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  1. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Got FIFA there last week. Not overly impressed with it to be honest. Not much of an upgrade from 14. I mainly play FUT and the odd club/co-op game. PSN is robcfc5.
  2. Re: Playstation 4 and Xbox one Got a PSN around a month ago. Have Madden 15 and FIFA 15. My PSN is robcfc5.
  3. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Spent just over 100k (somewhere between 100k and 110k) on packs the last few days on the WC app and got some absolute gems. Have two main squads and a tonne of players who are great to have the option of playing. European XI Weidenfeller Walker - Sokratis - Ramos - Moreno Oxlade - Gundogan - Fabregas - Hazard Rooney Benzema South American XI Diego Zabaleta - Luiz - Dede - Filipe Enzo - Vidal Cuadrado - Messi - James Rodriguez Jackson Martinez Can change around the formations and all that but they work well with those players I find. Have the likes of Lahm, Oscar, Pogba, Pato, Lamela, Jagielka, El Sharaawy, Fellaini and Pedro aswell. Thoroughly enjoy the FUTWC but the servers for me are brutal. Played 15 games and been DC'd by EA 4 times. Don't get DC'd from Xbox nor the actual servers, just FUT. Have exactly 150k for the regular mode of FUT as I wasn't bothered with playing it too much.
  4. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread If anyone wants a few friendly games during week-nights on 360, just add RobCFC5 and a message saying you're on the forum just so I know!
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Just going to give my two cents on the three games of late and the Hazard/Jose comments. I'll start off with the two games against Atletico. I thought the first game was one of the worst matches I have ever seen in my life. Can't ever remember a game where I was so un-entertained and interested in while watching it as I was during that. We did try to attack but our passing in the final third was woeful. Atletico really should've gotten a goal in that game as they were the more pressing side but infairness to Cahill, he dealt very well with Costa. The second game against Atletico was an extremely frustrating game. Although I can understand why we wanted to absorb pressure and hit them on the counter (I'll talk about the Liverpool game after), you can't do that at home. The opening goal was great work from Willian down the flank. He got lucky to get through two players and Torres was even more fortunate to get that deflection On a side note: I thought Torres had two good games but the whole hoof the ball and wait for him to hold up play just doesn't suit him. Ba would've suited the tie a lot more, but I can understand the thinking of starting Torres as he's better with the ball at feet and can run at defenders (occasionally). The first Atletico goal wasn't ideal, I don't think Hazard was really fit for the game but I still expected him to cover the left flank as he had been doing a lot of the time this past season. Thought Schurrle deserved to start ahead of him. No argument can be made about their second goal as Eto'o was just clumsy and their third was great play and was unlucky not to go in with the original header. The Atletico goals were richly deserved as they were by far the better team and although I was disappointed we lost, it is nice to see them go through. Courtois looked very good, made a few reflex saves, most notably the JT header. I thought our two centre backs made Diego Costa look extremely ordinary and given the physicality of most entre backs in the league, I'm not sure if he's really who we should be going for. He lacks the pace of someone like Didier or Lukaku (I do rate him though, but I'm not sold). Now onto the Liverpool game. Again, it was a horrible game to watch, but it worked away from home. Liverpool are a great team to watch but they just couldn't break down our (10 man) defence. Both our goals were fortunate but obviously I'm delighted we were able to beat them. I was very proud of the result and the way in which we kept our composure at the back but it was so boring to watch. Obviously though, football is a results business and a win's a win. Gary Cahill's had an unbelievable season for us. Didn't have the best of nights against Atletico but he's been our most consistent and most reliable player throughout the season. Deserves to get Club Player of the Year. In regards to the Hazard comments, I thought they were truthful, but he shouldn't have said them. It was a lack of professionalism on his part and I have a feeling he's trying to see just how interested PSG really are. Jose won't (and hasn't) tolerate that kind of outburst from one of his key players. I just hope it doesn't push Hazard away as he's had a brilliant second season for us and he's miles ahead of Oscar as our main attacking outlet.
  6. Re: The Official NBA Thread Is the NBA EU store the only reliable website for buying merchandise? Looking to pick up a few Rockets items and browsing through my options.
  7. Re: The Official NBA Thread x7aHzsYct2k
  8. Re: Football Manager 2014 Currently doing a save with Wigan. In the second season now. Managed to win the Championship, Europa League, and Capital Once Cup last season. Made a loft of changes to the team, but the core of the squad is British. Current Squad: Starting XI: Team Instructions: Current PL position: Top 6 last season: Europa League Final: Capital One Cup Semi Final win over Chelsea: Capital One Cup Final: European Super Cup:
  9. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I'm not entirely sure how you can have 61% possession, yet have just two shots on target when Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Willian, Schurrle, Torres and Eto'o all played some part in the game. Very poor result considering we'd beaten two of the best teams in the league in our previous two fixtures.
