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  1. Re: Italian Ratings

    Nazty' date=' do u have more info on

    ROSSI, andrea - LB, 21y, 76->83

    MUSACCI, gianluca - CM/LM, 21y, 73->80

    I want to buy them, but want to see if they play alot :)[/quote']

    Rossi played 8 games for Siena against : Juventus(27 minutes), Palermo(82 minutes), Atalanta(full time), Cagliari(full time), Empoli(20 minutes), Udinese(full time), Lazio(full time), Genoa(full time) ...

    Musacci - played just 2 games for Empoli but agains Juventus(80 minutes) and against Sampdoria(35 minutes), I think he have a potential for 80.

  2. Re: Italian Ratings

    my ideas:

    ISLA, mauricio - CB/DM, 19y, 74->82

    DI MATTEO, luca - W, 20y, 72->75

    DIAKITE, mobido - CB, 21y, 77->80

    COSSENTINO, alberto - CB, 19y, 70->75

    MUSACCI, gianluca - CM/LM, 21y, 73->80

    RUBIN, matteo - LB, 21y, 80->83

    MANCOSU, marco - W/F, 19y, 80->83

    ROSSI, andrea - LB, 21y, 76->83

    PALOSCHI, alberto - F, 18y, 75->80

    DE SILVESTRI, lorenzo - RB, 19y, 85->87

    ROSSETTINI, luca - RB, 22y, 83->86

    CERAVOLO, fabio - F, 21y, 83->85

    VOLPATO, rey - CF, 21y, 83->85

    MALONGA, dominique- CF, 19y, 78->82

  3. Francisco Jiménez Tejada, aka Xisco (born June 26, 1986 in Palma de Mallorca), is a Spanish football striker. He plays for Deportivo de La Coruña. He is currently best striker in this club and he is just 21. In 19 games, he scored 9 times. Now, his raiting is 86 but I think it should increase to 88 and in a future more ...

  4. Re: FAZIO, Federico

    Yes, I agree. His raiting must goes up! Now his raiting is 83 bud I think he should be 87 or more. This season (2007/2008) he played in Sevilla 493' minutes!

    But there are also some other players from Sevilla which should increase.(CRESPO,CAPEL)

  5. Re: Cheaters - Point deduction/relegation

    This has been discussed before. If you block an IP address' date=' what happens if the person who cheated is part of a large organisation? One person cheating will mean that everyone in his organisation will be punished (same can be said in relation to schools colllege, universitiy, family IPs etc). You only have to look at some Custom Setups to see ones like BT Setup etc.[/quote']

    Yeah, you're right... Me and my friends, we have teams at same setup and when we're at school... you know

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