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  1. Re: Value of Bids thanks man ..., hope my bid is just good enough to make it then.
  2. Here's something I still can't figure out completely. Generally when you bid for certain clubs ( in this case external) you can offer players + money or just money. In the former the ultimate bid you can make is valued less than that which you can make with money only. However, does that mean paying money only always puts you at an advantage ? For example I just bid maximum value ( money only) for Hazard. Other people bid with players + money, some of them pretty high sum but for sure it can never reach the amount of money I paid. However, is it possible hazard's chairman accepts their deals for having players offered instead of just money ? I am aware of the fact that chairman of clubs that bid and clubs that receive bids value players differently but does it really matter in this case ?
  3. Re: Player Concerns (Help..?)
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Can people stop acting all smart over here. There is a problem with concerns for sure, glitches, problems, whatever, something makes no sense so stop making explanations. There is a new league that I took part in, first season I'm in turn 23, I have two left backs Ansaldi and Schmelzer and realistically Lombaerts who could also play there. Ansaldi was injured for most of the time almost half the matches so I used Shmelzer instead in the end it almost ends up with something like Schmelzer 45% Ansaldi 45% and Lombaerts 10% playing time as left back. Remember I'm still only at turn 23, and Schmelzer is at Level 3 concern !! Worst is that the past two gameweeks have been postponed, but just before them he grew to level 2 concern, and now after these two games were postponed he went to level 3 concern. There were no matches and he went a level up ? even more, why did it take two matches for him to jump again ? So yes, concerns are becoming nuisance.... I like concerns in the game because it puts nonchalant managers under pressure, but this is definitely not fair anymore. I have a feeling even if Schmelzer was playing all the time he would still be at level 3. A matter of fact even if I haven't played him at all, at most the concern should e level 1 at turn 23 only, but now, I'm stuck and it looks I might have to sell him although I need him.
  5. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 he hasn't been that impressive, and got a rise before. and ofcourse obviously Juventus are in bad shape and position, all that coupled with the minor attempts to knock the league down a spot. However, the difference between Chiellini and Bonucci is absolutely unfair.
  6. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Ambrosini has been injured for long so as Pirlo, but SM seem to be dropping injured players. as for Silva, he should have risen, Chiellini has stayed at 94 for some time now although he isn't that impressive. Mertesacker staying at 93 although he is not that impressive. Silva is giving some phenomenal performances with Milan. Also Juan drop was coming, he played like a couple of decent games this season and has been bad in many matches. Add to that Roma's performances and the status of Serie A which is having some minor effect here and there. Buffon should have easily dropped too. I really hope it's not a case of Chiellini for instance playing and drawing against Germany internationally and Silva playing and losing to France. That is shallow like hell and brings doubt to whether the leagues are even being watched and observed. what makes this worse is that De Rossi stayed and Pirlo dropped although Pirlo is only injured while De Rossi is actually performing bad. One international game could have made the difference lool
  7. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Maicon 95/96 Santon 87 Silva 93/92 (reasonably 93 if SM want to be fair) Ranocchia 89 Vargas 90 Thiago Motta 90/91 De Rossi 93 Ambrosini 92/91 Sneijder 95 Pastore 90 Ilicic 88/87 Camporese 82/83 Sorensen 83/84 Bonucci 89/90 Coutinho 85 Nagatomo 87 Abate 89 I don't agree with alot of them but that's how I think SM will do it.
  8. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 None will rise' date=' even Boateng, he hasn't been playing since the previous rating changes due to an injury. He just started adding some minute to his game last couple of matches, but it won't be enough as it's too late. Aquilani is likely to rise although I would rule that out taking into account Juventu's position in the league. Sissoko is likely to drop and that one might actually materialize.
  9. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 should happen but don't be surprised if SM don't do it. it will have to wait till the next changes.
  10. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 he will stay. he should be heading for a drop. ambitious. He will at most get 89' date=' actually I have to wait and see if they will raise his rating this time or the next time around. Yep same as Pizarro and Mexes could be dropping.
  11. Re: Neven Subotic vs Mats Hummels vs David Luiz vs Holger Badstuber! Hummels and Subotic have been just great. I have to say even more impressive than David Luiz and for sure more than Badstuber.
  12. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 because they've been in very bad form this season. Remember these changes after all are based on this season not the last.
  13. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Chivu should have dropped way before. Him being at Inter was the only thing that kept him up.