  10. Re: Football Manager 2014 What's the general opinion of the game? Have the money put aside to buy it but I've seen a lot of mixed reviews. If I do get it, it'll be put to use as I'm on the laptop for the majority of days when I'm finished college and the assignments that come with it so in terms of value for the time played, it'll be there. Just want to know if it's any good because I'll just get 13 if it's not any better.
  11. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Anyone on xbox got a trial code? Willing to pay for it through FUT coins. PM. Have two teams at the moment, MLS and a hybrid. Looking forward to trying them out if I can get live off someone.
  12. Re: The Official NBA Thread Overall, I thought it was a brilliant draft night. You had a top five that no-one had predicted, a crazy Celtics-Nets trade, Bill Simmons on the war path for Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge. You had some insane trades that literally are high risk-high reward scenarios. It had everything last night. Stern was doing his best Vinnie Mac impression. But most importantly, The Fresh Prince has returned to Philly! My favourite moment: 0KyCaHrV9dg Some man for one man is Simmons. Did any of ye see Noels' reaction each time he got snubbed? Thought he was gonna flip a switch completely to be honest. His trade to the Sixers suits both sides as the Sixers are going to tank the season and hope to have two top 10 picks in a strong 2014 draft class. Pelicans gain a point start guard (not a superstar) who should be really interesting running the pick and pop with eligible sixth man or the year, Ryan Anderson. Pelicans are going to be contenders if everything works out for them. At first, I was like "What the bleep!" when Cavs selected Bennet. But then the more I thought about it the more I liked it. I can see the Cavs looking to trade for Granger while trading Tristan Thompson and a few other pieces. Pacers need a back-up PF that can finish in the paint while Cavs are looking for a vet at SF. Iggy anyone? Never know. Pistons blew their pick on Pope. Why go for him over Trey Burke? Makes no sense, but he was just a safety option. You know what you're getting with him. Rajon Rondo 2.0. I love everything about Oladipo to Magic, so I don't have much to say besides what an amazing player he's going to be. One of my favourite players in the draft this year was C.J. McCollum. He's going to be excellent in the back-court with Lillard. He's more a Steph Curry type of player, but dayum. Can't wait to see him slashing teams. Utah Jazz did really well. Winded up with Trey Burke who will go nicely along with Favours and Kanters. He's a playmaker and can shoot very well. His decision making can be indecisive though. Minny got Dieng and Shabazz, both of which I think will be huge for them next season. Kings ended up getting a franchise player in McLemore. He'll be so hungry next season after dropping so far down the board last night. He's a game winner and he's the ideal player to build a team around (along with Cousins). I can't say too much for the Celtics, bar the fact they effed their trading up. They'll tank next season and (like the Sixers) will hope to land Wiggins. Gerald Wallace's 3 year, £30.3m contract is disgusting though. Also, kudos to OKC. Bought into the draft and traded several interesting big men to replace Perkins. They get these guys on low salaries and all of them will be making a hell of a lot less than Perkins is set to make. By drafting Jerret, Abrines, Roberson and Adams, they'll surely find a solution to the frontcourt problem and Kendrick Perkins solution.
  13. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Welcome home Jose My life is complete.
