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  1. Day before Daniel Alves s raiting grown up to 92 i bought him for 15 mills ( now 93 )
  2. Big French talent, play in very good and often in AC MILAN. 88 is very low for him... 90+
  3. Re: C.Ronaldo better than Ronaldinho?? ronaldo's raiting increase as soon up to 95+ i think, w8 1-2years and he will be 99
  4. Re: who is the best goalie in the world absolutny agree !!!
  5. Re: Makellele living legend. good raiting, still perfect.
  6. wow, read this! http://www.theoffside.com/world-football/barcelona-may-pay-%C2%A32m-for-12-year-old-muhammad-demirci.html
  7. Re: Totti to a 97? Totti is really perfect player. I think it should be 97, he is (i think) little bit better then XAVI. And abotu KAKA, UP TO 99!
  8. Re: who is the best goalie in the world LOOOOOOOOOL CASILLAS
  9. Re: What's with YOUR nickname I always play games with nick nasta, nast or something like that. But naZty is ownage - nasta + s->z + nastY
  10. nazty

    russian changes

    hey guys, where is Russian raiting changes ?!
  11. Re: Player Positions here come some from me : D.Carvalho AM/CM (he is really like Diego) Quaresma W/AM Ronaldinho ONLY AM LUCIO CB/DM mladen petric F/AM/G
  12. Re: Barcelona DECREASES no way, messi yesterday scored hattrick ws. REAL MADRID... i agree only about Oleguer. It will be a honest stay in raiting who have Iniesta, Deco, Marquez or Gudhjonsen
  13. Re: Real Madrid CHANGES you're absolutly right at all miless
  14. well, i don't speak english so well so I don't understand anything what you sayed. but if you don't want to have results before 15pm then lets make more then 10000 setups ... or if anyone want better club, why in setup there is 40 clubs whit clubs like COLO COLO or AL AHLY, who want them?
  15. Artur Boruc Perfect goalkeeper. It will be honest to grove up 90 or more!
  16. Re: Will it happen? no way ! henry is really living legend! He's raiting is now honest
  17. nazty

    The best

    Re: The best heeeey, where is KAKA ?!?!
  18. nazty


    Re: nani? http://www.eurosport.com/football/premiership/2006-2007/sport_sto1110430.shtml
  19. Re: doesn't pirlo play LM and CM repre-representation
  20. Re: doesn't pirlo play LM and CM well, play on repre is not same thing like play for club... if repre don't have player for some position, one of players must go on these post. do you know, what i mean ?
  21. nazty


    Re: nani? yeah, I watched him too. He is good but he have only one problem - weight. He must start more eating
  22. Play very good on Champions leage, up to 89 i think
  23. Re: Correia Adriano no no, 93 is too hight... 92max
  24. Re: Abdul Kader Keita Yeah, I agree 91 will be good for him. Makeing good job in Lille, scoring goals and so on
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