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  1. Re: Match engine I am just FURIOUS with SM..i REALLY love this game(ok not that much as football manager ) but it makes me sick... Well,the think is that i manage liverpool in WC2471 and my squad's value is about 550mil. and after the changes maybe it will reach 570-580. i definetely manage the best club in my world and this is a link without my youth team to prove it http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=106635 Anyway i don't mean to be arrogant .At the moment i am not doing great,i am in 7th place.Actually i suck.. Schalke which is a good team too,but nothing to compare wit
  2. Re: Urgent deal help. i think it's definetely a good deal especially if you need a rb! busquets won't rise at the moment but i think ramos will untill the end of the season ..he is doing brilliantly with real!
  3. Re: Please rate my team. Thank you! i agree with the other guy and i also have to say that your wing and forward players in about 2 years by now will be the best in your gameworld..very good job..for the upcoming changes i would say : MANDANDA, Steve 91 ANDRADA, Esteban 75 no opinion MARCELO, Vieira 92-->93 ALVES, Dani 95 ARBELOA, Álvaro 91-->91/90 VIDIC, Nemanja 96-->stay(drop to 95 40%) FERDINAND, Rio 94 ALVES, Bruno 91 CAHILL, Gary 88 DJOUROU, Johan 89 CASTRO, Gonzalo 90 MASCHERANO, Javier 93-->position change to DM/CB DE ROSSI, Daniele 94 ANDERSON
  4. Liverpool WC2471 Team A: Cassilas Maicon Pique Silva Robben Sneijder Busquets DiMaria Aguero Villa Iniesta Team B: Szczesny Luiz Badstuber Cissokho Valencia Gotze Ramires Bale Cavani J.Hernandez Rossi Other players of the squad: Nocerino 89--stay/+1 Downing 89--+1 Gustavo 89--stay Bonucci 89--stay/+1
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