  14. Re: Milan Pato won't rise, he has been injured a lot like always, plays well enough for a few weeks to get a 93/94 and then gets injured for months. Abate 88/89 Antonini 88/89 Abbiati 89/90 Boateng 88/89 Gattuso stay Thiago Silva 92 Flamini will be lucky to even stay lol, he only just started being used in the team. for some others : Ambrosini stay Zambrotta 91/92 Sokratis stay Yepes stay Oddo drop to 87/86 Pirlo stay ( drop if they want to hit down serie A as a whole) Seedorf 92/91 Ronaldinho 93/94 Robinho stay Ibrahimovich stay ( drop if they want to hit down Serie A but would be cruel) Inzaghi 88/89 ( they may take his injury into consideration) Nesta stay ( drop only if same case for Pirlo and Ibra is applied )
  15. Re: SOME italy´s risers! SM have been crazy over WC performances. Coentrao in his first breakthrough season for Benfica rose first to 87 and now to 90 in one jump, that was so fast and too high in my opinion only because of the WC. Don't dismiss an 89 although he SHOULD go just to 88. Also Criscito should not rise. He has been very mediocre this season. Floccari also shouldn't rise. So as Pepe. Sneidjer as well has been under performing all season
  16. Re: Abate well he wasn't being used in the beginning of the season and in my opinion last year his performance was kind of weak, but he has become a starter now and above that decent and convincing performances. so yes could rise. Milan being first in the league helps his case even more.
  17. Re: Javier Mascherano Should drop, a bench player for this year, not good accomplishments last year despite some decent performances and the WC wasn't anything special. He should drop if other players who have done more have dropped.
  18. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Pirlo plays a lot , last year he played unbelievable amount of matches and this year it is continuing like that( last three matches or so though, he was healing), his performances aren't really 94 standard, but Milan is at top of the league and through in CL, that will help his case in keeping 94.
  19. Re: Carnage In Premier League ! Actually although I don't particularly think SM has been fair, I think your predictions are even more ridiculous. Vermaelen isn't playing ... on what basis should he rise ? They increased his rating last season when he PLAYED. Samir Nasri -- was kind of missing for a while last season and despite that he kept the rating, even this year although he's been pretty good he was injured for some part and couldn't even play the whole time this season. Can't just rise that easily. Hutton -- also isn't a definite starter despite his good performances recently and he hasn't totally imposed himself. However by next changes he might rise much easier if he keeps his place and plays good. Joe Hart - seriously ? He has been the best English goalkeeper but that's it. He is definitely still not like in the top five goalkeepers or whatever in the world, has only started playing for City and on a bigger level this year and the season is still not halfway through. 90 is fair. Malouda got a rise last time and it's not easy to rise again until at least the next season is over especially when you're talking about changing to 93. That's huge. Not only that he is still not as consistent as he should be , I mean he has been kind of less effective recently and not as dominant as in the start of the season. Also the WC is important for SM, and obviously he didn't do anything there. Bosingwa was injured for a long time and he actually has been starting to get some playing time, 50/50 in my opinion. Isn't that ridiculous. Vidic should definitely stay. He has been arguably the best CB in the world even this season. Keeping Man Utd compact in the back. They shouldn't have even considered dropping him. Lampard: got injured , it's not even a full year of injury yet. Plus Last year he had an awesome season... how should he get dropped ? Rodriguez should have been like 91/90 last time around. He just really isn't performing even and his team is lacking. Just being starter especially for a team in such condition is not enough. Remember this guy has been falling back in performance for some time now. Gomez: no way, he has been okay but isn't a top goalkeeper and he might never go over 90. He sometimes does amateur mistakes too. There are a lot of other goalkeepers in the world that can do as good in his position or even better. To me he is similar to goalkeepers like Abbiati in Milan. 90 top for them. Some other ratings you mention are also over reacted to. Anyway I agree with a couple like Gallas ...if Terry drops to 94, Gallas should surely drop to 92 no mater what. Also I agree although less strongly with the following: Alex also is playing more and more and could have went to 92. Same as Koscielny rising by one. But it might be understandable that they don't rise yet especially Alex. Some other ratings changes are 50-50. Wilshere is doing good but this is his first breakthrough season. I think though it sets him to a much more definite 89 in next changes so it's still good. De Jong too, specifically with some not surely starting DMs being 94 like Mascherano although I will have to wait for Spanish changes to see if that changes.
  20. Re: Walter Samuel - Drop/Rise/Same?? He was doing good actually in my opinion, at least the best Inter defender . Plus it's not easy to be dropped that easily after a great season, and now with the injury they should also give him some time, it could go for the end of the season.
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