suggestion would also be profitable to SM because more people would want to make such game worlds.So it
  2. Re: the deletion of the 'match advertising' thread.. The whole advertisement is useless. To add to that I have very bad internet and the place I live in currently has no better internet providers.The ads don't even load,it just sits there as a black window.I literally can't watch the match commentary or even see match report.The only way I can find out results is by pressing "view more",looking at the tables or in my tactics and thus my whole thrill of watching a match progress without knowing the results is gone.The whole reason why I liked the game so much is gone.
  3. What's like the highest rated player you can offer for to loan in or out of the club? I don't get it,there are some players in clubs rated 89 that never get to play and you can't offer for loan because the Chairman doesn't agree.I read some of the stuff from "help" but it doesn't actually say the highest rating a player can be to be available for loans. I understand that some loans really shouldn't be allowed but come on,there's a Real Madrid that has average rating 95 and doesn't play any of their CM rated 90,91.So if he doesn't want to sell them why not let them go out on loan,because he c
  4. Re: In game player 'form'....a suggestion So even with all the improvements in 3 years you still doubt it to be possible? Try again in 3 years?
  5. Re: In game player 'form'....a suggestion I love the idea,too bad I'm kinda too late,although it could be a good thing.With all the time passed(3 years since this thread came out ) and improvements added to the game and the computer making all the calculations could this idea be possible now? Wouldn't hurt to try.
  6. Okay,I know this has probably been suggested millions of times but I will keep suggesting it till it comes out. How about making the matches play out for an entire 90 mins?Why not?I mean it'd be much better than what's currently implemented. Just imagine,a match starts at 20:00 pm and lasts the full 90 mins till 21:30 pm.More commentary,you see the statistics changing and possibly they could later add the ability to set your tactics and make the subs while in a match. They wouldn't have to eliminate the ability to make pre-match tactics,but keep as the options you tick which you want to us
  7. CLPG European Elite ID:61997 A unique Game World I created for me and my friends and now it's gone public!!!!So many good teams left,only around 10 managers inside the Game World,this is how it looks,1st devision is EPL,2nd Devision is La Liga,3rd Devision is Serie A,4th Devision is Bundesliga,and 5th Devision is French League 1...it's still first season,and in a couple of seasons it won't be so unique as it is now because all the good clubs will be in devision 1,so join fast and that way play in a Game World based on the top 5 leagues(Bundesliga has 2 devision 2 clubs added since they only ha
  8. Hi,I control 2 Game Worlds,but my GM days are going,what happens if the days all go?The Game Worlds will become locked I know that,but does that also mean all the managers will be sacked and no one can enter,or will we still be able to play?
  9. Re: squad sizes cut to 200? Even having 50 players is much....
  10. Re: Dzeko signed for Man.City Dzeko didn't sign yet...Wofsburg and Man City agreed,but it's always down to the player...he said Juve should make a move in the following 48 hours or he's going to Man City...
  11. Re: Pick 3 of these; Jovetic,Bale,Pastore...(I didn't include Neymar,because he will stay in Brazil for some time...so he won't rise much....
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Hey does anyone know when is GC 147 going to be released???...I mean it's been already more than a month since they introduced GC 146...
  13. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! When will it be added??....We're waiting for months now...
  14. Re: Active World Championships "The world of me" custom,I control it,I have a couple of friends in it,but we don't cheat,I check every transfer or match so there's no cheating...I personally am active with Milan,I don't know about others,but I do know next season(in about 3 weeks or less)I will change the login date to the least possible amount,so it's going to be active....the most active teams are Milan,Real Madrid,Barcelona,and maybe Bayern(I'm not sure about him)....
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