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  1. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I give up, what the frick do I have to do. Besides win!
  2. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Wow, Podolski is something else. So good!
  3. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Anyone fancy linking me a few 352 hybrids? Have Live for two weeks and I'm looking to try out a few different FUT's. Have 235k.
  4. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread WBA are easily the best run club. A £2 million debt to a football club playing in a top division is nothing and I rank their playing and managament staff over that of Swansea's. Owner and chairman are very solid people and know what the want to do with the club, without harming any potential chances of further progress.. Like Swansea to a certain degree but it's gotta be WBA all day long.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Wow. Vermaelen had another stinker today, was dreadful. What's happened to him?
  6. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Hmm. Made 10k in a day and was proud of myself. Definitely a sign of how hard I'm finding trading. Career mode is sill fudged. Can't go past season one with three of my saves.
  7. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Can't understand how so many people are over 500k. PS3 market must be a lot easier than the xbox one because I'm lucky to make about 10k a week right now. Granted I'm not spending two hours on FUT as I'm loving career mode when it works.
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Was out and about causing mischief last night. Lost 3-1 at home to Anto's Carlisle. God, we're awful at home. Well done Anto!
  9. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Won everything there is to win in England, Spain, France and almost Italy. I say almost because I can't get into the second season with my Inter, where I have the supercups to win. Don't fancy German sides as I saw Ben doing one with Schalke, which are my team in Das Bundesliga (). Any suggestions? Haven't bought the takeover option yet, so I'm open to any team as I fancy another challenge similar to Acc. Stanley and Lolerpool.
  10. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Had a feeling we'd lose today, but I thought both teams were really poor overall. Both left hand sides were dreadful. Van Persie caused us problems, but I didn't think he was overly impressive, got one goal through bad defending and forced an own goal. Enjoyed him and Luiz battling it though. We didn't deserve to win, maybe draw, but the cards and offside goal just killed us off big time. Still think we'll finish above United though...
  11. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I've won everything that can be won in England and Europe. I've started an Atletico Madrid, but forgot to put myself in the Europa League (have a full squad that I bought, but I did it for the Europa League challenge aswell).. Trying to decide what country to try and conquer next. Spain or Italy?
  12. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread You sir, are wrong. My front 3 have better stats than your forwards
  13. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I love playing you on SM
  14. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread People shouldn't be worries about last night. Shakhtar have a great home record lads. Rotation is needed though, completely agree.
  15. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread As a side to my Liverpool save, I have an Accrington Stanley save. Just done January's window in the first season. Top of L2 by 21 points. Have a game in hand aswell. Didn't spend any money in the summer window as the squad itself was very fresh and had good potential. So I just picked up two young free agents to fill out two positions I felt were weak. Sold the GK I drafted in, in January for £600k and replaced him with Wood of Doncaster for £125k. Also sold Boco, a former Airtricity League winger for a whopping £400k, extremely chuffed with that one as he's 27 and 62 rated. Replaced him with two Airtricity League players, Cretaro for £90k, 4* skills and 61 rated, aged 31. Good player to have on the bench. For Boco's replacement, I picked up McLaughlin from Derry City for £100k. He's 23 and 61 rated. Quick enough player. My final cash deal was Henderson from Sligo Rovers, aged 21, rated 60 and is a CB. Gives me plenty of depth in defence. Picked up three free agents, a 65 rated RM, a 68 rated CM and a 67 rated CDM. Amond has 27 goals so far and although I received several bids for him in January, I wanted £500k as he was hot on form and a decent replacement would cost me a fair bit.
  16. Re: The Official Serie A Thread
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Ah lad. Back to back 3-1 defeats. Awh Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
  18. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Mata and Hazard's link up play makes me wet.
  19. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Irish website said this regarding Bonucci;
  20. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Juan Mata - The best thing AVB did for Chelsea.
  21. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread "Rooney's the best forward in the Prem"... Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's an own goal. EDIT Wahey. He scored in the right one
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