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  1. There's a guy in my gameworld that's been cheating for ages with various teams but he is always barcelona (Why you need to cheat if you are barcelona is beyond me!). Anyway i've reported him numerous times and he must get warned possibly as he gives up some of his other teams sometimes,i've tried to get his transfers over turned but that doesn't always work,i reported him swapping castro + 1 million and he got modric in return but apparently there was nothing suspicious about that!! Recently he's been 5 teams in the GW,namely barca,juventus,liverpool,roma and bayern munich!!I've reported him
  2. Re: No Tolerence, SM time to get tough When i've reported multiple accounts twice before then both accounts have been removed from the gameworld very promptly too it must be said. But the other day i realised the same manager had 2 accounts in my gameworld so i reported it and got a message back the next day saying they had taken action against the accounts but nothing happened,i reported it again and the same again but again nothing has happened!!!The manager is continuing to manage both clubs blatantly and is buying all the players in the game byt putting in a massive bid with 1 team and t
  3. Re: Cheating disrupting gameworld Because both of the log on times between his other account and this one are very similar, i.e 05:00 in the morning UK time when he is on nighsthift which is an unusual log in time!! Also he has the same traits as the other player,i.e signing free agents. Also only bidding for players which i'm trying to get and then withdrawing his bids once i withdraw mine to try and get another player so it's not just a case of him outbidding me,as he knows i got him banned originally for cheating. This is exactly what he did with his fake team the first time,i.e bidding
  4. Months ago i noticed that a player was cheating and reported it and the manager was removed from both his clubs in that gameworld. Now i have just realised that he may be back under a different profile,what's happening is any player i bid for he makes a bid also and if i change to bid for a different player then so does he,this was going on constantly the other night as there is an unmanaged team at present with quite a lot of decent players up for grabs,and i know he has far more cash as he forgot to undisclose 1 of his bids so i saw that he was bidding 80 million for one player!!! That got
  5. After negotiations I've been offered Van Persie and Wilshire for Ozil for my Real Madrid team,is this a good deal? Also will his chairman even let it go through if i accept?
  6. Re: Need to win last game of the season!! Not sure if i like only having 3 at the back against Forlan and Aguero!! Any other ideas?
  7. Basically i'm a point ahead of the relegation zone so need to win my last game to ensure i stay up!! Playing a home game against a team thats average rating is 92 against my team which has an average of 90,i have about 5 players with 91 whereas they have a few players of 93 and 94,they always play a flat 4-4-2 with no arrows at all,i'd be confident of beating this team with a 4-4-2 diamond if our players were equal but they aren't!! They select normal for everything and mixed for passing and attacking style and close down in own half and they select counter attack and tight marking. I'm t
  8. I've been offered 25 million plus Falcao and Busquets for Dzeko,would you do this deal?I'm thinking yes!!
  9. Looking for a central midfielder and preferrably a DM/CM. Most of the good ones are taken in my gameworld by managed teams,i have 17 million to spend and already have Sandro so i'm looking for one that is rated at least 90. I can get Jean Makoun who is 91 for 14 million or Claudio Marchisio who is rated 90 is at an unmanaged team,which 1 out of these 2 is the better option?? Or any other suggestions? Cheers:)
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