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  1. Captain of Barcelona B, I think he is second Fabregas! I saw same Barcelons matches and he was always best player on field. 72 is too small for him. (btw, today he is 17 ) Grow up to 80 I think(jump 8 points is hard but if Fagner,conserva should jump 6 poits, then talent like Merida is nothing...)
  2. nazty


    Re: LUCIO sorry sorry sorry I'm not from england(or other part of GB). Do you know where is Slovakia?
  3. nazty

    billy sharp

    who is billy sharp ?
  4. nazty


    NO i said there is NO 95 raiting CB on SM.... --> only, 90,91,92,93,94,96,97....
  5. nazty


    "A big bayern tall wall" ,good technical level(remember he is CB)also perfect in air. On SM there is no 95 rait CB, but I think he should be the first
  6. CROUCH 92 ????!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOL down to 89 , he playing more voleyball then football on pitch
  7. Re: The Premiership - Decreases Xabi Alonso play nothing these season... decrease down 93 I think Sissoko is in same level with Alonso
  8. Re: Kaka vs Ronaldinho yes, you're really right. kaka have very good season unlike ronaldinho.
  9. Re: Diego Milito It's not ONLY about scoring goals... Player who have 93 must be on technical level or something...
  10. well Ballack is very good I should also say PERFECT in representation...
  11. If Tevez will drop down 93, Sheva must too! If currently form is reason for Raiting changes, sheva down to 95 ....
  12. Sissoko, Carlos Tevez What do you think about they? Sissoko was man of match on Barcelona vs. Liverpool Tevez was the 3th best player in Germany But they don't plaing so well in Leagues. C.Tevez, I think it was the biggest mistake in his life go to England. If he go play on France,Spain or Italy he will be brilliant player. England Championship play another style then his. But I think his raiting is OK.(btw, Barcelona want him ) C.Tevez play perfect on world championships Sissoko play perfect on Europien championships
  13. yes, i think you're right... If carragher grove up Vidic MUST grove too
  14. Once, coach of boca change him in 60 minute i think... Then I saw him
  15. you're right... Today " mainz - nurnberg " 2:1 2 goals scored ZIDAN
  16. nazty

    CSKA 4eveeeer

    , well, now i playing 3th season, I won 2times Cups and I sold players for good money...
  17. *It was a good idea BUY HIM
  18. Position: LB Nationality: Argetinian Age: 18 Emiliano Insua joined Liverpool at beggining of year 2007. Before Liverpool he played on Boca Juniors. I saw him when he played in Boca, and I think he played really good. It was a good idea i think. Also I think, his raiting should be more than 76... my criticism - 80 or more
  19. nazty

    CSKA 4eveeeer

    please rait. my CSKA (108 wc) G 91, 21-Akinfeev G 89, 35-Cesar G 74, 17-Hykl LB 89, 21- Jansen LB 87, 18-Marcelo(loan) RB/RM 93, 23-Alves CB/LB 92, 28-Ujfaluši CB 91, 25-Vidič CB 91, 24-Berezutsky CB/RB 90, 26-Grygera RM/AM 90, 25-Hleb(loan) RM/CM 89, 23-Emana CM/DM 89,23-Dudu Cearense DM/CM 90, 27-Aldonin AM 91, 23-Carvalho AM/W 85, 19-Kerlon(loan) W 91, 23-Quaresma W 90, 25-Park W/AM 89, 20-Nani F/AM 93, 23-Tevez F 90, 19-Jo F/AM 87, 20-Hunt F 60, 15-Sunu CF 80, 18-Salugin
  20. I think, he is tallented. He is kind of inteligent footballer. I think it should be 90.
  21. what? 93 ????!!!!! you kidding ? Spurs this season play nothing, 89 is perfect for him...
  22. What do you think about him? 21 years, also played on Champions leage - REAL vs. BAYERN, RB/CB. What do you think about his raiting now is 84 ...
  23. nazty


    I don't think so. 94 will be not good rait., but about 93 i agree ... definitely he is best of Spurs players...
  24. nazty


    well, there are many players on SM which it should by other position. D.Carvalho AM/CM, Ronaldinho AM(only), Van Bommel CM/RM, ...
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