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  1. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I'd say you'll do more than consider offers for those lads. All dead-wood and droppers.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread FAsYAB-kD6w&feature=player_embedded
  3. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Why you'd advise anyone to spend money on packs is beyond me, but each to their own I suppose. My advice for Bishy is to just play the computer, in tournaments and divisions. Buy squads for their discard price and quick sell them every time he goes up a division, or wins a tournament. That way you're maximising the profit being made and not losing money at any stage. It made me about 80k in 4 days. Neller (like Conal said), introduced this back on either FIFA 10 or 11, but it's only really now that the player gets rewarded by FUT in way of coin winnings. But the coin multipliers aswell Bish, all of them, but start with the 15 x 1k. I haven't played FUT in over 3 weeks and I'm very content with my 243k coin total as my target was 250k, and when I get Live back next summer, the market will have crashed anyway.
  4. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread There's one aspect of career mode that slightly annoys me, and that's contract negotiations. I've had a few career modes now where I've signed a player at the beginning of the first window and by the time he's into his second season, he messages me, and wants to discuss his wages. For example, I had Benik Afobe come to me and ask for an improvement as he was in good form, so I went into to offer him his new wages and contract length, but only to realise he wanted a £25k increase yet only a one year contract. Now, when I see a player who has over 3 years on a contract and he wants an increase in wage payment, I will offer them the same length, and slightly more than the figure they want. Ultimately, they always decline and then want to leave. Now, in Afobe's case, I sold him for 10x what I paid for him, so I made a nice profit, but it annoys me that players with 4 years remaining only want a new one year contract when they ask for an increase in pay. Anyone else come across this?
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread The boys didn't show up. Simple as. Corinthians deserved t more. This competition is huge in South America, but we still should have done so much better. A missed opportunity by all involved in the team.. Gutted.
  6. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread SM continue to give me the big black sausage, this time a 3-2 defeat to Birmingham and two injuries. Mid table obscurity.. Lovely.
  7. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Villa were class today. Lambert getting the credit he deserves.
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Adding Hugo Viana to the transfer list. So thats Topal for £8.5m and Viana for £10m. Two safe rated players for fair prices. Interested? Might stay on yet, depends how pre-season goes with transfers. After an 86/87 striker, 86/87 CM and an 85/86/87 CB. PM if you're interested in any of my lads, willing to sell a fair few in P/E's, or if you have someone for sale that'll fit the descriptions above, PM/VM.
  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Lodi and Gomez both get their deserved rises to 88. I regret buying Hugo Viana, paid £5m and Bonaventura for him, and now Bonaventura is an 87. Almost immediately regretted the deal, but this 87 he got makes the deal a tad annoying. Oh well. Worried about Gamberini's 89, but I live in hope. Topal's for sale. £8.5m for a safe 88 who can play DM/CB is a good deal, is it not?
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Clown. You always go for lower when you get 9 and above.
  11. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Aye, was thinking they would get the nod. I've seen Adryan develop to 88 on my Schalke save so I wanted to try something new. I'll sign up those lads later anyway! Decided my Schalke was past it's time as I got to 2018 and had won everything possible in the save, international, continental, European and domestic. A few players I would suggest buying for anyone interested in a long term career mode are the following; Ter Stegen - 79>90 Zouma - 74>89 Nastasic - 75>92 Mbaye - 70>91 Pogba - 74>89 Draxler - 77>93 Muriel - 78>88 El Sharaawy - 78>96 (!!!) Adryan - 74>88 Benzia - 63>85 Yesil - 64>89 Jese Rodriguez - 71>87 Kacanilikic- 71>85 Ward-Prowse - 67>85 Those are just a few of the players from my Schalke save that were absolutely class, there's a good few more from my Cardiff and Liverpool save, but those guys above are just brilliant. I sold Muriel three times, each time for over £50m, and I bought him four times (once from Udinese) for under £25m. Also sold ter Stegen twice for £103m combined and paid around £65m to sign him three times (once from M'Gladbach).
  12. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Big congrats to Anto lad, cracking achievement for a top bloke. Well done bud, know you put a hell of a lot of time and effort into that side. Hell of an achievement to have. Norwich lost again last night. I said last season if I failed to make the play-offs I would leave and thus, it has happened. I will be leaving at the end of the season, but transfer committments come first. Been a good ride, but I've been growing tired of the game for a good year now. I'm sure I won't be missed too much due to my non-stop moaning.
  13. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Career mode dilemma time! Doing a Monaco save right now, 1st in Ligue 1 following our promotion and I've just sold Gael Kakuta for a tasty £20 million profit. Obviously, his sale has opened up a new position on the left side of midfield, but its also given me a massive boost financially to strengthen the squad. So I've narrowed down my options to 6 players who have accepted contracts and I will buy two of the following; Left/right sided wingers; Griezmann (79) - £12.5m Iturbe (77) - £10.5m Chanturia (71) - £2.7m CAM's, who can play LM/RM; Nem (78) - £16m Kelvin (74) - £7m Adryan (76) - £10m Now, in terms of long term quality and maximising the profit further, I'm tempted to buy two of those six. I've played with Griezmann and Adryan on previous saves, and although I both loved them and saw them rise to the considerably high 80's, II don't want to be re-using them as that's not exactly fun. Also, Nem has brilliant stats, but his hefty fee and wages limit me to signing him and either no-one, or Chanturia. So, I've narrowed down the options to the following; Nem (78) CAM - £16m + Chanturia (71) LW - £2.7m Iturbe (77) RW - £10.5m - Kelvin (74) CAM - £7m Thinking the two Porto boys, but I'm unsure. What do you boys think?
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Ye didn't deserved to win, but bloody heck, the penalties..
  15. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread That's exactly the answer I wanted to see. Although I do think Gibbo suits Everton more than Rodwell did. There's no big transfer value difference between them in my opinion, but Moyes knows how to work the market incredibly we. He signed Mirallas, Pienaar and Gibbo for the price of Rodwell!
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