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  1. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Got FIFA there last week. Not overly impressed with it to be honest. Not much of an upgrade from 14. I mainly play FUT and the odd club/co-op game. PSN is robcfc5.
  2. Re: Playstation 4 and Xbox one Got a PSN around a month ago. Have Madden 15 and FIFA 15. My PSN is robcfc5.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Just going to give my two cents on the three games of late and the Hazard/Jose comments. I'll start off with the two games against Atletico. I thought the first game was one of the worst matches I have ever seen in my life. Can't ever remember a game where I was so un-entertained and interested in while watching it as I was during that. We did try to attack but our passing in the final third was woeful. Atletico really should've gotten a goal in that game as they were the more pressing side but infairness to Cahill, he dealt very well with Costa. The second ga
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I'm not entirely sure how you can have 61% possession, yet have just two shots on target when Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Willian, Schurrle, Torres and Eto'o all played some part in the game. Very poor result considering we'd beaten two of the best teams in the league in our previous two fixtures.
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Welcome home Jose My life is complete.
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I came into the season with a false sense (tragic) of hope.. For me, having come off a surprisingly (yet amazing) Champions League victory, I was hoping for a league title push. But obviously, that didn't happen. We went on to fail miserably in the FA Cup and League Cup, and the Champions League (lets just forget about that part) but we won the Europa League (exciting, I know, still a trophy though.. BRAN!)! I was extremely disappointed with the way we set ourselves up going forward. I felt as though the systems RDM (and later Rafa) just didn't suit Torres/Stu
  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread We have to tie down Frank, but I'm concerned it won't happen. We need the bloke, he's a top class performer and he's massive in the dressing room. He's a club legend aswell, I want him to retire in the jersey. He's obviously done his fair share to earn that big money move to America/China, but he's not in it for the money, he genuinely wants to stay. I'll be honest and say I wouldn't be too down if Cole left, he's a top quality left back, but he's such an indulgent player.
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Way I go boys. Take it easy and good luck to ye.
  9. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I sincerely hope you're not calling Paul Lambert a poor manager.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Was we? Don't you mean were we? Grammar is key! On the last point you made, regarding Chelsea buying the Premier League title, I disagree. Chelsea didn't buy the Premier League. They bought a squad that went on to win the Premier League. Just like every other side that has won a title. Every side buys players.
  11. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Plays for ye..
  12. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread No idea why, but Mehmet Topal went from being worth £7m to just over £5m.. Rejected an £8m bid from external for him yesterday as I thought his value was high enough to warrant a bigger bid, but now it's gone down by a quarter...
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just a quick question for you lot. Did many of ye see the 15 minutes that shook the world parody documentary on Istanbul? I watched it last night and thought it was one of the funniest things I've seen in ages.
  14. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread About time... PM Norwich
  15. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Well done Exeter, cracking achievement. No-one interested in Topal for just over £8m so?
  16. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I thought this was fairly good;
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Looking to swap out Hugo Viana (89) for an 87/88 AM (RLC). Get in contact
  18. Re: Official Red Devils thread Ashley Williams has been convicted of attempted murder, without trial. after kicking the ball at Robin van Persie. Times are worrying lads.
  19. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread RAFA OUT. Cech didn't score. Disgrace.
  20. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * I'd 8 to be a Villa fan right now... Sorry boys. On a positive note, Guzan was actually class.
  21. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Marin's another central player. We've got Mata, Hazard and Oscar for those..
  22. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I see it, that's for sure. I just think why did we bother buying him if he's just going to be benched. He's got talent, that's for sure, but he's not all the hype he's worth IMO anyway. We have two CAM's, and a winger, so they can actually rotate, whereas Oscar, Hazard and Mata run into each other. Wouldn't mind cashing in on Oscar to be honest..
  23. Re: Official Red Devils thread Nah, I've done it to someone from 2 inches, so I hold no limits anyway. If it was intentional that is.
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