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  1. I got a deal Pastore for Neymar. And Jerome Boateng for minimum ? Should I accept Pastore - 90 And Neymar, Boateng - 89
  2. Hello I got an offer for Modric . Moutinho + money and Jerome Boateng for minimum to buy Should I give Modric for Moutinho and Boateng?
  3. Hello I got Dabo and I have a chance to buy Alderweireld , who is better , they are both 88 rating, will Alderweireld ever rise to 90 ?
  4. Hello I need money should I sell Griezmann and Nacer Chadli ? Will they rise in the new future?
  5. Hello I can get Kolo Toure from my friend for 15 millions. And I got 1 million just, I got these players to sell Chadli, Griezmann would they ever be 90 rated ? Or to sell them now.
  6. Hello my friend offered me Moutinho+Vertonghen+ 5-10 millions for Van Der Vaart. Should I accept, he plays very good now My squad would be like this De Gea Dabo Rami Vertonghen Bale Moutinho Bender Hulk Pastore Di Maria Llorente 4-2-3-1
  7. I need help with Pastore, he always plays bad and get 4 or 5. I play like this 4-4-2 De Gea Caceres Rami Ruiz Dabo Young Pastore Van. Vaart Bale Sow Falcao I gore more: Sturridge, Rodriguez, Canales, Gotze I played also like this and he gets again 4-5-6, and he never scored. 3-4-1-2
  8. Re: Matty G's Graphics goood , thanks
  9. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden?
  10. Hello I have a problem , I can't watch my match on score center View Match Report, before there was a pop up and I could take score center but now just match report
  11. Re: Matty G's Graphics Can u make me with Essien and Kakuta ? Chelsea <3 !
  12. I have bidded 10 players with rating 70 and they accepted and it wroted ******** has completed his move to Bordeaux from Shorpe United for £11,000 And when I go to squad they didnt arrived -.-' Bordeaux - Club transfers it just write ABd . *uck *hit -.-
  13. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread This is my team De Gea Ruttens Rami P.Jones Zana Jorgensen Caceres Bale Bender Van der Vaart Pastore Gotze Griezmann J. Rodriguez Chadli Falcao Sow Sturridge Riviere I play in the 3 division, taked the team in the 4 division I got 20 millions, which player would I buy. I thinked about Givanildo Hulk or Adam Jonhson. Or to buy M. Dabo will he ever rise to 90 ?
  14. Re: Koscielny aham I will sell him and buy David Ruiz or Musacchio who is betteR?
  15. Will he ever be 90+ ? When Verminator returns he will take his place in first 11 ? Should I sell him and try to get some other or ?
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I wanna give Yoan Gouffran for Adil Rami is it good?
  17. Re: Javier Hernedez He will never be World Class.
  18. Re: Higuain or Villa/ Kroos or Walcott? Vedad Ibisevic is better 3 times then Higuain, even my grandfather would play better then him
  19. Re: Top U21 Players Kakuta will be the best player on the world. He is great ... 95-97 in the future or more
  20. -.- .................
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