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  1. Who can say?' date=' admittedly many voices in the investment banking sector are concerned at the prospect of an EU withdrawal but likewise you will find an equal amount of hedge fund managers drawling at the prospect of an EU pull out. And whilst you may speculate that the worlds financial markets will shift to the EU ( but not Scotland, they will do as they are told and leave with us ;)) I think you are underestimating the City (and the UK) as a whole. The size of its world market, its stable legal system, flexible working practices, low corporate taxes, common language and our close corporate relationship with the US means its a pretty big beast. Do you really think the EU could recreate the city of London?, I think not. Lets be honest here the inherent protectionism , stifling bureaucracy and illegal ( by EU agreement laws) activities of the EUs member states would make such a project at the very best long winded and more likely impossible to create.[/b']

    Now I'm guessing you are pro EU? ( apologies if you are not) and one thing I notice ( its a theme) that your argument always stays towards fear and threat. I never hear anyone from your (?) side raising the benefits the UK brings to the EU?. After our German friends we are the second biggest economy in the EU, currently the seventh richest in the world our annual trade deficit with the EU stands at around £1 billion, we are the EUs biggest car market and behind only Germany the EUs second largest net contributor....need I go on?. Instead the argument always returns to what the UK will lose, perhaps its time to reverse the argument and ask what will happen to the EU if the UK left?.

    Perhaps you are right?, maybe the economic argument should close but with the conclusion that whatever happens the UK will not starve or go bankrupt overnight. And I say this with the best will in the world, but we are not Greece, Ireland or Portugal and unlike those poor souls we don't have to go cap in hand to the Germans or fear the spiteful French we can and ( now we are finally being given the chance) will make our own minds up free from threats. :)

    I live in an Euro country and am pro-free market intergration (my opinion about the single currency I won't express as it's not related to the debate). Look, please you must understand I'm not trying to appear threatening or frightening how could I !? My questions arose from genuine curiosity regarding the upcoming UK vote and how the British conservatives envisage the EU, that's all

    My point was, and reproducing a recent slogan, UK and EU are much better together. I fear that circunstancial political motives related to Schengen, a recent surge in British radical nationalism and the mess that is the Greek crisis would lead to the UK abandoning such a decent and lucrative project.

  2. Losing access to the free market?, my dear chap you don't really believe that’s going to happen do you?. Quite the contrary, lets not forget the trade surplus we run with the EU, the obligations set out in the Lisbon ( spits LOUDLY ) treaty that insure a trade deal will be set up with any member states that choose to leave the EU, and on top of that what would the WTO have to say about it?. No the UK will continue to trade with the terminally stagnant EU, just as we continue to trade with the US, the Commonwealth and all those emerging markets that by 2020 will produce around 54% ( compared to the EU's 15%) of the worlds GDP. So don't you worry Arotto common sense will prevail, you can bet your bottom Euro on that... :)

    :) Yes and what will happen to that surplus (which is mainly due to the huge concentration of financial services in the City) if Britian would leave? You think they would simply stay put? What makes ou think they wouldn't spread out let's say, to Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, or............ Edinburgh....? (if you know what I mean :)

    The Commonwealth, the emerging markets, the US, all those are already trading with the EU (Britain) , under better negotiated bilateral terms because the EU negotiates them as a whole. A British exit would force a new negotiation of those terms with a significantly smaller weight both for Europe and for Britain.

    This referendum will be motivated by political issues (which I understand and are perfectly legitimate), yet you must realise the economic consequences of leaving vs staying which are I'm afraid closed for debate :)

  3. Yet more ridiculous scenes over at Calais this morning, as for the second night running thousands of illegal immigrants try to force their way into dear old England via the channel tunnel. A shocking state of affairs, but ahead of Camerons ( doomed to fail) attempts at EU renegotiation a stark reminder as to why we must vote to escape from Brussels evil clutches in 2017's UK referendum.

    Now unless I am wrong ?, aren't these (mainly) able bodied young Muslims from dungholes such as Eritrea Syria, Somalia and Sudan supposed to claim asylum in the first safe country in which they arrive?.Or does EU and international law permit them to travel for hundreds of miles crossing numerous borders as they go because they think they would prefer to live here?.

    Makes you wonder why doesnt it?. Of course I blame the predictably useless French in all of this, get on and pull down the filthy squatter camps, process these international beggars, and send them back to the point where arrived ( Bulgaria?, Greece?, Romania?), if after all its an EU problem then let them deal with this rabble. Who knows ?, considering most young Bulgarians etc have long since arrived here in the UK to embark on a profitable career begging and pick pocketing, such countries may even welcome a few thousand new faces?

    Not that they will of course, they much prefer to ask us to pay for the policing of their borders, whilst painting this as an Anglo Saxon problem.

    Roll on 2017 I say....

    Hello Longnose, I take from you post your a hardline English conservative. I'm curious, regarding the upcoming UK referendem on the EU, what do you make of the economic consequences of an UK exit?That would imply UK loosing access the biggest free trade common space in the world (despite its numerous flaws respecting excessive regulation).

