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  1. Re: Italian Ratings my ideas: ISLA, mauricio - CB/DM, 19y, 74->82 DI MATTEO, luca - W, 20y, 72->75 DIAKITE, mobido - CB, 21y, 77->80 COSSENTINO, alberto - CB, 19y, 70->75 MUSACCI, gianluca - CM/LM, 21y, 73->80 RUBIN, matteo - LB, 21y, 80->83 MANCOSU, marco - W/F, 19y, 80->83 ROSSI, andrea - LB, 21y, 76->83 PALOSCHI, alberto - F, 18y, 75->80 DE SILVESTRI, lorenzo - RB, 19y, 85->87 ROSSETTINI, luca - RB, 22y, 83->86 CERAVOLO, fabio - F, 21y, 83->85 VOLPATO, rey - CF, 21y, 83->85 MALONGA, dominique- CF, 19y, 78->82
  2. nazty

    Youth squad

    Someone saw the new face of this application? I don't understand it, how can I get youth player to the youth squad ??? PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK !
  3. Re: Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta & Turkey. " Kazim Kazim " or Kazim, Colins( like in SM ) 21 years, 86 UNDERraited striker. must go up !
  4. Francisco Jiménez Tejada, aka Xisco (born June 26, 1986 in Palma de Mallorca), is a Spanish football striker. He plays for Deportivo de La Coruña. He is currently best striker in this club and he is just 21. In 19 games, he scored 9 times. Now, his raiting is 86 but I think it should increase to 88 and in a future more ...
  5. Re: Arsenal- Hleb Isn't HLEB Winger ??? I think he is, not just RM
  6. Re: FAZIO, Federico Yes, I agree. His raiting must goes up! Now his raiting is 83 bud I think he should be 87 or more. This season (2007/2008) he played in Sevilla 493' minutes! But there are also some other players from Sevilla which should increase.(CRESPO,CAPEL)
  7. Patrice Evra is the best Left back which plays in Premier League. He have a really unbelieveble form so I think his raiting should increase.
  8. Re: Liverpool what about sissoko?
  9. Re: Hamšík, Marek It's starts again..... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS NAME IST MAREK H A M Š íííííííííííííííííííííííííí K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Re: AC Milan Ratings I think Jankulovski and Nesta should go up- +1 Cafu down to 90
  11. Re: italian rating-c.ledesma c.tiago Italian raiting changes - Aquilanni 89+ HAMSIK,marek 85,86,87+ !
  12. Re: Ricado Quaresma ehm... http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=6663
  13. Re: Italian Ratings Montolivo, riccardo - also his raiting should go up Aquilani, alberto - must go up - 89/90!
  14. Re: vidic evra jon obi mikel I don't think so
  15. Re: Olano Xabi ALONSO! - Overrated! I think his raiting is overrated but 91/92 ... GET REAL
  16. Re: vidic evra jon obi mikel Mikel 89+ Vidic 93 Evra 92+ FOR ME
  17. Re: Pavel NEDVED I think his raiting is OK
  18. Re: RENDLA, Andrej EHM... now on SM RENDLA is CF ... he is Defender...
  19. Re: Best club in Europe? Arsenal without HENRY is just 50% Arsenal
  20. Re: Cheaters - Point deduction/relegation The biggest problem on SM is not cheating, the RESULTS ! Shame on !!!
  21. Re: Fabio Cannavaro http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=8308
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