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  1. Re: Open tickets Thanks Jamie. So, there was clearly a conscious decision to remove the display of tickets. It would certainly be interesting to hear what justification the developers have for this.
  2. Last night I tried to report an illegal transfer. After I submitted the report, there was an automatic message that said that the report had been received. However, I noticed that when I clicked through to the SMFA screen, it was not listed under the open tickets tab: Surely the idea of having tabs for "open" and "closed" tickets is to enable the user to track the progress of their reports. If there is no ticket under "open tickets", how I can be sure that the report was even received?
  3. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions You're being rather conservative with Pellè, aren't you? He's scored nine goals in 13 games for the second-placed team in the Premier League. It would be a travesty if he doesn't rise.
  4. I am currently negotiating a deal with a human manager. Ignore the precise details, I'm just giving examples to show how nonsensical the valuation system is. Here are the facts: - Modric has a face value of 24,510,000. - Iniesta has a face value of 33,230,000. - Neither player has a minimum price. - When I bid for Iniesta, I am told: "You can make an offer of between 32,230,000 and 70,730,000 when a player is included in the deal." (My language is German. Actual English text may differ.) - When I include Modric in a swap deal for Iniesta, the chairman of the other club (Liverpool) rates M
  5. Re: carl jenkinson Jenkinson rose to 86 on 6 September. Since then he has played two league games and two cup fixtures. If you're looking for young players who are due a rise in the short term, there are many others who would be a better investment.
  6. Re: Worlds top 3 players? (Not messi/ronaldo!)? In no particular order: Iniesta, Ribery, Bendtner.
  7. Re: Abuse of 'offer club to a friend' feature... Not sure if this is the same thing, but around about a month ago, a club in my game world was offered to another manager. "Manager has applied for the job" appeared on the club page underneath that manager's name. Weeks later, the manager has still not accepted the offer of managing that club and I doubt he ever will. It seems that nobody else can take control of the club and nobody else can make offers for the players. How long does this go on for? What possible rationale could there be for such a feature?
  8. Re: New Mobile Web App Correct. Note that they're using the term "mobile web app" rather than "mobile app": the former term refers to something that you access through a browser. SM have stated on Twitter a few times that "the native app for Android and iPhone will be released shortly", indicating that there will be a standalone application.
  9. Re: Best AM-R/L/C under 25 Özil turned 25 earlier this month.
  10. Re: Lewandowski is a 94 but Suarez only a 93 lol Suarez rose to 93 in February. In April he got himself suspended and didn't play any competitive football at club level for five months. He picked three goals at the Confed Cup, including two against that world-renowned footballing superpower Tahiti. Given this, it would have been ludicrous to give him a rise to 94 between February and now. As for Lewandowski, I've said before that I think the jump to 94 was a step too far. However, if you want to make the comparison between the two, it's worth noting that Suarez has only had one prolific se
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