  14. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I came into the season with a false sense (tragic) of hope.. For me, having come off a surprisingly (yet amazing) Champions League victory, I was hoping for a league title push. But obviously, that didn't happen. We went on to fail miserably in the FA Cup and League Cup, and the Champions League (lets just forget about that part) but we won the Europa League (exciting, I know, still a trophy though.. BRAN!)! I was extremely disappointed with the way we set ourselves up going forward. I felt as though the systems RDM (and later Rafa) just didn't suit Torres/Sturridge in the opening half of the season. Torres isn't a striker to hold up possession and bring others into the game. He tends to feed off the supply around him, he's not supposed to create it. The exact same can be said for Ba and besides his goals, I felt he struggled for us. Good player, but not what we need in a striker. Sturridge is a player I like, but he didn't suit us at all. He's not a winger (AVB tried and failed, he's too greedy sometimes) and he can't do the sort of things Di Matteo wanted him to do. Mata had a truly tremendous season overall and Hazard was extremely pleasing on the eye with his speed and brilliant dribbling. To round out going forward, Oscar. I like the kid, really rate him, but he doesn't suit the 4231 system at all, at least, not with Mata and Hazard. Hazard has taken up the left side of the trio and he can play out wide. But I've noticed Mata has seemingly lost some of his burning pace he had when he was at Valencia. Not to say he's slow, not by any means, but he isn't tearing past full backs. Himself and Oscar often got mixed up and would both be in the same position, while we would lack a wide option. I think if we are to progress with those three, a proper system needs to be implemented for their positioning. I wouldn't like to see us sell Oscar, but I do think Mata plays his best game behind the front man. If we got a reasonable bid (£20 million, what we paid), and had a winger in place to play on the right (or switch Hazard there) we'd be a legitimate contender for the league. My wet dream would be to use Oscar in a cash + player deal for Bale (could you imagine him with Mata and Hazard behind Lukaku?!), but that's 105% impossible. Schurrle looks like a good player, but he's also a little bit too tall and awkward to be a pure winger in my view. So we'll have to see what happens there. I think our back 4 (Dave, Bran, JT/Cahill, Cole) and Cech are solid. I do think we need a defensive midfielder though. Luiz is one of my favourite players, but he is a very ditzy player and often gets caught out. If we got a bid of £35m upwards, from Barcelona, I say we take it. If Jose does come in, I see him going after Khedira. While he's no Essien (he'll be back, but he's not what he was), he still offers the back four sold cover. He's not flashy or doesn't scare amazing long range shots (and free kicks) I think we could get him for a modest enough fee (£15m-£25m). Now, for Ramires (<3), Lamps and Mikel. Hate Mikel, just saying that, so I may aswell exclude him completely. He's irrelevant to me, unless he actually finds that ability that saw us and United go after him all those years back (don't have my hopes up there). I bloody love Ramires. He's an absolute monster on the pitch and he just never stops running and giving his all. But this season I noticed one thing I hadn't seen since his first season. His first touch was disgusting. More often than not, his composure and touch on the ball was non-existent. He can hit a very good pass/shot when he's running in momentum, but he can't pull up and shoot (a la Spurs, the grass to face, plant). I read a report that Rafa may go after him. I can't think of a fee that I would deem acceptable for Rami because he's given us a ridiculous amount of heart, but I could see a bid of £18m (I don't know why, it just seems to click) being accepted. Jose may seem him as a liability (same could be said for Luiz), but his versatility is worth noting. Most notably, we have Courtois, De Bruyne, Piazon and Lukaku returning from loan. I'd like to see each of them feature next season but it's incredibly likely we'll sell De Bruyne. We could get a very, very good price for him after the season he just had at Bremen and I'd be confident in what Jose would do with the added bit of cash from his (highly) possible sale. Lukaku should definitely be kept at the club. I think he's perfect for our system as he can hold up the ball and often create his own chances. He runs at defenders and can actually get past them. I hope we can convince Courtois to stay at the club, but at the same time, I hope we send him out on loan. There's no doubt he's the future for us in between the posts, but Cech is another season or two away from being replaced as No. 1. I hope we involve the likes of Piazon and Ake as they have shown a lot of promise in the first team for us. The likes of Moses and Marin also need to feature a lot more next season, but we'll see what happens over the next few weeks in terms of management and what direction we head in with transfer targets.
  15. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread We have to tie down Frank, but I'm concerned it won't happen. We need the bloke, he's a top class performer and he's massive in the dressing room. He's a club legend aswell, I want him to retire in the jersey. He's obviously done his fair share to earn that big money move to America/China, but he's not in it for the money, he genuinely wants to stay. I'll be honest and say I wouldn't be too down if Cole left, he's a top quality left back, but he's such an indulgent player.
  16. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Way I go boys. Take it easy and good luck to ye.
  17. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I sincerely hope you're not calling Paul Lambert a poor manager.
  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Was we? Don't you mean were we? Grammar is key! On the last point you made, regarding Chelsea buying the Premier League title, I disagree. Chelsea didn't buy the Premier League. They bought a squad that went on to win the Premier League. Just like every other side that has won a title. Every side buys players.
  19. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Plays for ye..
  20. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread No idea why, but Mehmet Topal went from being worth £7m to just over £5m.. Rejected an £8m bid from external for him yesterday as I thought his value was high enough to warrant a bigger bid, but now it's gone down by a quarter...
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just a quick question for you lot. Did many of ye see the 15 minutes that shook the world parody documentary on Istanbul? I watched it last night and thought it was one of the funniest things I've seen in ages.
  22. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread About time... PM Norwich
  23. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Completed the 2013 summer window and I sold Krul for £12.5m, replacing him with ter Stegen for £10m. Also traded out £10m + Walcott for Reus, who has since proven to be a great signing rising to 88 and being worth £35m.
  24. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Well done Exeter, cracking achievement. No-one interested in Topal for just over £8m so?
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