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  1. Re: Assou-ekotto and kranjcar ??????????????????
  2. whats going to happen to them are they gonna rise or drop ?
  3. Re: kaka drop has he been starting anyone know ?
  4. Re: kaka drop ohhh thanks,any1 else ?
  5. i dont know much about the la ligs and how kakas playing but is he in for a drop ? thanks in advancee
  6. This is my starting eleven Van Der Sar Lahm Ferdinand Silva chissko javi martines arshavin navas drogba ibrabimovitch diego miltito is there any more players i could buy and bu the way there only 10 teams in my english setup
  7. should i sell wayne rooney for 42 mill im barcelona so its manu offer i can get eto and paro for the deal should i do it
  8. Re: Urggent rep on offer modric for hamsik i dont care abour the rise for this one i have decied to swap modric for hamsik and insted of negedro im going for remy anyway repped and i like your name
  9. Ive got modric in my spurs team should i swap him for hamsik and also keane for nedegro urgent
  10. Re: The Lucky League Table Challenge - **NEW** #27 sunderland aston villa fulham leicester doncaster leyton cheltenham ANY OPEN FOR SWAP DONT MULL ABOUT MAKING AN OFFER JUST OFFER
  11. Re: quick help rep on offer managed to get all 4 for my wolves team but had to pay 14 miill for muller but hes worth it this is the team now ps this setup was made YESTERDAY ---------------------------------:ptbd------------------------------------ santon---------------thiago silva---------bonnuci------------------bastos pedro leon---------perrota--------------honda---------------------pedro --------------------squares-------------muller-------------------------- subs............... mazola neymar lukaku
  12. Re: Luis Fabiano Deal keep lluis fabiono he mabye might rise
  13. Re: Muller Deal stuff ur budget get muller ive big 35 mll for him before on 40mill budget
  14. Re: quick help rep on offer john s ive allready gave you rep the other day so it dosent let me do it again ill do it next week
  15. ive made bids for lukaku neymar muller and peddro all accepted for my new wolves team in ec 7045 shoud i withdraw 1 to get ballotelli his move to city is back on and im worried it might ruin his carer
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