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  1. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Surprise, surprise. I lost again. This time 2-0 to WBA.
  2. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread Williams!
  3. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Any chance you could just edit your posts after this Raz? Clogging up and you're the only one posting of late. Kuba is class though.
  4. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Two online games, in 6-4 and 5-0 wins
  5. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Suits me fine anyway. I'm okay at defending, can hold my own. When you play a 352 it's simple enough. You can either sit back and defend or try to dominate. You can usually tell how a game will pan out for you within the first 5. I do custom W/R's with my midfield, so I'm always different to the default one.
  6. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread What's wrong with ya now? I tried those combos and it didn't work. Spent like 2 hours on it last night doing my team. Stop complaining, haven't seen your teams 'til you link me. Have like 4 players the same. Not my fault you've similar taste. Besides, I've been 352ing mostly since last February. Nice team though, however, mine's better Here's mine; http://www.ea.com/soccer/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#e7mJaVZRv7s:360
  7. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Doing a 352 hybrid right now... Looking for a GK/CB combo at the moment. My wide CB's are Smalling + Pepe. DM's are Alonso and Wilshere. Any suggestions? Need strong links, same club, nationality, league (that's if ye can't think of a combo from the names above). Tried and failed with the likes of Diggy Alves/Cech/Luiz/Pique and many, many more. Under 50k please.
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Lost again. I give up. Leaving at the end of the season. Not worth the hassle anymore. Doing my head in. Tried everything.
  9. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Pato is such a twonk. Love Crudeli though, such a king.
  10. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Can't continue with my Southampton and Swindon because the patch released wasn't designed to fix the broken ones.. So I want to do a new career mode. I'm not sure what team to do. I'm thinking Championship, because I want to buy the likes of Butland, Gabbiadini, Fabbrini, Berisha, Gardner, etc, etc. I'm not sure though. Any suggestions?
  11. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Jose/Guidetti/Lukaku.
  12. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread http://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#dCGVUMBouPo:360 Silver hybrid. Haven't tried them yet, but I look forward to it.
  13. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Saints have a really solid midfield and attack, but realistically, they need 4 new players in the back 5. Only Clyne should remain, he's Prem quality. Yoshida, Fonte, Fox and their 3 goalkeepers aren't. Really like Southampton though, they go about it the right way and I think Adkins is a top class manager, but defensively..
  14. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Grand job mate. McClean has a strong personality, that's become very evident over the last year. He despises criticism and lashes out. Also had a number of fall-outs with Trap. Although I think he's very over-hyped, his breakthrough form went to his head. Clearly forgotten he was almost released by Derry City two seasons ago for his mis-behaviour. Very lucky to be given a chance by Sunderland when he was, and he's a hard sham now. I think he needs to take the likes of Doyle, Long, Coleman and Meyler as perfect examples for players who have gone to England from the Irish League and not let the step-up go to their heads.
  15. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread He's Irish, why would he? Fair enough it's Remembrance Day, I understand that, but it's got nothing to do with his past. If you were watching the rugby, you would've noticed BoD and Kearney not wearing poppies in the studio during Ire - RSA.
  16. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Lost again. I don't know what to say...
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Malfaleev, Obrainiak, Coda (when his TB is up) are for sale. £8m for Mal, £7.5-£8m for Obrainiak and £7m for Coda. Also have Bruno Cortez for sale, £5m would do for him.
  18. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread How was I supposed to know, haven't played you Will sell my Korean's so.. Balotelli is really good, extremely overpowered but he's awesome.
  19. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Two career modes and 4000 EASFC coins down the tube because the glitch didn't fix my career modes. Have Live for 2 weeks, if you want a game of UT, GT is: RobCFC5 (xbox). Won the daily invitational comfortably, won every game by 4 goals or more. Building a bronze 352 hybrid. Have a South Korean back 3, but I'm not sure what to buy going forward. A-League has a load of 4* skill players so I might choose them. Any other suggestions?
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