    So, how do the British Conservatives, who for centuries have been champions of free trade, envisage loosing access to the common market?

  4. Maxi perieira to Porto on a free' date=' surely this is a typo? :o[/quote']

    It really happened, nobody seems to be really ecstatic about it, Benfica people because of high treason neither Porto ones because they don't think he's worth the salary


  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I don't seem to even remember one game where he was better? and I can certainly seem him finding a new club but it may well be too early but he came to play in the CF spot at Arsenal otherwise he would have never left United' date=' LvG not wanting him played a part though.[/quote']

    Well he never did score a hattrick, but when fit he played some good games mainly between August and November at the start of the season. I recall one specifically at the UCL group stage, plus an England match away in Switzerland.

    And there was that memorable away match at United immediatyl after returing from injury which he started, he wasn't having the best of games but then scored the winner following an offering from Rafael

  6. Re: Official Manchester United Thread

    Playing him as a lone forward / target man against the likes of Terry' date=' Shawcross, etc. is misusing him completely. Every team he's been successful for, he's played alongside a striker with a physical presence to compensate for his lack of it: at Porto that was Hulk; at Atlético, that was Diego Costa. Louis' solution to that was playing Fellaini out of position as a false #9.

    To add to that, there was little to no service. One would expect the likes of Rooney, Mata and Dì Maria to be able to give balls that Falcao could work with, but the amount of "workable" balls he got per game was downright atrocious. Guaranteed, his game was not up to the mark he had set in the seasons prior to his injury, but often he found himself in space that was simply not capitalised by the others. The exact same happens every time Januzaj plays; space is there, but no one makes proper use of it, which is the reason as to why he's a completely different player when playing for the youth sides.

    He's one of those players who can do diddly squat for 85 minutes, but then have that one good ball and finish it off with a stroke of genius.[/quote']

    You're spot on. He was tragically misused and I'm afraid United will regret it. He would suit Arsenal perfectly linking with Cazorla, Özil and Sanchez if he wasn't so damn expensive.

    My experience seeing him at Porto three years ago, he was the team player not the target man. His goals were almost always the climax of articulate team moves and seldom the opportunity finishes. He is the player who will run all the game dragging up markers, he will do 1-2's all the time with the wide atackers and with the midfielders and he will (more visibly) be lethally fast in the area when well served.

  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Very interesting that Walcott played up front' date='I wonder if that is something Wenger will do more often next season.If so,[b']it could leave Welbeck looking for a new club again[/b].

    Why do you say that? Welbeck is not restricted to the central forward slot, plus he was great in some games this season, better than Walcott yesterday.

  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    According to my deductions and sources' date=' that Jackson 5 bloke will not be signing for us anytime soon. Or ever.

    However, there is real interest from us in another South American player currently playing in Europe.[/quote']

    Hope your sources are wrong!

  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    No he can't lol. Everytimes hes played there hes been completely awful. Hes a decent lb but we can could get an improvement on him with Gibbs as back up. But hes played quite well recently at lb.

    Hmm yes I agree he wasn't very good, my point was there will be some great LB opportunities in the summer market, we should capitalize on that as neither Nacho nor Gibbs are good enough.

  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    No but what are the odds of Wenger selling Gibbs (our youth product) and Monreal who has been good this season.

    Nacho can also play CB, so a good LB would be a starter and Nacho would be at the bench covering both the CB and LB eventual needs.

  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    All the players mentioned above will not make the squad better except for maybe Kondogbia and Martinez. That's because they can provide something different from what we have in our squad.

    You think Gibbs is better than Kurzawa/Coentrão/Sandro?

  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    A good defensive midfielder and a left back as well I would say are needed. Coquelin did well to begin with but in the last few games he has shown the form that sent him out on loan' date=' don't think he is really good enough for a team that wants to challenge for the title.[/quote']

    So, my buyings would be three out of the following:

    Kondogbia/William C.

    Kurzawa/Coentrão/Alex Sandro

    Icardi/Jackson Martinez/Bacca

  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Only losing at Chelsea and winning at City is for me the clearest sign of progress in relation to the previous season. Wenger demonstrated he is still the man for the job, a solid pre-season and the right cirurgical purchase/s in the summer market should take Arsenal to the next level.

  14. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    It's been five years since I've fallen in love with Klopp's Dortmund.

    Now that both part ways, will proceed to be a fan of both the club and the coach (more the club obviously :P). I'm always in favor of change in life in general and sport in particular so am much excited with what the future holds for BVB in the incoming transition

  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I'm very glad Wenger proved me wrong recently, like MaoM says there are lots of reasons to be excited for next season. I'm not expecting Arsenal to be certain champions but a top three finish at least, the club now has the resources for that so it's reasonable for us fans to expect it, and I would love Wenger to be the man who returns Arsenal to the level of ten years ago.

    The matches agains Chelsea and MU will I hope be proof that Arsenal is strong and stable again.

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