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  1. Re: Open tickets Thanks Jamie. So, there was clearly a conscious decision to remove the display of tickets. It would certainly be interesting to hear what justification the developers have for this.
  2. Last night I tried to report an illegal transfer. After I submitted the report, there was an automatic message that said that the report had been received. However, I noticed that when I clicked through to the SMFA screen, it was not listed under the open tickets tab: Surely the idea of having tabs for "open" and "closed" tickets is to enable the user to track the progress of their reports. If there is no ticket under "open tickets", how I can be sure that the report was even received?
  3. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions You're being rather conservative with Pellè, aren't you? He's scored nine goals in 13 games for the second-placed team in the Premier League. It would be a travesty if he doesn't rise.
  4. I am currently negotiating a deal with a human manager. Ignore the precise details, I'm just giving examples to show how nonsensical the valuation system is. Here are the facts: - Modric has a face value of 24,510,000. - Iniesta has a face value of 33,230,000. - Neither player has a minimum price. - When I bid for Iniesta, I am told: "You can make an offer of between 32,230,000 and 70,730,000 when a player is included in the deal." (My language is German. Actual English text may differ.) - When I include Modric in a swap deal for Iniesta, the chairman of the other club (Liverpool) rates M
  5. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development Agreed. My purpose when logging in is to manage the teams. The home screen just means I have to click an extra time in order to get to the relevant stuff. If SM is really keen on pushing the "social" angle, it should at least develop a sensible compromise. Why not just divide up the home screen? Put the clubs that you manage on the left-hand side, so that you can go to them immediately, and put the status updates or whatever on the right-hand side.
  6. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions I agree in relation to Giroud: he's had a good start to the season but hasn't done nearly enough to warrant a 91 yet. Koscielny is another matter: he has been excellent in 2013 and has clearly established himself as first choice alongside Mertesacker and ahead of Vermaelen. There's a very, very strong argument to say that he should have risen. Certainly, if he maintains his form, it would be unfathomable not to give him a rise when the next review takes place.
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion That's an argument for reducing Higuain's and Benzema's ratings, not necessarily an argument for lifting Lewandowski to that level. And in fact, it seems that the general belief is that both Higuain and Benzema are likely to lose their 94s. That would be appropriate, as those two clearly haven't been as good as the likes of Cavani and Falcao.
  8. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 General consensus seems to be that he'll go to 91 next time he's changed, with a very slim chance of 92.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread The fact that Arsenal will still be repaying the stadium debt for the next eighteen years isn't really a problem, though. It appears, from discussions I've had, that a misconception has developed among some people that the reason why Arsenal has been almost absurdly frugal on transfers in recent years is because it has debt, and that things will (only) get better once the club repay the debt. This is not quite right. The fact that Arsenal has been so austere is related to the debt, but it is not the debt itself that determines the extent to which Arsenal needs t
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