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  1. i'm interested in switching my internazionale for a barca team
  2. Re: The Spitalish Division (Spanish, Italian & English) ***NEW*** Took control of Parma!!
  3. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... A.C.F.FIORENTINA EVERTON 1 - FIORENTINA 2 Another goal by for Nikola Zigic,2 goals in 3 games for him. Other signature Tomas Ujfalusi and Cahill for Everton.
  4. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... ACF FIORENTINA WON 2-1 VS DEPORTIVO First goal in Firenze for new arrived Nikola Zigic. Other goalscored by Mario Santana.
  5. Re: The Elite League of Forumers - Teams spam is against sm rules. i think that if all managers here doesn't be more careful this thred could be closed.
  6. Re: The Elite League of Forumers - Teams i'm with roscoes. nicks you're in wrong you can not make this setup funny if all the prices that are made are over SMFA acceptation how many deals are at now been blocked by the smfa? and than.. while you're fighting each other for a 90+ rated player i've buyed 3 90+ for less than 15M in my juventus. you think i'm scared? no i'm very bored to pay 15M plus a 90+ player for ballack,milito,makelele. very good players that could be payed 10M
  7. Re: The Elite League of Forumers - Teams first: never ,never, never , you have to tell me that i'm in scare. this is a game.i'm just a real life manager of a football club and on SM i spend some free time. it's impossible to play in this setup because no one here is going to make equal offers. 15M + 90 rated player for ballack that's 30 more than 10M + 90 rat player for makelele it's 34 25M for guti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a page on forum every 90 second.. I don't think it's funny.
  8. Re: The Elite League of Forumers - Teams i'm of the same idea of chelsea1992.. i'm going to leave this setup.. .
  9. Re: Fantasy Premier league for new season! REAL CASTELLO D'ESTE IS MY TEAM I'VE JOINED TODAY:)
  10. Re: NEW SETUP, APPLY NOW. 1ST GAME SUN 2ND SEPT someone taken man utd
  11. Re: NEW SETUP, APPLY NOW. 1ST GAME SUN 2ND SEPT Manchester united:D
  12. Re: Some players of serie A for the future part 1 Goran Pandev ,forward of SS Lazio. Riccardo Montolivo ,midfielder of ACF Fiorentina Alberto Aquilani ,midfielder of AS Roma Raffaele Palladino ,forward of Juventus FC Alberto Nocerino ,midfielder of Juventus FC Hamsik-Gargano-Lavezzi , from Napoli Andreolli ,from AS Roma Giovinco & Marchisio from empoli are Juventus property they actually are out on loan . Dessena ,midfielder from Parma Cigarini ,midfielder from Parma Watch all this guys on youtube !!
  13. Re: 'Tomi World Domination' (new setup) i'll apply if possible!! nice to meet you again bobo i'll take GENOA C.F.C.
  14. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... A.C.F. FIORENTINA Luca Toni this morning joined A.C. Milan,fundamental in this deal the disponibility of Milan manager Teje to add Nikola Zigic in the deal. 15M cash + Nikola Zigic are the details.
  15. Re: The Elite League of Forumers - Teams SOMEONE INTERESTED IN MANAGING JUVENTUS? I'LL SWAP MY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deleted pvt messages. who swap teams???
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